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General Note: Some of the information provided here is not 100% accurate. It is what is considered "Common Knowledge" by the PCs. Players may go ahead and add their PCs to the wiki in the appropriate spots if they so choose.

Supernatural History and Presence

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General Caern and Sept Information

Name: The Tor
Level: 3
Totem: Stag
Gauntlet Rating:
Moon Bridge Distance:

Sept Officers

Greater Offices

Sept Alpha

  • Hudson's Revenge

Sept Beta

  • Ramses Ford "Reaps the Darkness"

Caern Warder

Master of the Rites

  • Yseult O'Donnell "Raven Borne"

Master of the Challenge

Elder Council

Other Offices

These positions may be filled temporarily, as needed, or even be left vacant.
Caller of the Wyld-

  • Vacant

Den Parent-

  • Violetta Lorraine


Keeper of the Land-

  • Vaccant

Master of the Howl-

  • Vacant


  • Vacant


  • Vacant

Wyrm Foe-

  • Dusk Rage "Thought Paws"

Kinfolk Liaisons-

  • Elena Kiev "Fights Fire with Fire"
  • Meda Izura "Bears the War Child"

Local Packs

Beowulf's Toolbox (Bear)

  • Violetta 'Steals the Toys" - ALpha
  • Nathan Lang "Silences Thunder"
  • Jacob "Insert Bullet over there"
  • Jack

Death's Door (The Morrigan)

  • Yseult O'Donnell "Raven Borne"
  • Charles Cosby "Voice of the Dead"
  • Hudson's Revenge

Edge of Midnight (Uktena)

  • Valyria Hunt-Morningkill "Queen's Gambit"
  • James Nathan Hunt "Lightning Strikes Twice"
  • Aces "Grim Tidings"
  • Lazarus Arch "Bleeds Truth"
  • Quingge "Fox Fire"
  • Elena Kiev "Fights Fire with Fire"
  • Dakota Running-Prairie

Wyld Rovers (Danu)

  • Brogan Michael O'Connor
  • Clara O'Connor
  • Faegan O'Connor
  • Eve O'Connor
  • Cahal O'Connor
  • Nuala O'Connor
  • Douglas O'Connor

Battle's End (Buzzard)

  • Dusk Rage "Thought Paws"
  • Ramses Ford "Reaps the Darkness"
  • Yseult O'Donnell "Raven Borne"
  • Ethan Houston "Aides the Dead"
  • Nicholas Silas "Ink Claw"
  • Mariah Runninghorse
  • Baron Bjor "Twilight Decree"
  • Hunter Vaska

Feel free to add yours

Sept Roster

Click on any of the headers to sort the information by that header. Please only edit this portion if you know how to add your character. Otherwise please email James Collins and he would be glad to add your character to the table.

Lord || || Death's Door ||
PC Garou Character Roster
Character Name DOD Rank Breed Auspice Tribe Camp Pack Sept Position
Gillian Spaulding "Microbit DoS" Alive (1) Cliath Homid Galliard Glass Walker Edge of Midnight
Dawn Blanchard "Bears the Storm's Fury" Alive (3) Adren Homid Ahroun Child of Gaia Beyond Good and Evil Eldest Ahroun
Bob "Wound Knitter" Alive (3) Adren Homid Theurge Bone Gnawer Gate Keeper
Alexander Beckett Alive (2) Fostern Homid Philodox Silver Fang Beyond Good and Evil
Lazarus Arch "Bleeds Truth" Alive (3) Adren Homid Ragabash Glass Walker Edge of Midnight
Aces "Grim Tidings" Alive (3) Adren Homid Theurge Silent Strider Edge of Midnight Master of the Rites
Usvietta “Yvette” Talon "Light of The Spirit" Alive (3) Adren Homid Theurge Silver Fang Beyond Good and Evil
Dakota Running-Prairie Alive (3) Adren Lupus Philodox Uktena Beyond Good and Evil
Charles Theodore Aloysius Cosby "Voice of the Dead" Alive (4) Athro Homid Theurge Silver Fang Death's Door Eldest Theurge
Valyria Hunt-Morningkill "Queen's Gambit" Alive (4) Athro Homid Ahroun Silver Fang Edge of Midnight Sept Beta
James Nathan Hunt "Lightning Strikes Twice" Alive (3) Adren Homid Philodox Shadow Lord Edge of Midnight Master of the Challenge/Eldest Philodox
Hudson's Revenge Alive (4) Athro Lupus Ahroun Get of Fenris Death's Door Sept Alpha
Nathan Lane "Night Light" Alive (1) Cliath Homid Ragabash Silent Strider Beowulf's Toolbox
Meda Izura "Walks in the Story of the Bear" Alive (1) Cliath Homid Galliard Uktena Beowulf's Toolbox
Matthew Astoc "Speaks Softly" Alive (1) Cliath Homid Galliard Silent Strider Beowulf's Toolbox
Ethan Houston "Aide the Dead" Alive (3) Adren Homid Ragabash Silent Strider Swords of Night Battles End Eldest Ragabash
Azura Brown "Hey You" Alive (1) Cliath Homid Ahroun Bone Gnawer Beowulf's Toolbox

