Sergei (тиски) Reznikov

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Sergei flag2.jpg

Sergei hands.jpg

Real Name:

Sergei "The Vise" Reznikov

Notable traits:

Fame 3 Russian Mob
Status 3 Russian mob
Covered in Russian Jail Tattoos
Has CCCP tattooed on his throat
Primal Urge 6

Deed Name:

тиски (Sergei the Vise)





47 but looks like he's in his early 40's.


Lodge of the Shadow Throne


Grozny, Chechnya


Storm Lord





Spirit Rank


история (History)

Sergei Reznikov was born in internal exile in Grozny, Chechnya in 1967. He became an Eastern martial arts expert and served in the Soviet Red Army as a physical training instructor. After leaving the army, he became known as a flamboyant, charismatic and extremely violent gangster in 1990 he was convicted of murder in Rostov-on-Don and sentenced to death, before escaping from prison in 1991.According to himself, he actually escaped from Grozny pretrial detention center: "During the 1991 coup, I freed the whole prison, nearly 600 men, ahead of time. They obeyed me."

Since 1992 Reznikov aligned closely with the Russian Mob, eventually becoming the boss of 's personal Guard and in 1992–1993 he had been also been engaged in illegal arms trade. After a bloody two-day clash between his followers and allies, including Chechen mafia boss Nikolay Suleimanov, and 's loyalists in the center of the Chechen capital Grozny on June 13–14, Reznikov fled the city and promptly declared a blood feud against for the death of his relative (either a brother or a cousin), whose head was publicly displayed among the heads of three other Reznikov\'s henchmen. This prompted his first change.

In the mid-2000s a rival gang put a hit out on him. Rather than risk the life of his friends and family Sergei moved to Delt Jnct. Alaska. Hearing that the forsaken of Fairbanks needed help or leadership or both, he decided to make the journey and relocate.

кавычки (Quotes)

"Was I scarred in prison? No. Prison like home to me. I was not locked in with animals, animals where locked in with me."

Слухи (Rumors)

Sergei was KGB and then also FSB.
Sergei's "wet work" skills have been utilized by multiple countries, including the United States' CIA.
Sergei is called the Vice because he actually squeezed someone's neck so hard their head came off.


OOC information

Player Name: Tyler Morris

Location: Fairbanks Alaska

Other Info: He is freakin' Awesome.