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The Valley

General Caern/Sept Information

Name: Luna's Awakening
Level: 5
Totem: Phoebe (aspect of Luna)
Power: Wisdom
Gauntlet Rating: 2
Moon Bridge Distance: 10,000 miles

Domain:CA-058-D (Unconquered Sun)
VST:Jim Weathers

General Note: PCs should contribute to the wiki and add themselves in the appropriate spots.

General Caern and Sept Information

Sept Name: The Sept of Luna's Awakening
Caern Name: Valley of the Moon
Location: Sonoma Mountain, Sonoma Country, CA
Caern Level: 5 (USA-SW-WA-1404-016046)

  • Gauntlet Rating: 2
  • Moon Bridge Distance: 10,000 miles

Caern Totem: Phoebe (Aspect of Luna)
Caern Aspect: Wisdom


Sonoma Mountain

The Sept of Luna's Awakening is primarily located on Sonoma Mountain, just north of Sonoma, CA. The caern is located near the mountain peak, while the bawn is primarily within the bounds of Jack London State Historic Park. The mountain overlooks Sonoma and the Valley of the Moon to the east, and the Rohnert Park/Petaluma area to the west and southwest.

One can get most of the way up the mountain by taking public roads, but the last mile or two is park land with restricted access. Even those roads stop a half-mile from the summit. Just above that half-mile mark, there's a small cluster of what have been deemed 'historic buildings' which aren't on any listed paths. These are buildings in the style of the mission era, spanish colonial with touches of the local Pomo and Wappo native cultures. Several smaller buildings are also in this cluster, which hearken directly to Pomo and Wappo villages from the period; traditional structures made of close-woven branches and meant as individual dwellings. Taken as a whole, these are the primary home for some of the sept's residents (though none seem to live in the small native dwellings), and provide a place for sept meetings.

Sonoma Mountain

Close to the summit and the heart of the caern, there are no roads, structures, or other evidence of civilization barring a few simple shrines erected by Garou hands.

Sept History

The Mountain

Luna's Awakening is a historically small sept located in the Valley of the Moon in Sonoma county, California. It housed an insignificant caern, which for several hundred years was held by a council of Uktena, made up of various auspices and ranks from Adren to Elder. Interest in the Caern itself has never been that strong as there was hardly enough Gnostic energy to justify a large Garou presence.

PCs from around the region may have traveled through Sonoma County or the surrounding counties but did not stay long. Knowledge of where the Caern site is physically located (atop Sonoma Mountain, ringed by Jack London State park, The Osborne-Fairfield preserve and privately held land) is common. Any Garou that traveled to the Caern site were not warmly received, and if they stayed longer than a night or two they were asked to move on - in some cases, in a not-so-polite manner. The land of the Caern site has been deeded to a small band of the Graton Rancheria. With the aid of few Glass Walkers the land has managed to remain untouched, though claims of Eminent Domain, expansion of the surrounding cities and urban sprawl have always been a threat.

In the current timeline, Sonoma County was hit extremely hard by the housing market crash and the economic downturn. Rohnert Park actually filed for bankruptcy and had to be bailed out by the County with the aid of the State Government. Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and Petaluma all were major targets during the Ratkin war. Parts of all three cities burned and suffered major looting/damage, these areas have yet to be re-built. The only thing keeping the county afloat economically is the Wine Industry, which is kept by giant corporations and the majority of the money made is sent outside of the area. Drug use, unemployment and the homeless population of the county has skyrocketed. This has led to a downward spiral of individuals overtaxing the local unemployment and welfare systems. Social Services has been overwhelmed by the pleas for help and turned into a giant bureaucratic nightmare. Homeless shelters cannot afford to be kept open as charitable donations have dried up, the few that have remained open are overstuffed and have few open beds, and many go without.

Most of Sonoma County is rural, these are underdeveloped areas in which power outages and lack of running water are common. People lock their doors at night, not in fear of crime but in fear of what occurs during the night. No one talks about the monsters but everyone is aware that there are things in the night that they do not want to bump into.

Sonoma County was until recently patrolled primarily by a mixed pack whose Alpha was the Sept Wyrmfoe: Igasho (ee-GAH-sho) “Seeker-of-the-Path”, an Adren Uktena Philodox. As of early 2013, Igasho was attempting to bring outside Garou into the area in an attempt to revitalize the Caern, a move met with staunch disapproval - though not outright opposition - by the sept Alpha Runs-With-Mountains, an Elder Ahroun of the Uktena... and Igasho's father.