Non-Player Characters

NPC Garou Character Roster
Character Name DOD Rank Breed Auspice Tribe Camp Pack Sept Position
Mattias Leifsson "Verdandi’s Omen" (NPC) Alive (4) Athro Homid Theurge Get of Fenris Eagle
Christopher Callahan "Claws His Way" (NPC) Alive (5) Elder Homid Ahroun Bone Gnawer Eagle Caern Warder
Pauline Waquahboshkuk Alive (1) Cliath Homid Ahroun Wendigo Wolverines Guardian
Theodore "Teddy" Gruber "Linebreaker" Alive (1) Cliath Homid Ahroun Get of Fenris Wolverines


Johnny "Lil Shit" Alive (1) Cliath Homid Bone Gnawer Wolverines


Minerva "Minnie" Kelly "Voice of Reason" Alive (1) Cliath Homid Galliard Black Fury Wolverines



Black Furies


Bone Gnawers

Children of Gaia

  • Dawn Blanchard "Bears the Storm's Fury"


Get of Fenris

Silicon Sentinals

  • Gillian Spaulding "Microbit DoS"
  • Lazarus Arch "Bleeds Truth"

Red Talons

Shadow Lords

  • Elena Kiev "Fights Fire with Fire"
  • Nicholas Silas "Ink Claw"

Silent Striders

  • Ramses Ford "Reaps the Darkness"
  • Nathan Lane "Night Light"

Silver Fangs

  • Usvietta “Yvette” Talon "Light of the Spirit"
  • Violetta Lorraine "Steals the Toys"


Quinnge "Fox Fire"








  • Gillian Spaulding "Microbit DoS"
  • Meda Izura "Bears the War Child"
  • Matthew Astok "Finds the Fallen"
  • Nicholas Silas "Ink Claw"




  • Gillian Spaulding "Microbit DoS"
  • Colin Smith "Gets the Digits"
  • Lazarus Arch "Bleeds Truth"
  • Usvietta "Yvette" Talon "Light of the Spirit"
  • Kezia Ayres "Defender of the Ways"



  • Violetta Lorraine "Steals the Toys"




  • Nicholas Silas "Ink Claw"
  • Mariah Runninghorse
  • Hunter Vaska
  • Gillian Spaulding "Microbit DoS"
  • Kezia Ayres "Defender of the Ways"
  • Teddy Gruber (NPC)
  • Pauline Waquaboshkuk (NPC)
  • Johnny (NPC)
  • Minerva "Minnie" Kelly (NPC)


  • Violetta Lorraine "Steals the Toys"
  • Elena Kiev "Fights Fire with Fire"
  • Azura Brown "Choking Hazard"







