Shattered Crossroads

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The Truth is Out There

In May, 2016 the world forever changed. A huge Obelisk, a mile on each side and four miles tall, landed in downtown Springfield, MA, and for a short time, no matter where you were, the Masquerade was ripped away and every supernatural was seen for what they were. Mage's nimbuses flared, shifters were forced into their war-form, changeling's mask's dropped...

And the Avatar of the Truth appeared.

The ensuing conflict was broadcast on international television. Springfield is now under the shadow of the Obelisk, and Martial Law.

The mortal world is uneasy. Westover Airforce Base is overrun with TSA and DHS agents, the neighboring towns grow increasingly xenophobic, and Accordists also gather in the face of such an overwhelming threat by the Truth in an area previously free from incursion.