Past Events

(Date unknown)

(UnSun FGoM:July 26 2014)

(UnSun FGoM Proxy:July 26 2014)

(UnSun FGoM:March 21 2015)

(UnSun FGoM Proxy:March 21 2015)

Notable Names

Greater Sept Offices

Council of Elders:

Other Sept Offices: These positions may be filled temporarily, as needed, or even be left vacant.

Local PC Packs


Feel free to add yours

Current PC Citizens


Deed Name Mundane Name Rank Auspice Breed Tribe
Carries her Glory Achlys Tavoularis Adren Ahroun Homid Black Furies
Harmony of Tambiyah Noah Rahmat Athro Galliard Homid Children of Gaia
Starfall Glen Walker Fostern Philodox Homid Fianna
The Bone Thief, Lights the Pyre Isa Brynadotter Asud Adren Theurge Homid Get of Fenris
Feast of Ashes, Once More Feast of Ashes Adren Ahroun Lupus Get of Fenris
Hunter's Tempest Lukas Hannson Cliath Ahroun Homid Get of Fenris
The Glass Bat (蝙蝠硝子, Kohmori-Garasu) Megumi Katsuko Adren Theurge Metis Silicon Sentinels
Laughing Now Crystal Carter Adren Ragabash Homid Silicon Sentinels
Laughs Last, Dark Sky's Wisdom Rickard Marek Elder Galliard Homid Shadow Lords
Shadow's Mercy Alex Roberts Athro Philodox Homid Shadow Lords
Spurns the Spiral, Ashen Wind Bomani Athro Ahroun Homid Silent Striders
Silver Swift, Rising Talon Sabine LaCoix Elder Ahroun Homid Silver Fangs
Mist-at-Dawn Mist-at-Dawn Adren Ragabash Lupus Silver Fangs
Calms the Spirits, Burns Brightest Yukiko Takahashi Athro Theurge Homid Stargazers
Burden of Ages Travis Locklear Adren Philidox Homid Wendigo
Spider's Whisper Imala Cliath Galliard Homid Silicon Sentinel
Swift Talon, Gaia's Avenger Gabriel Dragos Adren Ahroun Lupus Shadow Lord
Hard Choice Dawn Cliath Ragabash Homid Silver Fangs

NPC Citizens

  • Iweda - Athro Uktena Theurge

  • Wintersfriend - Elder Fianna

  • White-Eye- Adren Red Talon Ahroun Lupus - (Alpha of the Red Talon pack that guards Humboldt County)

  • Griffin's-Fist - Fostern Red Talon Ahroun Lupus (A member of the Red Talon pack that guards Humboldt County)



  • Paris Zane
  • Lupus Kinfolk Pack - A pack of nine lupus kinfolk has been relocated to the bawn of Luna's Awakening. Most are obviously Red Talon kin and a good half of them are last winter's pups. One is a yearling of Get descent. These (aside from the Get) are known to be the kin of Steel Vice Bite and Moon Watcher, and kin to both Red Talons and Glass Walkers. They stay clear of anyone in Homid form and keep a wary eye on the territory.


Past Sept Members

The Honored Dead

  • Speaker for the Dead Taniya, Fostern, Galliard, Homid, Uktena (Identity sacrificed to the Weaver during the Battle of Las Vegas)
  • At All Hours Donal Cambell, Fostern, Theurge, Homid, Fianna (Lost in the Battle of Las Vegas)
  • Nighthawk, Listens at Dusk, Adren, Theurge, Homid, Shadow Lords (Lost in the Battle of Alaska)
  • Scale's Aggravating Claws Aka Elizabeta "Daci" Dragos, Athro, Galliard, Homid, Shadow Lords (Lost in the Battle of Alaska)
  • Gabriel Tepes, Fostern, Ahroun, Lupus, Shadow Lords(Lost in the Battle of Alaska)
  • Culann O'Kale , Fostern, Ragabash, Homid, Fianna (Lost in the Battle of Alaska)
  • Gaia's Shining Sun, Adren, Ahroun, Homid, Children of Gaia (Lost in the Battle of Alaska)
  • Fallen Pine, Cliath, Red Talon, Ahroun
  • Michael "Wars on All Fronts" Anders, Fostern, Glasswalker, Ahroun
  • Riddle of Morning, Fostern, Silent Strider, Ragabash
  • Walks the Line, Fostern, Wendigo, Philodox
  • Calder Foxkiller "Fortune Favors the Fallen"
  • Journey of Souls - Athro Silent Strider Galliard (NPC)
  • Steven "Brings-Silver-Justice" Voegel - Adren Silver Fang Philodox Homid (Uncle of Mist-at-dawn)(NPC)
  • Mojinder Dhanesh "The Untouchable" - Elder Bone Gnawer Philodox - King Jonas Albrecht was impersonating him for several months - Lost to the rivers of Erebus (NPC)