  • Sabine Krieger-Gruber - Edelweiss Cafe
  • Analiese Krieger - Edelweiss Cafe
  • James Montgomery II - Deputy Sheriff
  • Marjorie "Doc" Evans - Executive Assistant
  • Ronald "Ronnie" Easley - City Alderman
  • John and Susan Blanchard
  • Stella Bannerman - Nurse Practitioner
  • Summer Moonbeam - Organic Farmer
  • William "Billy" Theodore Gruber, Sr. - Owner of Gruber and Sons Sporting Goods store
  • Kyle and Berneice Harrington - Lynxspring Corporation
  • Luisa Mendoza
  • Sam Payne - Manager of Pyro City
  • Jack Starr
  • Mirabela "Bela" Hunt - Art Student
  • Geoffrey Morningkill - Philanthropist
  • Lancaster Morningkill - Art Student
  • Amanda "Mandy" Rose-Kelly
  • Cassandra "Cassie" Rose
  • Wilhemina "Mena" Kelly
  • Diana Kelly
  • Lauren Shawhan
  • Timothy Shawhan
  • Sarah Shawhan

Kinfolk Graveyard

  • Rona Echavarria - Receptionist at Kelly Law Firm, P.A.
  • Kristof/Christopher Eisen - Chief of Police
  • Isabella Hunt-Frost - High School Principal
  • Jackson Hunt - Mayor
  • Siobhan O'Dell - Owner of Rozell Nursery and Garden
  • Vanessa Payne - Manager of Pyro City
  • James Yankee - Husband of Bonnie Shawhan-Yankee "Vanguard of Rage"


The Missing

  • Vitto Civella "Grapples the Bane"; "Rock and a Hard Place"
  • Oliver Hunt "Rock Solid" "Pillar of War"
  • Trevor Hunt "Grey Area" "Scandals the Air"
  • Gahiji Chenzira
  • Dinah Mason "Harmony of Opposites"
  • Avraham "Avi" ben Owniy "Loudest Silence"; "Click Click Boom"
  • Raven Lightfoot "Indian Giver" "Weaves Unity"
  • Billy Gruber "Hunts Like Wolf"
  • Jacob Biggs "Learns from the Past, Owns the Hunt"
  • Erik Krieger "Escalates Quickly"
  • Cleanses the Sin
  • Robert DeMarco "Donkey Puncher"
  • Liz Shawhan "Mountain's Daughter"
  • Marlo Greenley "Empire's Daughter"

