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Character Information
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Bone Gnawers
Breed: Homid
Pack: Screaming Eagles
Sept: Sept of Falling Anvils
Rank: Adren
Glory: ••••• •
Honor: ••
Wisdom: ••••• •
Player: Tom Brown
Storyteller: Chad Kindell

Full Name: William Gibson “Shakespeare in the Park”

Nicknames: Shakespeare

Age: William is in his late 30’s

Tribe: Bonegnawer

Rank: Adren

Auspice: Galliard

Pack: Screaming Eagles

Position: Chief Propagandist.

Notable Traits: He is constantly dishevelled

Appearance:Shakespeare in the Park is constantly with a bookbag, a tablet, and his hats. Which range from a Fedora, to a fishing hat.

Personality: Most of the time Shakespeare is energy in motion. He’s constantly fidgeting, and moving. He’s over the top, enjoys a crowd, and claims that all the world is a stage. Shakespeare he is many things, above all else, perhaps a little insane.

Information Known to the Nation at Large


Shakespeare on the park appeared on the national stage sometime late 2014, an individual who given his proclivities perhaps should be better known. Still, he makes up for this absence with a passion. He’s a great storyteller and performer, (though a terrible actor, he’d never admit to that) He has a grudge against the Fianna, and against hillfolk. The reasons for these grudges aren’t currently known. Given how much he loves to tell stories, it's surprising that even the many stories he tells very few involve his actual past, or if they do the focus is on others.

Part Bard, part Journalist, part literature aficionado, part historian, he is all galliard in a style and manner that is uniquely his own.

He manages to make a little money, just enough to keep his bookmobile/motorhome on the road. All of his extra cash always seems to disappear almost as soon as he makes it. He's worked odd jobs, teaching, performing, busking. He has rescued libraries before, and is constantly going and saving books from destruction, which he often hands out to local neighborhoods. He's notorious for going and fighting to save cultural locations, often rallying nearby packs to assist him in these endeavors, and is quite passionate about history and culture.

He also has heard of something called a book tank. And he really really NEEDS it. No really.


If one digs enough one can find stories of a literature teacher experiencing a first change, and before the garou found him he was abducted to be experimented upon. Of a daring rescue that freed this individual. Of a story of daring do, and great activities... then of the pentex first teams and blazing guns. It is said he died that night. That what remains is a shell of who he was. Or maybe, it's a coping mechanism.


  • ”I will not wear a kilt good sir! I am not a heathen with poor fashion sense!”
  • "He takes notes. I don't like that." - Cad about Shakespeare in the Park
  • "A little insanity is the only way to be sane in an insane world..."
  • "'Twas a bit of a fit of pique and temper, the clashing of an ill-chosen word from a bladed tongue against an unexpectedly raised blade. Parry, thrust, riposte...the lesson is this. Never in your life should you cross a Galliard with a gift for words, be they born high or low. The love that I bear him can afford no better term than this - he is a villain. No less am I...the question becomes who is Tybalt, and who Mercutio?" - Benjamin de Provence



  • "I hear there are Bone Gnawers who eat human flesh, and it makes them crazy. If you ask me, Shakes is PRETTY DAMN CRAZY. Surely you don't think that's a coincidence."
  • "Shakespeare in the Park is a disgraced Silver Fang who is hiding in the Bone Gnawers from his many enemies and rivals. His real name rhymes with... Falbrecht."
  • Shakespeare in the Park once bitchslapped a Thunderwyrm because it criticized his acting.
  • "Shakespeare is actually a secret Metis who suffers from fits of madness. Why else do you think he talks like a low-rent classical actor?"
  • "He's been kicked out of Detroit before, something involving cheez-whiz and explosives"
  • "Shakespeare in the Park supports marriage equality in hopes that one day he can marry himself."


What makes a good man?
Pack up the Louie
When I get Low...
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