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Serratus spends much of his time being seen rather than lurking about in Obfuscate. His most well known appearance is a tall, rather stout, Caucasian male, with short dark hair, and blue/grey eyes. He usually appears dressed very casually, but has been known to clean-up and put on a well tailored tuxedo for special gatherings.

There is little middle ground with the notorious Nosferatu; many see him as a sharp tongued devil or a rambling fool, but few are unwise enough to underestimate his ire. Staunchly loyal to the Tower, and the tenants of the Traditions, Serratus is known to publicly denounce those who do not respect either. He does not tolerate Sabbat, even those of Nosferatu lineage, and will put every effort towards their destruction where ever he finds them.

Serratus was born in 1647. Like his father before him, Serratus was a hunter. Many of his clansmen's daughters pined for his attention and though he liked that they desired him, he wanted none of them for his wife. Serratus discovered that while they passed the time, it was the chase that thrilled him more than actually catching them. It wasn't until he was 20 years old that he found a prey that he truly wished to claim as his own. She had dark hair and fair skin with eyes the color of the sea. He met her at a festival where many clans gathered, and spent all of his energy to entice her. It was this woman who would become his sire.

After a brutal embrace on the Summer Solstice, Penny Dreadful, childe of Powell, took him from Ireland to the cold lands of Russia. Beneath Moscow, she educated him in her own stern way to be the Nosferatu she would need to serve her clan's interests. Scholar, spy, assassin. The pair moved often throughout Europe, eventually making their way to London where Serratus was acknowledged by then Prince Mithras of Clan Ventrue. It was not long after that he would meet the most influential Kindred in his unlife besides his sire. The Gargoyle Alexander became his friend and mentor. The two roamed countries from Russia to Italy stealing secrets of scientists, lords, and vampires alike. Eventually Alexander went his own way at the turn of the 19th century.

It was the loss of his companion that made him wish for a childe of his own. Over the next two hundred years, he would embrace four children. A spy and assassin like himself, two scientist scholars like his mother, and a warrior whose loyalty is unquestioned. His family. To Nosferatu, nothing is more important.

Serratus would migrate to the Americas in 1855. After the civil war, like many Irish, he settled in Chicago and thrived among the darker places in the city. For about 50 years he ran a gambling den under the cover of a tavern. His childe Valentine and he sold every sin that could be found and some that couldn't. Information was among the most profitable, and the two Nosferatu became notorious secret peddlers beneath the streets of Chi-Town.

After World War II, duty to the Tower called and Serratus headed South to old Mexico. Serving as spy to the Justicariate, the Nosferatu provided information and locations of Sabbat strongholds, pack havens, and theaters of operation for near seventy years. Occasional orders for assassinations were passed his way, and he would work with small groups providing safe haven, gear, and tactical support for assault squads and coteries. The atrocities he witnessed in this seven decade assignment took something from him. A part of his humanity that he would never get back.

Upon returning to the states in 2010, Serratus met with his sire in the city of Seattle. She return the ghoul he had left with her and it helped to remind him of himself. From that point on, he would keep pets in order to surround himself with something that he felt akin to. It became more and more difficult to walk among humans. Technology and his long absence from humanity made it impossible to consider himself a part of the race that he was born to. He returned to the Tower an Elder, and it was time he took his place in the courts of Kindred.

He made his way into the Tri-Cities domain in 2014. Upon arrival he was met with distrust by the Nosferatu there. Refused entrance into the warrens and denied introduction to the Prince, Serratus determined to make his mark in the Camarilla he had defended and served for centuries without notice. His arrival and subsequent actions have marked him as a notorious Harpy, information broker, coterie founder, and manipulator. Trust ebbs and flows like the tides, but none can deny he is an effective agent when put to task. As his power grows, so too does the vanity and ego that his sire found worthy to embrace him for. Across the world his name is synonymous with secrets and intrigue.

