Shakti Gupta

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Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Erica Martinez
Storyteller: Lucas Clendenum

Sire: Stone


  • Acknowledged (Prince Durant, 6/15/13)
  • Established (Ancillae, requirements met)
  • Revered (Primogen, as of 6/15/13)
  • Dependable (Prince Durant, 6/19/13)

Notable Traits:

Nationality: Indian

Appearance: Appears 18 years in age. Many confuse Shakti with the Toreador or the Ventrue due to both her appearance and her demeanor on first meeting her. She is usually dressed in traditional Indian garbs of silk or georgette with bright colors, sequins, and jewelry. However, she is not flashy; she is very tasteful, and one could describe her as Elegant . Her demeanor is cordial and polite. She comes across as neutral to most, which is a bit detached from in depth personal investments, but approachable to almost everyone. She has long since lost her accent, and speaks in a calm manner at all times.


Information Known by Kindred Society

  • Shakti is well known as a very thorough and successful researcher.
  • Shakti is known for her work against the Sabbat, especially given the struggles Austin has had with the Sabbat in the past: (See Austin's history :
  • Shakti's ability with Auspex is pretty well documented at this point, having used it many times in the past openly and publicly.
  • Shakti is diplomatic and, although she shies away from the politics, preferring her books and research, she is really adept when she needs to be.


"Again..." - Rinadlo De Medici
"From the moment I laid eyes on her I knew her ability, her quality, and the bramble throned trail we would walk in her training." Cpt. Stone
"Shakti is most helpful and charismatic indeed. It is through her that our clans can work with each other. " - Mr. Chen
"It's nice to see that the Tremere are diversifying. I get tired of pale, white men with their mysterious and arcane presumptions." - Nenette


  • Don't let her cordial reserved demeanor fool you, she is a beast in the bed.... ;)
  • Actually, Shakti was embraced a virgin, because she was going to be sacrificed as a ritual.
  • She is always calm because when she loses her temper, ... well you just don't want her to lose her temper.
  • Shakti is actually the power behind the Tremere in Austin.
  • Shakti actually has no power in the Tremere. She is put as a public figure as a rouse.
  • Some say Shakti was made as a Tremere as a cruel joke or snub to the religion of Buddhism


OOC Information


Erica Martinez


Austin, TX