The Honored Dead

The Honored Dead Character Roster
Character Name DOD Rank Breed Auspice Tribe Camp Pack Sept Position
Natasia Kathryn Mounbatten "Talon of Spirits" (NPC) 11/05/2011 (5) Elder Homid Theurge Silver Fang Elder Pack
Brody Eberhart "Tackles the Mountain" 08/25/2013 (2) Fostern Homid Ahroun Get of Fenris Gullinbursti's Tusks Guardian
Nate "Blitzen Claw" 08/25/2013 (2) Fostern Homid Ragabash Get of Fenris Gullinbursti's Tusks
Jensen Leiffson "Boar’s Blood" 09/21/2013 (3) Adren Homid Ahroun Get of Fenris Gullinbursti's Tusks
Ariana Rodin 09/21/2013 (2) Fostern Homid Galliard Shadow Lord Tomorrow’s Promise
Forrest Shawhan "Fire in the Belly" 09/21/2013 (2) Fostern Homid Theurge Fianna Tomorrow’s Promise
Joe Sampson "Saves the Princess" 12/14/2013 (2) Fostern Homid Philodox Glass Walker Ghost Riders
Sebastian Hunt "Devil's Advocate"; "Answers the Call" 12/14/2013 (3) Adren Homid Philodox Silver Fang Beyond Good and Evil
Beaumont Washington Hiskers "Eagle's Silver Blade" 03/01/2014 (3) Adren Homid Ahroun Silver Fang Crown of Talons
Brianna Sarahtos "Calls the Night" "Life at All Costs" 03/01/2014 (2) Fostern Homid Theurge Black Fury Crown of Talons
Taunts the Spiral 03/01/2014 (3) Adren Metis Philodox Uktena Crown of Talons
Amos Church "Tree Father" (NPC) 03/15/2014 (5) Elder Homid Theurge Fianna Elder Pack Elder Council Theurge
Galina Kelly "Blood of Maegara" 05/03/2014 (2) Fostern Homid Galliard Black Fury Amazons of Diana Beyond Good and Evil Guardian
Liam Murdoch "Bladesinger" 05/03/2014 (2) Fostern Homid Galliard Fianna Garou Rangers
Zen 05/03/2014 (1) Cliath Homid Ahroun Wendigo Garou Rangers
Athena "Dove's Chosen"; "Death of Innocence" 06/14/2014 (1) Cliath Homid Theurge Child of Gaia Tomorrow's Promise
Jackal's Truth 06/14/2014 (2) Fostern Homid Ragabash Child of Gaia
Oleg “Ivan” Yasavi "Slow Knife"; "TL;DR"; "Shame of the Plains" 06/16/2014 (2) Fostern Homid Philodox Shadow Lord Shotguns and Frowny Faces
Jonah Hunt "Shadow of the Moon"; "Darkness Dawning" (NPC) 06/21/2014 (4) Athro Homid Ragabash Silver Fang Elder Pack Elder Council Ragabash
Lisa Kelly "Nox Moonkiller" (NPC) 06/21/2014 (4) Athro Homid Ragabash Black Fury Elder Pack Keeper of the Land
Walks With Shadows 06/28/2014 (2) Fostern Lupus Theurge Uktena Garou Rangers
Jasper 06/28/2014 (1) Cliath Homid Ragabash Fianna Garou Rangers
Michael Wall "Fifth Son" "Bulwark of Honor" 08/02/2014 (3) Adren Homid Ahroun Get of Fenris Gullinbursti's Tusks
Garrett Eisen "Guardian of Burdens" 09/13/2014 (2) Fostern Homid Galliard Get of Fenris Gullinbursti's Tusks
Iris Kelly "Blood Maw"; "Stalks the Cat" (NPC) 09/13/2014 (4) Athro Lupus Ahroun Black Fury Elder Pack Caern Warder
Kestrel in Red Oak at Dawn 09/27/2014 (4) Athro Lupus Ahroun Child of Gaia Tomorrow's Promise Keeper of the Land
Jorgen "Sees All Sides" 09/27/2014 (3) Adren Metis Philodox Get of Fenris Crown of Talons
Sydney Pentlen "Street Legal"; "Hook, Line, and Sinker" (NPC) 10/04/2014 (2) Fostern Homid Ahroun Glass Walker City Pack
Helena Zokas "Split in the Road"; "Renders Truth"; "Blood Price" 12/12/2014 (3) Adren Homid Philodox Black Fury
Clayton Corey "Lives Large" (NPC) 12/20/2014 (3) Adren Homid Ragabash Glass Walker City Pack
Socks "Dragon's Bane" 03/21/2015 (1) Cliath Lupus Ahroun Get of Fenris
Cole Braddock "Executioner's Song" 05/16/2015 (3) Adren Homid Galliard Get of Fenris Mjolnir's Thunder Death's Door
Erik Heilsen "Grins at Silver" 05/16/2015 (4) Athro Homid Galliard Get of Fenris Fangs of Garm Death's Door
Miguel Garcia "Bleeding Heart, Mayhem's Method" 05/16/2015 (3) Adren Homid Ahroun Uktena Raiders Death's Door
Rayna Ayres "Infinite Jest, Laughs at Danger" 06/27/2015 (2) Fostern Homid Ragabash Shadow Lord Edge of Midnight
Thorn "Biting Words" 10/17/2015 (3) Adren Lupus Ragabash Get of Fenris Mjolnir's Thunder Death's Door
Liv Ahlgren "Singer at the Gates of Hel" (NPC) 3/1/2015 (5) Elder Homid Galliard Get of Fenris Elder Pack Elder Council Galliard
Bonnie Shawhan-Yankee "Vanguard of Rage" (NPC) 2/21/2015 (5) Elder Homid Ahroun Fianna Elder Pack Elder Council Ahroun
Thomas Beattie "Light of Winter Moon on Snow" (NPC) 3/31/2015 (3) Adren Lupus Galliard Child of Gaia Elder Pack Gatekeeper
Aeden Sterling "Walks Through Fire" 9/15/2015 (2) Fostern Homid Ahroun Fianna Winter's Pelt
Stalks Like Fog 9/15/2015 (2) Fostern Lupus Ahroun Shadowlord Winter's Pelt
Jonqueline Evangeline Devereux (J.E.D.) "Boar's Blood" 9/15/2015 (3) Adren Homid Ragabash Bone Gnawer Winter's Pelt Eldest Ragabash
Rask Gunvaldson "Odin's Bane, Forged Three Fold" 1/29/2016 (3) Adren Homid Ahroun Get of Fenris Butterfly
Mocks his Prey III "Avenges The Fallen" 1/29/2016 (4) Athro Lupus Galliard Fianna Butterfly
Dimitri Rose "Ominous Black Sky, Silent Thunder" 1/29/2016 (4) Athro Homid Theurge Shadowlord Crow Beyond Good and Evil Den Father
Diedre O'Connor 2/1/2016 (1) Cliath Homid Philodox Fianna Wyld Rovers