Serratus is loyal to clan Nosferatu and the Camarilla. Though his investigations often lead him into other faction held territories, he always returns to the fold. Serratus is a contemplative vampire who prefers to think on things when he has the chance. Like stone, he is hard to move and solid. His curiosity has no end to its depths, but Serratus is the patient hunter and knows when to act and when to wait.

Confirmed as Elder
Established as Elder
Privilaged as Elder
Noble as Harpy
Guardian as Harpy
Prominent as Harpy
Courageous by word of Archon Orsini
Honorable by word of Harpy DelGado of Souix Falls
Loyal by word of Primogen Dainslef of the Tri-Cities
Favoured by word of the Nosferatu Clanhead Ella Foster
Sanctioned by word of the Bloody Princess Jeska Deltish of the Tri-Cities



  • 1647 - Born the son of a hunter in Ireland near the modern village of Cushendun on the mouth of the River Dun.
  • 1667 - Embraced on the Summer Solstice.
  • 1667 - Traveled to Russia to be tutored by sire in the warrens of The Makers
  • 1720 - Relocated with sire to the warrens beneath London, England.
  • 1728-29 - Introduced to Vaughn Rhys Lloyd and spends a year causing trouble with him.
  • 1732 - Released by sire, acknowledged by Mythras, Prince of London.
  • 1735 - Meets Alexander and spends the rest of the 18th century working alongside the gargoyle.
  • 1755 - Spent two years traveling around Germany.
  • 1757 - Returned to Russia, spent most of his time there in and around St. Petersburg/Lenningrad.
  • 1782 - Arrives in Bologna, Italy.
  • 1801 - Arrives in Munich, Germany.
  • 1806 - Arrives in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 1821 - Returns to London, England. Embraces Cura beneath London on the Summer Solstice.
  • 1826 - Ghouls his childe Zetarius.
  • 1832 - Embraces Zetarius beneath London on the Summer Solstice.
  • 1855 - Leaves for America, arrives in New York City.
  • 1860 - Fighting Sabbat throughout the east coast during the civil war and the years after.
  • 1872 - Harbors the Black Baron within the warrens of New Orleans from Giovanni pursuers.
  • 1875 - Arrives in Chicago, Illinois and becomes an investigator and information broker.
  • 1941 - Leaves Chicago for parts unknown.
  • 2010 - Resurfaces in Seattle, Washington during a brief stay there.
  • 2014 - Arrives in the Tri-Cities, Washington. Founds the House of Monsters.
  • 2015 - Elected Master Harpy of the Tri-Cities, Wa.
  • 2016 - Steps down as Master Harpy and returns to the Primogen Council.
  • 2016 - Ashes the Tremere Summer Lockwood after an inferno killed his favorite ghoul Europa