Notable Visitors


Major Area Spirits

  • The Caern Totem: Phoebe (Aspect of Luna)

Phoebe is an aspect of Luna, also known as Sokhta; the Stargazers in particular are meticulous about using her other name. She rules in the Aetherial Realm alongside an aspect of Helios named Katanka-Sonnak, and the two share dominion of that place of light and sky. Phoebe's most common manifestation is as simple beams of intense moonlight, though she is sometimes seen as a pair of glowing silver eyes, or a graceful woman with long silvery hair who seems limned in moonlight. Ban: Children of Phoebe are pledged to defend moon bridges and moon paths from the predations of the Wyrm

The City Mother
  • City Mother: The Executive

Headquartered out of the AT&T building in Santa Rosa, the powerful Weaver spirit known as the Executive keeps an ever watchful eye over the blossoming local urban population. Brought to the area in 1906 to watch over and protect the dormant previous City Mother, she has since taken over as the dominant city parent. She is curious about the Garou and their interest in the urban areas and has allied herself with the sept in the fight against the Wyrm. Her symbol is the cicada.

Pack Totems

Add yours!

Locations of Interest

Known Places of Wyrm Corruption

The Sonoma Mission (Wyrm)

Sonoma Mission

The Silver Mine (Wyrm)

Silver Mine

Roseland (Blight)


Sonoma Behavioral Center of the Criminally Insane (Wyrm)


The Prison (Blight)


Gaian Locations (PC/NPC Maintained)


The Caern Heart It's highly-unlikely any outsider will be invited into the heart of the caern, a place watched over by the Get of Fenris Ritemistress, TheBone Thief. Through a cleft opening on one of the highest rock faces on the mountain there is a series of twisting tunnels carved from rock and stone. Most are large enough for a hispo to move with reasonable comfort; humans need to crouch, and Crinos would be nearly immobile.

If one finds the right path through the tunnels, one emerges into a large limestone cavern, a living cave festooned with stalagmite formations. It's surprisingly expansive, with room enough for a score of people to stand comfortably around the perimeter, though there is very little light, that seeping in from a few cracks in the ceiling.

Luna Pool

Past the larger room there is a much smaller, with room for perhaps twelve to crowd around the altar stone. The stalagmites and stalactites in this inner chamber have formed a bowl-like altar full of still water. A sizable hole in the ceiling doesn't seem to accommodate much sunlight, but the moonlight blazes through uncannily at night, turning the altar pool into silvery light and limning the carven runes all around the chamber.

Rite Master House

The Rite Master House

The Caern isn't new. Uktena cared for this area for a long time. They kept the area static containing the bane they had bound. The Old Rites Mistress that held the position for a long time, was an Elder Uktena Theurge and she had a house that she kept the workings of the Craft. It’s a home that when you enter it you know it’s watching you.

Inside you'll see shelves upon shelves of jars containing untold occult reagents needed in the creation of mystical rites. Spaced around the room are candles of all sizes that seem to be placed with a care that only a crazy old lady who wanted to always have a candle in easy reach would have done. The little Benjamin Franklin stove looks like maybe old Ben could have made it with his own hands sits in the center of the room. Surrounding the stove is every type of hand crafting tool/station. Almost all types of simple wood, cloth, metal, clay and stone craft is present ready to be used in a rite. From the ceiling going down the walls are Garou Glyphs, they cover almost every inch of free space. The Glyphs are old and new with care they tell of spirits and their broods, glyphs that tell a story of of tribal ties to spirit and the land. Any Garou feels welcomed to enter the house but only a Theurge would feel comfortable taking something from it for you feel the houses eyes are on you.

This is the Bone Thief's territory.


The Meeting Lodge
For times when the weather is less hospitable, the garou have a grand lodge in which they hold their meetings and moots. The Lodge, although rustic in appearance, boast basic modern conveniences and has several sectioned off areas for war councils, Elder meetings, rite circles and guest accommodations.Several tapestries, hand sewn and decorated stand tall for each of the Nation’s Tribes.

Phoebe's Pond

Phoebe's Pond
Up the sweeping hills and above the Valley of Moon; there is a stunning tableau where the verdant land kisses the sky. In a shaded and protected spot a large pond rests. It’s waters placid and cool, and seems to have a reminiscent mystical quality depending on the face that Luna shows, but nothing more than a hint of an aura. This is often a quiet place meant for self-reflection and meditation.

Alpha's House

Sept Alpha's House
Crested up on the hill is a slightly more modern ranch-style house. While certainly not one of the largest of dwellings in the area, it is of decent size and overlooks the whole of the valley and is certainly the closest to the bawn. Given the breathtaking view, it is easy to see why this house belong to the sept alpha. Oddly there often times seems to a strange overabundance of small animals (squirrels, mice, rabbits) and various birds that seem drawn to the area surrounding the house.

Yukiko's House

Yukiko's House
Humble and nestled away out of view is a small traditional Japanese home. It is Yukiko Takahashi's home and also serves as the Pack House for Owl's Wise Talons.

Owl Shrine

Shrine to Owl
On the bawn of the caern there is a large and beautiful shrine to Owl set up amidst the smaller trees on the edge of a meadow. There are several boulders piled together, creating a stack some six feet high whose top is mostly flat. There are clear remnants of the bones of small prey animals left on this altartop.
Near the boulders, there are a half dozen hardwood poles, eight feet or more in length, driven into the earth; each one is polished and carved with runes, representing Owl and his brood, in positions of respect and honor. From the tops of the poles, as well as from several tree branches, there are leather cords dangling; on each is tied an owl feather, and a metal charm which again evoke Owl's brood. These sway freely - and silently - in the breeze.

Eagle Shrine

Shrine to Eagle

Fenris Shrine

Shrine to Fenris

Shrine of the Sacred Beasts

Shrine of the Sacred Beasts

This shrine is not a small one, but by no means large either. Humble would be the best way to describe it. Through a Japanese archway, the Torii, the Garou is led to first a stone basin filled with fresh water to rinse both their hands, and mouth before approaching the the Kamidana, or God Door. The Kamidana is a small three walled shelter with a roof. Four separate foot tall statues greet the Garou there. A red phoenix, a white tiger, a blue Asian dragon, and a black turtle. Below each statue is a fresh bowl of Sake, and a censer for burning fragrant incense. A small bench sits before the Kamidana, to allow a place to sit for a Garou who wishes to meditate and center themselves before the shrine.

Feel free to add yours

Stories and Rumors


  • Runs-With-Mountains, the Uktena Elder who was the previous Sept Alpha, hid in his den rather than defend his territory from an enormous bane. Shameful!
  • Iweda was Sept Alpha long ago, and heavily resents the Wyrmbringers who currently hold the sept.
  • There's an enormous pile of trash on the bawn! Who the hell left that there?
  • The Sept has an infestation of bunnies and deer. You can eat the deer but whatever you do...don't eat the bunnies!

Add some!


Add some!

VSS Information

Domain: Unconquered Sun (CA-058-D) Sonoma County, South West Region (USA)
Venue Name: The Valley of the Moon
Venue Game: Werewolf the Apocalypse
Meets at: 51 Burlington Drive Petaluma, CA 94952 (subject to change)
Meets on: First and Third Saturdays of Each Month, Pregame at 7:00pm, Game 8:00pm-12:00am.
VST: Woody Purdy ( US2002034897
Original VSS Approval Number: USA-SW-WA-1404-016139
Current VSS Approval Number: USA-SW-WA-1504-025777

Premise: Sept of the Valley of the Moon werewolves.

Overall Game Emphasis
Using 10 points total, please distribute the points between the following three categories:

  • Physical: 3
  • Social: 3
  • Mental: 4

Individual Game Components

  • Action (combat and challenges): 7
  • Character Development (personal dilemmas and choices): 7
  • Darkness (corruption, fear and horror): 9 Characters stand a better chance at corruption than destruction. This is a constant threat, and opportunities for corruption exist at every game.
  • Drama (ceremony and grand story): 5
  • Intrigue (politics and negotiation): 5 The players guide this.
  • Manners (social etiquette and peer pressure): 5 Players guide this.
  • Mystery (enigmas and investigation): 7 The main emphasis of the game, unraveling the spiral or the weaver’s web.
  • PC Death (how often it is present): 5 Characters can die during scenes, but normally this danger occurs during special events.
  • Pacing (how quickly do stories start, develop and come to an end) : 6 Subplots will usually complete over the course of 1-3 games. Long term plots can take months.

Description of Venue
The Wyrm is everywhere. The Garou win most every battle, but they’re fighting a losing war. The Apocalypse venue’s main themes are heavily-emphasized; hope vs hopelessness, honor vs. practicality, courage vs fear, purity against corruption. Personal choices will be emphasized; how much is each Garou willing to compromise themselves to fight this war? How many vulnerabilities will they allow themselves? How much can be taken away before they snap?

Current Setting

The Caern was once held by an Elder Council of Uktena made up of various auspices and rank from Adren to Elder. For several centuries, there was never much interest in the caern; there was just not enough Gnostic energy there to justify much presence. It had its cadre of defenders, and it was a waypoint.

Historically PC’s from around the region may have traveled through Sonoma County or the surrounding counties but did not stay long. Knowledge of where the Caern site is physically located (atop Sonoma Mountain, ringed by Jack London State park, The Osborne-Fairfield preserve and privately held land) is relatively common.

Recently, everything changed.

Through various events not well-known outside the region, there was a sudden upsurge of power in early 2013, which left the Uktena Elders off-balance. It was accompanied by a sharp upswing in Wyrm activity in the region, and as a result the established Uktena fell almost to a man, leaving a relatively new group of local Garou in control of every aspect of the Caern. The place has become very egalitarian, welcoming all Tribes who come to help… though the attitudes toward Fera are still very wary.

Around late 2013, the Caern’s power soared to even more unprecedented levels. The exact cause is a matter of stories, but rumor has it that previously an ancient ritual was undone, and energies that had been bound for centuries was released causing the Caern to reach immense power.

Months later, Ancestor spirits were returned to the heart of the Caern, which caused another huge upswing in Caern power, and now the Sept of Phoebe’s Rest has been renamed the Sept of Luna’s Awakening. (Level 5 Caern)

The caern’s population of werewolves has more than doubled, and momentous things have been happening in the region.

The Region
The land of the Caern site has been deeded to a small band of the Graton Rancheria, helped with the aide of few Glass Walkers the land has managed to remain untouched, though claims of Eminent Domain, expansion of the surrounding cities and urban sprawl have always been a threat.

Within this world, Sonoma County was hit extremely hard by the housing market crash and the economic downturn. Rohnert Park actually filed for bankruptcy and had to be bailed out by the County with the aide of the State Government. Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and Petaluma all were major targets of the Ratkin war. Parts of all three cities burned and suffered major looting/damage, these areas have yet to be re-built.

Trying to keep the economy of Sonoma County afloat is the wine industry, however it’s not without problems of their own. Illegal immigrants compose of a significant bulk of the workforce for the Wine industry, and these undocumented workers go missing from time to time.

Drug use, unemployment and the homeless population of the county has skyrocketed. This has led to a downward spiral of individuals overtaxing the local unemployment and welfare systems. Social Services has been overwhelmed by the pleas for help and turned into a giant bureaucratic nightmare. Homeless shelters cannot afford to be kept open as charitable donations have dried up, the few that have remained open are overstuffed and have few open beds, and many go without.

Police forces have become hardened, and several task forces have been formed to combat Gangs, and Drugs, but the incident rate of police brutality has also skyrocketed.

Politics which were once liberal and fairly left wing have swung in the opposite direction after the economic collapse within the County. Various hot issues have become topical, such as illegal immigration, abortion, religious freedom, gun control, and economic stimulus. Recent attempts at economic stimulation has allowed for less oversight, or regulation of various industries, such as, bars, churches, nightclubs, and more heavy industrial sources. Recently, a man named John Trust has become the Assemblyman of the 3rd District, concerning Sonoma/Napa counties. He is a hardcore right wing Republican Conservative, the population look to him as a savior from previously liberal ideals, which failed.

Medical practices have remained constant, but have started to hire private security forces due to a strange upswing in body part black marketeering. Outbreaks of disease are largely controlled by quarantine, as such a law preventing homelessness has been passed, considered a misdemeanor for those who are caught.

Media sources include several local newspapers, but the main press is the Republic Press, which is a right wing conservative newspaper, and sources from many associated media publications. Sonoma County has it’s own Television station, TV 51, which hosts a lot of public access stations, and local news. There are several Radio Stations that serve Sonoma County, and have radio towers scattered across the county.

Industrial revenue has plummeted, and power shortages have become a constant. Plans for a nuclear power plant out in Bodega Bay have been discussed to offset the power shortages and give an economic stimulus to the county.

Sonoma County has a University, a Junior College and a Technical Trade School. SSU and SRJC have increased their police patrols, and all carry firearms. Recently, they have upgraded their arsenal to semi-automatic rifles, and shotguns.

Most of the rest of Sonoma County is rural, these are underdeveloped areas in which power outages and lack of running water are common. People lock their doors at night, not in fear of crime but in fear of what occurs during the night. No one talks about the monsters but everyone is aware that there are things in the night that they do not want to bump into.

The various outlying counties and areas used to be claimed as territory by NPC packs but after the Altimera hive battle, it seems that most all were wiped out. There were a few survivors and will be noted.

Features of the Area (Subject to updates)

Santa Rosa

  • Bolt! Corporation - a Shadowlord Kinfolk corporation focusing on health and fitness.
  • Annadale Park and Lake Ilsanjo - Still remains pure, despite the Weaver presence around the park.


  • The Labyrinth under the City - The Sewers are a labyrinth of passageways and forgotten chambers.

Rohnert Park

  • The massive Casino that reeks of the Wyrm. This is a Blight.




  • The Sonoma Mission was the former site of a Wyrm Hive. It has been cleansed thoroughly, but is still a lonely and troubled place.
  • The Sonoma Developmental Center - In the WOD it is it’s mission is the “California Home for the Care and Training of the Feeble Minded. It is known to be Wyrm Corrupted. This has now changed to *the Labyrinth of Mirrors, a Rank 3 Pit.


Guerneville & West County

  • The Silver Mine - In West County lies a Silver Mine with Wyrm Glyphs, the entrance has been caved in, and it’s reputed to have many tunnels that go into horrible and lost places.
  • A den of Glasswalker and Red Talon lupus puppies live near Armstrong Redwood Forest.
  • Bodega and the Coast was formerly claimed by a pack of Silver Fangs, who reportedly perished in the recent conflicts..
  • The “Hole in the Head” Nuclear Power Plant - Bodega Bay Nuclear Power Facility

Lake County

  • Formerly claimed by a mixed pack of Get of Fenris, Fianna and a few others, who reportedly perished in the recent conflicts.
  • Hidden Valley Correctional Penitentiary, a maximum security prison which has recently been constructed serving the Tri-County area. Now a dilapidated husk of a compound.

Napa County

  • Formerly claimed by a pack Shadow Lords, who reportedly perished in the recent conflicts.

Mendocino County

  • Claimed by a pack of Red Talons, who protect the redwood forests and do not tolerate trespassers. A small group of Wendigo Garou and their Kinfolk have a lodge in Northern California near Eureka.

There are various Blights and other places of Wyrm concentration around the Northern California area.

Major NPCs

  • Mohinder Dhanesh “The Untouchable” Elder Homid Bone Gnawer Philodox - Gatekeeper. Welcoming and beatific. Follower of the Great Trash Heap.
  • Iweda - Athro Homid Uktena Theurge - Sept Warder. Short-tempered and curt with all non-Pure Tribes.
  • White-Eye - Adren Red Talon Ahroun - Leader of the Shrouded Giants pack in Mendocino. Unfriendly.
  • Journey of Souls: Athro Homid Silent Strider Galliard (DECEASED)
  • Falcon’s Justice: Adren Homid Silver Fang Philodox (Deceased)

Storytelling Mechanics

The Sept of Luna’s Awakening
Dedicated to the Ancestors (Willpower/Wisdom) of the Garou Nation, and those who have fallen, Luna’s light shines bright upon the dome of the mountain of Sonoma Mountain, and into the Valley of the Moon. It is common to find Lunes, and many avian spirits of War.

Caern Level: 5 #USA-SW-WA-1404-016139
Caern Totem: Phoebe (Aspect of Luna) Phoebe is a Wisdom based totemic aspect of Luna.
Traits: When Opened via the Rite of the Opened Caern, Phoebe grants 2 Discerning Mental Traits and 2 traits of the Occult ability.
Ban: Children of Phoebe are pledged to defend moon bridges and moon paths from the predations of the Wyrm.
Moon Bridge distance: 10,000 Miles
Creation Rules
We are not allowing Reluctant Garou concepts, or specific concepts meant to be deliberately antagonistic to the game.

Learning Gifts
When learning Gifts, please indicate which spirit was petitioned to teach the gift on your xp log.

Temporary Packs
Phoebe is known to be willing to sponsor temporary packs for those who visit her sept without their packmates; she will bind them together with a loose pack bond so they may communicate with each other in pack speech. Other Totem spirits are generally willing to accept this from the powerful avatar of Luna, though they withdraw their own blessings until visiting Garou return to their packs.

Experience Award Guidelines: (Subject to Universal Rules Addendum- Earning Experience)

  • 6 xp per game attended in person.
  • 3 xp per full downtime submission.
  • Characters proxying into the VSS receive XP only as specifically indicated on the proxy write up.
  • Maximum of 6 xp per month from any source.

IX. Werewolf the Apocalypse A. Special Note: As WtA still uses the old LotW/MET rules, which have a flat cost for all traits, the XP rules are not currently being updated to a more standard monthly limit (read: higher to accommodate graduated costs) format. This will be revisited during any potential BNS conversations to occur in the future. While ease of reference was considered, an increase of over 50% of monthly XP awards was deemed inadvisable under the current rules set. Thus the monthly XP, MC XP, and XP Floor all remain as noted in the WtA addendum, though the XP floor now goes back to May 2013. The CCDD and Event XP are changed as noted above.. B. Accelerated Growth Rate 1. Apocalypse, as noted above, now makes use of the AGR system. This system is the exact same as presented above, with the lowered value of 12 xp per month cap under AGR instead of 20 xp

Renown Guideline: (Subject to Addendum which supersedes this VSS) Renown for downtime activities can be awarded on a case by case basis. Rite of Accomplishment will auto-succeed when the PC has earned enough to convert 10 Temporary to 1 Permanent Renown.
Players must compile a renown log for their characters if they wish to apply for any rank challenges at High, or Top.

Regarding Scenes
As a general rule, the VST will try to be as helpful and reasonable as possible, and make sure everyone has fun. Please note that for ease of play, the presiding ST reserves the right to make rules calls and judgment calls in the middle of a scene, these calls may be challenged after the scene, not during.

Any player found to be overly argumentative and interrupting the flow of a scene will be warned once and then asked to leave the scene, as described in the Cool Down section in the Member Handbook. If appropriate, and the challenging player can prove an incorrect rules or judgment call, the scene will be altered or re-run, this is on a case-by-case basis and completely contingent on VST discretion.

Regarding Combat
Combat in Werewolf: the Apocalypse can stretch on a very long time, but is made much easier when everyone is paying attention and prepared. Please pay attention to the initiative order and do your best to know what you are doing on your turn. Know how your rules work, and be prepared to show the rules for any Gift you use at any time.

If you are overly distracted, argumentative, or are otherwise disrupting the flow of a combat, the ST staff will warn you once and then mediate removing your character from the scene as mentioned above.

Character Sheets
As a convenience, the VST will keep a copy of each character’s sheet in Google Docs. This is the place to make updates, spend XP, or ask questions regarding approvals, or items on sheets.

Character Sheets will be required to be on the Database and approved in the VSS. If you have difficulty with this, the storytelling staff will provide assistance. The Database Sheet will be considered the Master Record, and if there is ever a doubt, the sheet on the Database will be considered the true sheet.

Visiting or proxying characters will have no issues getting into Sonoma County, or to the Caern site provided they take a moon path and appropriately greet the Gatekeeper NPC who guards it. Entering the Caern via the Bawn is of average difficulty, it is heavily guarded by spirits and the NPC Warder who is unwelcoming to any who do not properly introduce themselves. Please know that proxying characters stand the same chance of corruption/death as any other character within the VSS. The Wyrm does not discriminate. Please let the VST know if your character is leaving the Sonoma Region, including him on the CC line of any proxies you engage in.

Rank Challenges
It is extremely courteous to inform the VST, via email, of any Rank challenges that are occurring. If the rank challenge is not known to the VST, then updating sheets to the new rank will be delayed at Low approval until this happens.

List Rules and Guidelines
UnSun Apocalypse encourages online roleplay, however in order to maintain a positive gaming culture the guidelines as laid out on the Minds Eye Mailing List Policies will carry over to the lists controlled by the VST/DST/CC/DC of this venue.

Please make yourself familiar with the following rules, failing to follow them can result in Disciplinary Actions as laid out in the Membership Handbook.

Proxy Rules

IC: The Sept of Luna’s Awakening is known to encourage most visitors. They’re welcoming, though they demand proper traditions be followed. Howls of Introduction are demanded and enforced. If using the moon bridge, paying Chiminage to the Gatekeeper is expected, and most visitors should make offering to the caern totem. General attitudes toward Fera have relaxed somewhat recently, but are still very wary.

OOC: Proxies are welcomed to the Unconquered Sun domain. Here are some things you should know before proxying:

While interpersonal scenes and informal proxies are possible, the National stage of the game means we need a very clear record of who’s in the domain at any given time. Even informal proxies will need to include full details of when you’re entering and leaving the domain.

PC’s stand the same chance of character death/corruption/victory in Proxy as they do in person, so any visit where your character may see action; defined as the potential of any challenges, including moots, quests, chiminages, communions with local PC’s or spirits, or when arriving when the sept is in a state of attack, will be required to be a full hard-proxy. If you desire a soft proxy, you must include that in your proxy submission, and if conditions change, you will be notified and offered the chance to submit a hard proxy ASAP, or have your character leave the domain by immediate means.