Welcomed Visitors

Major Spirits

  • The Caern Totem: Esteem, Stag
  • City Mother/Father: Jack of Oakes
  • Elder Council Pack Totem: Eagle

Pack Totems

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Former Pack Totems

Wild Turkey a totem of respect was followed by The Wild Bunch
Stag a totem of respect was followed by Wisdom of Spirits
Clashing Boom Boom a totem of war was followed by Precision Strike
Owl a totem of wisdom was followed by Ghost Riders
Epona a totem of wisdom was followed by The Garou Rangers
Black Unicorn a totem of war was followed by Tomorrow's Promise
Harrier a totem of wisdom was followed by Arbiter's Accord
Grandfather Thunder a totem of respect was followed by Dominion of the Storm
Fenris a totem war was followed by Shotguns and Frowny Faces
Boar a totem of war was followed by Gullinbursti's Tusks
Eagle a totem of war was followed by Crown of Talons
Monkey King a totem of wisdom was followed by Riyu Jingu Bang
Fenris a totem of war was followed by Winter's Pelt
Uktena a totem of wisdom is followed by Edge of Midnight
Fox a totem of cunning was followed by Beyond Good and Evil

Known Places of Power

  • Lone Jack Spirit Bastion - Dedicated to Trash Heap and Protected by Crow, Klaklakin & Raccoon Spirits
  • Independence Spirit Bastion - Dedicated to City Father Truman and protected by Eagle & Stheno Spirits

PC/NPC Maintained Places of Interest

  • The Italian Job
  • Edelweiss Cafe (f/k/a Lone Jack Cafe)
  • Gruber and Sons Sporting Goods
  • Kelly Law Firm

Feel free to add yours

Recurring Venue Antagonists

These will be fleshed out as the PCs encounter them.

Slander and Libel


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Brody Eberhart "What doesn't kill me, had better start running."
Dimitri Rose "Have you considered accepting Grandfather Thunder as your personal Lord & Savior?"
Hudson's Revenge: "Can't we just kill the government?"
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VSS Information

The Genre of this VSS is Werewolf: the Apocalypse, in the Global Game of the Camarilla Fan Club.

Part 1 - Basic InformationMES/SOAP Venue Name: Venue Genre: Werewolf the Apocalypse Interim VST: Game Time: 7PM to 12 PM (check with VST for specific time) Game Location: Masonic Lodge

Part 2 - Style of Play: 4: Intrigue (politics and negotiation) 3.5: Action (combat and challenges) 4.5: Mystery (enigmas and investigation) 3.5: Drama (ceremony and characterization) 4.0: Darkness (probability of player character death or corruption)

Theme/Mood: Tradition is a double edged sword. While it can provide a solid foundation and a sense of connection, it can just as easily lead to a fear of change and progress. The Garou nation is proud of its traditions, many of which go back for thousands of years, but change is inevitable and the garou of the nation must decide if they will change as well, cling to their ancient traditions or find a way to do both. The chronicle will begin with a long established, level 3 caern.

Style: A live action venue is a sort of dance, with the storyteller and the players acting as partners to create a rich and dynamic environment in which the characters can experience their world. As a reflection of that, the style of play in the venue will be dictated by a combination of Storyteller generated plotlines and the story brought to the venue by the PCs themselves.

Antagonists: Antagonists will be primarily those native to the venue - BSDs, Fomori, Ferra, spirits etc... However, the garou do not exist in a 'supernatural vacuum' so the potential exists for antagonists of other varieties, kindred, wraiths and other flavors of nastiness as they become appropriate to the story being told.

