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DRAFT OOC until completion

Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Portland, OR
Player: Mario Medina
Storyteller: Seattle VTM VST

Sevynn Leopard.jpg
Sevynn Owl.jpg

Character Information

Name: Sevynn

Aliases Seven, Severen, Sem, Semy, Semyon Yaroslavich

Sire: Milov Petrenkov

Clan: Gangrel

Gangrel Faction: Unknown

Status: Acknowledged by many Princes, Privileged, Confirmed and Established as an Elder, Commander, Authority as the Sovereign of Portland OR Selfless by will of Vincenza Longhena, Inscrutable by will of Alaric, Magnifique by will of Elder Prince Constance Fournier, Notable Traits: Rarely speaks, dresses in urban primitive style

Title or Position: Prince of Portland Oregon

Son of a Saint raised by a Sinner or "what is believed to be true."

History records that in 1294 The son of Yaroslav III, Mikhail Yaroslavich (also known as \"Michael of Tver\" who was declared the \"Patron of Tver\" by the Russian Orthodx Church) married to Princess Anna of Rostov, daughter of Prince Dimitry of Rostov. And that they had five children: • Prince Dmitry of Tver (1299-1326) • Prince Alexander of Tver (1301-1339) • Prince Konstantin of Tver (1306-1346) • Prince Vasily of Kashin (d. after 1368) • Feodora (died in infancy)

As a result of a long struggle, Mikhail Yaroslavich became the Grand Prince of Vladimir in 1305 and the first among Russian rulers started to style himself Grand Prince of All Rus.
In 1317, Uzbeg Khan of the Golden Horde gave the title of the Grand Prince of Vladimir to Yuri Danilovich, Prince of Moscow, and sent his army to help Yuri in his struggle with Mikhail Yaroslavich.
On December 22, 1317 Mikhail defeated Yuri at a village called Bortenevo (40 km from Tver). Later on, Mikhail was summoned by the Khan and had to go to the Horde to \"explain\" himself. He was killed in the Horde by Yuri's servants on November 22, 1318. Later, the Russian Orthodox Church declared Mikhail the holy patron of Tver.
This is mentioned because there is another child who, though raised with his siblings, was wiped from the mortal history by a Gangrel known as Milov Petrenkov or Zernebog. His name is Semyon Yaroslovich.

In the year 1318, Semyon’s 18th year of life, he learned a lesson that has burned within him all these centuries. His father, Rightful Grand Prince of all Rus was murdered in the lands of the Khan under a time of supposed protection. This was the first and bloodiest lesson of that which his Sire called "the Game."

His Sire instructed him in the ways of "the Game" Semyon was fascinated by this Dark creature and its omniscience. It was engraved within Semyon's heart, that the rules were to be followed:

Share not your emotions or motivations. Show the enemy no mercy. Turmoil was not to be tolerated unless it was controlled by you and yours. In essence the reason to exist was to weave and perceive the pattern. The more subtly you could move your pieces the better. Respect station and acquire standing. The best defense was to have your enemies fight each other. That which surprises you is a failure. Think twice; act once. The victor must devastate; the victim must survive.

These are the basic rules of the game. The rules change and grow with every year that you play. You MUST play for you are either a competitor or a pawn. You will always be someone's piece. The moment you don't know who pulls your strings you have been reduced in stature to a lower piece. Sink too low and you are shamed, rise to high and you will be destroyed.

The landscape changed, but always his Sire would test Semyon. What did you see? What did they want? What does it mean? Nothing was on the surface! You must know more. To understand a thing is to control it.

Time crawled and lept. The embrace, the oath, the hunger, the madness, the pain, the Camarilla, the Game. It is for this which Semyon lives.

1600-1810 (Note: 1600-1700 Semyon was the Seneschal of Moscow)

As your hunt is the lands you oversee, so is the Camarilla the Nation to which you must pay tribute. He has a unique sense of duty and understanding of loyalty and fealty. Honor demands that both be in balance. Only then can one be called a Noble and an Elder.

Slowly he garnered power and knowledge. Most did not know of him. Sometimes he whispered and sometimes he held his tongue. As his Sire taught him to travel, he rarely stayed in one place too long. While there he claimed it as his hunt and fought, or undermined, all who stood against him. Once in a while he’d attend a court, a function, or event, but mostly he kept his own council and met with individuals.

He left to explore the New World. He worked his way to the Northwest. Eventually he settled in the Puget Sound area with the Suquamish people. He fed off them, protected them and guided them. It was paradise until the white settlers arrived.

He counseled a few of the older men to cede their land in Point Elliot Treaty in 1855 after seeing the power of white forces. He knew they either had to cede or be exterminated as had other tribes.

Modern era:
Alliances made, a city rises, a Prince dies, the Gangrel are targeted by a corrupt Tremere. Sevynn seems to have struggled with the modern era. Having spent much time in isolation he is learning to adapt.

Those in Play

Known Associates

Known Adversaries

Voices in the Silence

Quotes by or about Sevynn

  • "I shall never underestimate the immense privilege of counting this unspeakably dangerous being amongst my mentors." - Captain Sawyer
  • "The individual known as Seven has persisted for many centuries - it would be improbable to speculate that we are unfamiliar." - Chandra de Soissones
  • "I like you." - Dieci
  • "The idea that man is somehow less an animal is as intriguing as it is delusional. Man is at its core a beast, terrible and savage... the veneer of culture and society that it uses is merely a higher form of camouflage. Could it be that the kindred beast is not something that is forced upon us from without, but instead awoken from within? If true what does that say about the natural order, or those that embrace it?" — An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
  • "Be cautious. Sevynn is listening. On the wind, and beneath the low roar of the tide... you may not see him, but he is there."Tamerlane
  • "It is tempting to think on Sevynn as a 'noble savage'. As history has proven many times, those who underestimate the intelligence of savages do so at their own peril." - Adrienne Maxwell
  • "With one scent, Sevynn can seek your core. If he finds no worth, perhaps you should reevaluate who you are." - Constance Fournier
  • "He is capable of being enigmatic without appearing as if he is trying to be. It is quite a rare quality, one to be admired." - Eileen Vargas
  • "There was a time when East was East, and West was West, and the legend of Sevynn spread as inexorably as the snow in a Russian winter, westward, even to my lands. Now I find that he is the legend of the West, and I stand in the East. His legend is still growing, though. William Blake
  • "We have had our put two stubborn, hardheaded Gangrel in a room together and it's bound to happen...but I'll always look up to and respect him as the strong, dangerous being that he is, and one who has never failed to keep me on the right track." - Kate Lockwood
  • "This is a Gangrel?, whats the problem? This guy is awesome!" - X
  • "A Kindred who understands the essence of war. When the Sabbat rise again in the North, that Sevynn's hunt and my duty finds us there to meet them side by side." - Cross
  • "Sevynn stalks the halls of Camarilla society like a genial predator. He brings great physicality to his role of friendly-beast. Also, he's apparently indestructable." - A. Winchester
  • " Sevynn is a formiddable creature. As long as I have known it, it has been meticulous in its dealings-- moreso than 'reputable kindred' who trade on their name or blood, like it establishes credibility, rather than one's actions. I wouldn't recommend crossing it-- Russian winters aren't the only cold and unending enemy to originate in that land." - Rand Ryan
  • "My brother is often gruff and appears feral. Don't let yourself think that a sharp mind is not underneath." - Alexei Rostov


OOC Information


Played by: Mario M.

Membership #: US2002056025