Seraphine Duchamps

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Seraphine Duchamps

Information Known by Kindred Society

Clan:Tremere Antitribu
Sect:Sabbat •••
City:Albuquerque, NM
Player:Lisa Kennedy
Storyteller:Paul M

Name: Seraphine Duchamps

Clan: Tremere Antitribu

Sect: Sabbat

Embraced: 1763

Current Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico


Standing: *Initiated* into the Sabbat, *Blessed* and *Devoted* to the Path of Power and the Inner Voice

Notable traits: Has a somewhat exotic appearance to her, and a rather inhuman mindset. Enjoys burning things more than she probably should.

Publicly Known Information

Tremere Antitribu


• Antonio Casero
Seraphine Duchamps
• Victoria Wellesby


• Was born in La Nouvelle-Orleans
• Post-Embrace, spent some time in Louisiana, touring the American states and the territories nearby for a while thereafter before returning to her homeland.
• Travelled Europe during World War 2, raiding and burning Camarilla Tremere chantries and stealing their knowledge.


  • There are half a dozen stories about who or what Seraphine Duchamps really is, and all of them differ. A Tzimisce here, a Lasombra there - even a Tremere, in some variations. Who knows what the truth is. No matter what, though, she's a grade-A monster.
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"He's ashes. You can stop burning him now. I need those ashes." - El Camacho
"Seraphine. In one word? Egotistical. Of course, I suppose that comes with the territory when one pledges their unlife to the study of magic. Yet, we are pack, and that is a bond I will not break for a foolish contest of ego. Still...if she thinks she stands above me, she is sorely mistaken." - Caitlyn Blackthorne
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Character Ties


• Packmates
Rex "The Beast" McClellan (Ductus)
Helena (Priest)
• Frank
• Former Packmates
El Camacho
Caitlyn Blackthorne
• "Flaming" Davis
• Penelope
• Rafe
Ulrich Brant
• Others
• Lorenz Kohl
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Out of Character Information

Sabbat PC

Player: Lisa Kennedy
Character: Seraphine Duchamps
Clan: Tremere Antitribu
Position: N/A
Status: 3
Domain: NM-001-D
VST: Paul M

Player: Lisa Kennedy
Membership Number: US2013070086
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Other Characters: Claire St. John, Erika Lange, Amanda Burke, Kassandra Carter