  • " It doesn't take much to learn who is worthwhile when it comes to the loud ones. The quiet ones... those take time. You are a quiet one." - Raven Constantine
  • " Once upon a time, the Nosferatu were lauded as great purveyors of secrets; Serratus, at least, lives up to this accolade." - Prince Finn O'Reilly
  • "The majority of the modern Rose simply don't concern ourselves with outdated things - certain fashions, various kinds of art, baiting and tormenting Nosferatu. In one fell electronic swoop, Elder Serratus reminded any number of Roses about old habits. They do say everything old comes back around again." - Alicia Vangelista
  • "How many times must I tell you, a pretty woman does not intelligence make in most cases. Find an ugly one, they have more interesting things to talk about because they don't bother about make-up and petty things." - Penny Dreadful
  • "And if you do not choose to see/ That what we are - we choose to be/ It’s hard, but is all one to me..." - Eileen Vargas
  • "Those that do not bother to look past his words to the meaning underneath are greater fools than those that do not bother to look past the face he wears." - Verity Deacon
  • "My first impression of him led me to believe that he was about as subtle as a landslide. But a second, more objective analysis is always needed when forces of nature are involved. He is not one moving in blind motion, there is precision, once the dust clears, you will see." - Danielle Ropchan
  • "I believe Serratus and I are of one mind in this: long years demand some ingenuity in finding - or creating - one's entertainment." - Claire
  • "Age has tempered him, he is not the sore loser he was of the past. He meets his triumphs and disasters just the same." - Ardante Saint-Martin
  • "Cold Hearted? Check. Well, YOU check, if you dare. Slithery, hypnotic words strung together to pry secrets? Check. Poison? Well, its in his quill... sooooo check. Serratus almost seems like a... naw. I've *seen* him. He's Nos, its true!" - Swagger
  • "Bitch, admit it. You're a fan. He's still dead and you're still talking about him." - Scarlett Thorne
  • "There is a moment that occurs in the quiet just before the dawn. It happens as the world still sleeps and the creatures of the night find shelter from the coming day. It is as if the world holds its breath in anticipation for what comes next. Serratus has learned to master that moment." - An Old Friend
  • "That guy who told two archons he had been contracted to kill them both? Guys got some stones I'll give him that. If I'd tried that shit I would have wound up as a coatrack." - Crispin Taylor
  • "As entertaining as it has been, we owe each other a conversation that is not a spectacle." - Claire
  • "Our paths cross more than he is aware; he is two types of two types." - Aedan Marshal
  • "He's always up to something and everything is a test. I hope I keep passing." - Jeska Deltish
  • "Serratus is good Elder but a better Information Broker. Taka isn't sure what should scare you more." - Taka
  • "His warrens are what legends are made of. When he speaks, everyone listens, regardless of what he has to say. If the clan were to have a public Ombudsman, he would be it, and I am thankful he is in a position to do so." - Benedict Crane
  • "In troubled times it is often difficult to find true friend and ally. When such a thing does come to be, however, those bonds are often forged tighter and more enduring than most others. I think you and I have come across such a time." - Gustav Klein to Elder Serratus
  • "It is an interesting dance, but I am not sure the music we are listening to is in the same meter." - Antonia Orsini
  • "You shoot straight with him and he'll do the same with you." - Yelena Davydov
  • "Posso apprezzare Elder Serratus in molti aspetti diversi , il più importante è che entrambi abbiamo capito che non si può mai giudicare il potere di un uomo dal suo aspetto da solo." - Donna Valentina Giovanni
  • "For me, there is no finer Kindred I have seen than Elder Serratus. Why? Because behind the mask there is a gentle soul who does not hide what he is amongst us. He wears his flesh with pride. If I was to be half the kindred he is then I'd of done well." - Luciano Totti-Hernandez's thoughts on Elder Serratus.
  • "A+, 10/10 - would follow to my death again." - Evaki
  • "He gets points for being assertive, he loses for dropping the ball. Still, I bet he makes the ladies scream." - Papa Aquitaine
  • "Serratus, isn't that an offbrand Ginsu knife that appears sharp but is really so dull it can only club and not slice?" Danny McManus
  • "Elder Serratus and I may not agree on matters of religion, but we share a dedication to family, I consider him an old friend and valuable member of the family." - The Confessor
  • "I seem to dance from his good side to his bad then back again. I wish I could just stick to one or the other." - Aaron Mitchell
  • "His appearance doesn't bother me so much but his gaze is a little unsettling when it falls upon you and you aren't sure if you have something on your face or he wants to eat... your face." Jinx
  • "Who? He's Harpy? Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhhhahahaaaahhahahhahahhahh.... Oh... seriously. Well, I suppose it is an elected official and if Winston can be Prince..." Mr. C
  • "Very intriguing man. Didn't interact with him, but by observation I would like to see him in battle again" [[Vincent Giovanni Vincent Giovanni]]
  • "If Elder Serratus needs a necromancer to back him, He has my info. I have enjoyed what time I have spent with him, heck, we keep meeting in the nicest of places." Tony D


  • Serratus is the founder of the Coterie House of Monsters.
  • There is actually a gentleman hidden deep behind those thick scales.
  • His favorite meal is cute kittens.
  • He has bred an entire community of mice in his warrens that worship him as a god.



  • James Bond meets Swampthing
  • Francis Underwood
  • Raymond Reddington




Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Tri-Cities, WA
Player: Kermit

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