Character Restrictions: At start of chronicle, no creature types other than garou and garou kinfolk will be approved for regular, continuous interaction in the venue - in other words, there will be no bastet, mokole, gurahl etc...approved. Such creature types may be approved as part of the venue for play in regional, national or online play only. The possibility exists for the approval of a corax or nuwisha once the venue has been firmly established (no less than 4 months), but such approval is dependent on the background of the proposed PC and how well the VST believes such a character would fit with the venue as it has been established. Also- the garou venue provides the unique opportunity for PCs to learn and grow during the course of play. Due to this ability to advance in play and the many story opporunities provided by this, PCs will begin the game at no rank higher than fostern. This will allow them to grow in power and complexity as they interact with other PCs.

Proxy rules: All proxies must be approved by the VST of the venue and the DST in order to provide a better spread of knowledge through the local ST chain. All Proxies should be submitted no less than 48 hours prior to the first event this proxy will effect. Each proxy will have a set time limit discussed and decided upon by the STs and the players involved including the home ST of the proxied character. The proxy should include well defined intentions and base actions for the more common scene types for the character. The ST taking these into account will have final determination as to the characters actions even if this should lead to the death of a PC.

Travel risks: This is the World of Darkness, there is always a risk. These risks change dependent upon type of travel as well as current plot and the possible interaction with them caused by the travel.

Challenges: As per the rules set for the venue. If it is left to ST discretion then the ST's word is final. Extended debate of the ST call will result in the forfeiture of the challenge by the debating party. We are here to have fun not argue rules for hours.

Player Notes: Character sheet discrepancies should be cleared up with the VST (and potentially DST) and the Archivist prior to that character entering play. If a sheet enters play with modifications not initialed by the VST or DST then it will revert to the printed version for the night. Once a sheet enters play it is as printed for the session and discussions as to its correction can and will be handled after the game or during downtime. Visiting players are not required to have their characters maintained in a local character database however it is an option to make the check in process smoother and faster in the future. If the sheet is not maintained in our local database then please refer to the entry below regarding Visiting Characters.

Storyteller Information: The Venue is directly managed by the VST with the overview of the DST and assistance provided by various AVSTs. Both the VST and the DST will oversee events which would drastically alter the story within the local game.

Venue Rules: At start of chronicle, no creature types other than garou and garou kinfolk will be approved for regular, continuous interaction in the venue. PCs will begin the game at no rank higher than fostern.

Visiting Character policy: Visiting players should provide two copies of their sheet one of which will be kept by the presiding ST for verification purposes should the need arrise. All copies should have the home ST signature and / or direct contact information included. This can be circumvented via emailing a copy over a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event you are wanting to attend. A brief description of the character's motivations and intentions may be requested as well. The local ST chain can and will say No when needed in regards to things that are potentially harmful to the game as a whole.

Experience points The monthly XP cap is 6 points. These will be handed out as follows: 2 xp for attending the event for a minimum of two hours. 1 xp is available through costuming or exceptional role play. (While suggestions from players are welcomed the final decision is to be made by the presiding ST.) Up to 3 xp can be obtained through a detailed downtime report and/or online play. A paragraph is not detailed. This should be submitted to the VST no later than 48 hours following the event for consideration of maximum reward. (You may not always get an immediate response to your downtime per ST discretion the results may be disseminated during the course of active play.)

Code of Conduct: The Camarilla Code of Conduct as written will be upheld at all venue events.

Travel to Umbral Realms:

Some general themes of Apocalypse include the following:

Venue Rules

*The venue will comply with all procedures and Addenda as they are released. These changes do not require a VSS re-write to implement.

  • Proxy Rules-

  • Visiting Characters Guidelines-

  • XP Awards-

-Downtimes related to this VSS may be sent to

  • Crossvenue-

  • Combat-

  • Auspice Moon-

Storytelling Mechanics (aka House Rules)

*This may be updated as need be, without the need for a total VSS re-write.

  • Interest in this VSS and Inquires can be sent to
  • We're on Facebook at
  • The bio template for Apocalypse can be found here: Apocalypse Bio Template and was provided by Mike Wells. Thanks, Mike!
  • Information about the actual city may be found here: