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"Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you're just a reflection of him?"
The reflection in the mirror, darkly

Creature Type: Changeling Moon Court Darkling
Division: None

Cell/City: The Third Lantern; Boston, MA

Player: Julie Peloquin US2007019308
ST: Krista P.

Important People

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  • "Shade? She's a vampire, right?" - Beth
  • "Councilor Tepes told us to make the room feel like home. Staying with you helps. Thank you." - David Shattuck
  • fuck your actual face! BP (Shade had a fun time [in NYC] and has gone home with a full tummy. everyone's a winner.) - F13
  • "Wait, you're Shade? I fucking love you on the Boston lists." - Simon
  • "I dunno. Seems nice enough. Weird voice though." - Badger
  • "The token Moon, drunk at the Division fair. Witness my total lack of surprise." - Shkira
    • "What? Dude, no, you couldn't pay me enough to fuck her. She's Moon. They've got STDs you've never even heard of. I'll find someone else to help me bring down the CUT."
  • "She did me a kindness to which I don't think she understands. I owe her." - Harvey
  • "Damn it, stay outta my sex life! An stop laughin at my crown!" - Josie
  • "Shade is engaged, which is more than I can say for many in the Accord. I just await the night when she stops being engaged in quite so many frivolous distractions." - Lilith
  • "Quote" - Name

The Music of the Night

Forces of Personality

Shade is a bit of an oddity. She mostly stays quiet, and has all the personal appeal of your average drunken hobo. But when she talks, people take notice. An acerbic wit and rather ghoulish sense of humor pair with an utter contempt for anything approaching “decency” to make for an interesting conversational partner. If she doesn’t like you, you’ll know it. If she DOES… well… that may speak more on you than on her.


Shade completely embraces herself and what she is. She is dark, she is dirty, and she is drunk half the time. Still, she doesn’t force anyone into what she is doing, and is quite likely one of the most accepting people who you will ever meet. Regardless of what sort of creature you are, what you have to do to get by in this world, Shade accepts and embraces you for all your flaws and depredations.


She doesn't give a shit what it is that you want. She only cares THAT you want, and that you pursue that as hard and as deep as you can. If she can help facilitate your indulgence, then wonderful, her rates are rather reasonable. Despite not being a member of Spring, she has a surprising amount of empathy for their goals, and enjoys the benefits of those shared interests, even if the way that she goes about things turns it a bit on its head. Rather than simple goals and desires, she loves seeing them be driven to new, wonderful depths.


Shade is, perhaps somewhat expectedly, shady about her past, and even bits of her present. It’s known that she has a few bolt holes and hideouts hidden throughout the city, and she doesn’t reside AT the citadel, despite her willingness to raid its kitchen and liquor cabinets. Not even those she’d call her friends have seen where she rests her head for the day.

Physical Appearance

Striking Looks 2, Presence 2, Rigid Mask, Siren Song
Shade is one who isn't content to keep herself to just one look. She may have waist length dreadlocks one night, red slicked back crop the next, followed by who knows what. What does stay constant is her long black leather coat, and dark clothes that cling to her figure.
In her mien, her face is a blur of activity, features shifting in and out of focus, noses, eyes, mouth, ears, hair, all of it shifting and changing from moment to moment, rhythmically as if to the beat of a half forgotten song. Only when she focuses on making herself appear one way do her looks solidify into one static form.
Shade’s clothing tends to run dark, sticking to the stereotypical color scheme of her Seeming and Court, blacks and deep blood red. She enjoys wearing tight fitting clothing that may not generally work on someone of her body type but she wears it with such confidence that it appears she either doesn’t realize or doesn’t care what others think.


OOC Information

Julie Peloquin

Coding shamelessly stolen from Key


  • The Twin - The Devil’s Carnival
  • Tom Waits
  • Sirens
  • Hypodermic Sally - American Horror Story: Hotel


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