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Information Known by Kindred Society

Ventrue Clan Symbol

Elder Justicar of the Camarilla for Clan Ventrue.

General Information


Shar-Sin aka 'The False Methuselah' Born in the ancient city of Mari around 2071 BCE. Only the truly ancient know of her activities in the first two thousand years of her existence. There are several busts of her likeness in the Louvre that place her within Mesopotamian royal families. Her sire is rumored to be any number of the known Ventrue Methuselah (or perhaps even a long lost one). Shar-Sin does not say who brought her into the Long Night in spite of the Ventrue tradition of lineage recitation, citing obedience to the will of her sire as the reason. Over the years this has caused any number of the young to speculate, though the ancients can (and do) attest to the purity of her Ventrue blood. If a Ventrue Methuselah wishes to remain unknown, he (or she) remains unknown. When lineages are recited, she states only that she is a Childe of Ventrue and leaves it at that.

Empires came and went over the shifting sands of the Middle East, Shar-Sin rarely lingered more than a lifetime in one place, nor claimed any political power for herself. For several millennia this enigmatic Ventrue seemed content to work behind the scenes, save for those who interacted with her in relation to her love of art collection. She is know to have many collections and an extensive library. Rumors have placed her as a paramour to any of a dozen ancient Toreador, but she has confirmed none of these purported liaisons.

Her silence may be the greatest of her virtues, or the greatest of her curses- she corrects no one when they speculate as to her age.

After the establishment of the Ashirra in the Middle East in 7th Century, Shar-Sin became more active in Cainite politics. At times crossing paths as allies with the Banu Haqim, and at odds with the Walid Set. Leaving their interest in the hands of her Childe, Ali-bin-Sin, she slipped into torpor. When she awoke in the 1500s, she found that her childe had expanded the clans power beyond what the False Methuselah had expected. Traveling to Damascus, Shar-Sin realized the truth; her childe had become the pawn of the Walid Set. Her fury knew no bounds, but the magics of the Walid Set prevented her from punishing her wayward childe. Shar-Sin found herself the target of assassins soon after, but survived all the attempts on her life and disappeared for a time into the desert and legend.

She resurfaced in Southeastern Europe, and became nominally affiliated with the Camarilla some time before 1600. She changed her focus towards her progeny and building the infrastructure to create a great migration. Once established she again faded from view only to appear again 20 years ago in Europe. Presenting herself before the Justicars and stating she would be Archon, no one denied her. As Archon she began fighting infernal forces in Europe. It is believed she has toiled in obscurity on projects involving the interdiction of military supplies from Middle East suppliers to Sabbat fronts.

When Justicar Peiterzoon untimely death necessitated the need for a new Ventrue Justicar her name was added to the list. Many commented it odd that she did not politic for the role, was not the Founders favorite, but was still elevated to the role. In her role as Justicar, she is tasked with stopping the Infernal forces attacking the Sect. She is openly fond of Imperator Trajan, naming him her contemporary, a fondness she has not extended to the Inner Circle.

The False Methuselah is a patient kindred; she and her trusted childer moved to the new world to establish a power base far from the Walid Set's power base and plan their revenge. To this night, her brood battles Setite influence at every turn.


Rumors and Quotes

  • She doesn't have Fatima on speed dial, but she could. She might.
  • She won't say who her sire is, because she is the Childe of Ventrue himself.
  • She doesn't fear the Inner Circle and only respects Trajan because of his victories against her clan.
  • She had her competition killed to become Justicar.
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Out-of-Character Info


Player: Holly E Houtekier

IC Contact: Shar-Sin

Member: US2002021999

Storyteller: Will Sample