Shades of Grey

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Teaser for theme, mood, etc (optional), written by VST, (cough cough hint cough)

Useful Links

Game Instructions

Proxy Rules

Court of DC

  • Master of Elysium: Dr. Young, the senior
  • Master of Games: "Mo" Marren Carrelis with Cassandra Abelli
  • Master of the Rack: House Columbia

Kindred of DC

  • Ascendant Covenant: Ordo Dracul
    • Rival: Circle of the Crone
  • Eminent Clan: Daeva
    • Rival: Nosferatu


  • Frequent Visitors



Domains & Territories

How does this crazy domain-skill thing work, I can't find any information on it anywhere

[Owner - Domain - Skill Google Spreadsheet ]

Locations of Note

Either PC or NPC locations for that venue. Suggestions might include:

The exact location does not have to be specified if the location isn't public knowledge.

The Graveyard

Venue-Specific Timeline

NPCs and events of note

(ST's sandbox area)

Harpy Reports

D.C. Requiem VST and AVSTs