All proxies must be received by e-mail to at least 24 hours in advance of the date of proxy. You must CC your direct ST on your proxy submission.

Notes from the VST

  • Each Proxy will have a name to include on the Sign In sheet. If XP is to be awarded, it will be on the initial Proxy description.
  • The VST will give at least 48 Hours notice before closing a Proxy.
  • The VST will attempt to portray your character to the best of their ability matching the description of your write up, and within reason.
  • If necessary, challenges can be run virtually, but in most cases the ST staff will run all challenges privately and dictate the results. When the challenges are run virtually, they will be run in a private * IRC room, and the storyteller may include the results during the proxy.
  • Proxies are encouraged to be run via google docs, with a timeline implemented, and will all involved parties.
  • Scenes that involve character death will include virtual challenges unless mediated as appropriate.

Soft proxy submissions must include

  • Dates of and means of travel to Sonoma.
  • A brief writeup of your intended purpose in the region.
  • A written statement that you do not intend to engage in challenges, and understand you will receive no Renown or XP for the proxy.

Hard proxy submissions must include

  • Character sheet, preferably in Google Docs format, or Grapevine RTF. (The Excel version just doesn’t read well).
  • Be sure to note any approval numbers clearly. If you have any custom mechanics, include a full writeup of them with your sheet; this includes your pack totem write up if you plan on using any Totem benefits. Also, be sure to have any flaws or details regarding any attached NPC’s such as Enemies, Kinfolk, or Wards.
  • Full XP log
  • Detailed write up of what the character intends to accomplish and how they intend to do it.
  • This should include how you arrive in the region and how long you intend to stay
  • It’s to your benefit to include your situational tactics; offensive, defensive, investigative, interaction with spirits, notoriety and affinity. If this is left vague, then the ST will have to guess what your PC will do. By not including situational tactics, you implicitly agree to this.
  • Your relevant ST chain’s contact information, including name, email address, and which VSS your character is attached to.

The staff requests that you also fill out the virtual sign-in form:

Proxying characters receive XP only as specifically stated in the proxy writeups.

Following is an example of a well-written proxy submission:


Player: Player Name (US200700000)
Player email:

VST Email:
DST Email:
RST Email:

Character Proxying: Character Name (Rank,Auspice, Breed, Tribe)
Character Sheet: Attached in rich text.

Start of Proxy: July 23, 2014
End of Proxy: August 7, 2014 or when the sept leadership of Phoebe's Rest deem the threat to have passed, whichever comes first.

Travel Plans: Since there is no moonbridge directly from my sept to Pheobe's Rest he will travel by several in series. He will moonbridge to Falcon's Rest in Colorado, ask their Gatekeeper for a moonbridge that gets him closer, and repeat as necessary until he reaches his destination. If no moonbridge route proves viable he will stop and rent a car. Once he arrives he intends to stay on the caern grounds. If this isn't allowed he will get a hotel nearby.

Reason for Proxy: A call for aid was sent out by Laughs Last. My PC fought beside him and Tests the Waters during the incident in Colorado last June. He respects them and wishes to come to their aid.

Goals of Proxy: Keep his friends alive. Prevent the overrun of Phoebe's Rest. Defeat the Motherwyrm. In that order.

Methods/Tactics: A year ago when fighting with many ways Eagle accepted him temporarily into the pack. My PC was thankful for this generosity and has given chiminage to eagle spirits regularly ever since. He even still carries the feather token eagle gave him that day. My PC intends to petition eagle to allow him into the pack again for a few days. Regardless of the result of this petition he intends to stay close to Ingrid and/or Laughs Last. Beyond this he is open to any duty needed.
His strengths lay in recon, ambush and healing. Typically he will enter a fight with blur active, and if possible also under Pheobe’s Veil. He tries to bloody his fang danger during the first round of any combat so he can activate it then. In the second round he tends to spend all but one of his Rage for extra actions in a flurry of attacks. This leaves him largely as a healer if combat continues further.

Character Notes: In the last year My PC has lost his entire family. He is not psychologically prepared to lose anyone else, and will fight tooth and claw for the people around him sacrificing anything else. Basically he has decided that the only things we can lose that cannot be replaced are people.

Other Helpful Documents

MES Member Handbook and other helpful documents:

The US Werewolf the Apocalypse addenda is located:

The UnSun VSS Experience Award Spreadsheet is located:

  • The bio template for Apocalypse can be found here: Apocalypse Bio Template and was provided by Mike Wells. Thanks, Mike!