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Character Information
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Bone Gnawers
Changing Breed: Garou
Breed: Metis
Pack: Burning With Sin
Sept: Sept of the Turtle Creek
Rank: Athro
Glory: ••••• ••••• ••
Honor: ••••• ••••• •
Wisdom: ••••
Player: Robert Duff
Storyteller: Tony Taboas
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Character Information

Name: Shine

Deed Name: Drinks with Spirits / Nootau "Fire"

Rank: Athro

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Bone Gnawers

Camp: Hillfolk

Breed: Metis

Sept: Sept of the Turtle Creek

Pack: Burning With Sin, following Firedrake

Title or Position: Warlord of Bloomington, Helper for Eldest Bone Gnawer, Pack Alpha, *not dead yet*


  • Honor (11)
  • Glory (12)
  • Wisdom(4)


  • Apparent Age: 22
  • Place of Birth: Near Bloomington, IN (Caern of the Broken Brook)
  • Date of Birth: May 10, 1994 (Annular Solar Eclipse)
  • Protectorate: Speedway, IN and the Miami Reservation at the Owen-Putnam Forest, IN
  • Hair: Redneck blond
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Nationality: American
  • Attire: Wears overalls, work shirt, and a trucker baseball hat
  • Notable Traits:
    • Carries a corncob pipe
    • Carries a faded green canvas backpack
    • Carries a black bag of rocks and bottles
    • Carries a jug of moonshine and a hip flask
    • Has the Mark of "Sacrifice" as a garou glyph on him
    • Has the Mark of "The Survivor" as a garou glyph on him
    • Plays the Harmonica beautifully
  • Homid/Glabro Physical Description: Large hillbilly mechanic with a beer belly
  • Crinos Physical Description: Overalls and a mullet, party in the back, all business, i.e. killing, in the front
  • Lupus Physical Description: Shaggy wolf-like mutt

Known History

Shine entry to life under the wane sun of a new moon eclipse was a battle all it own, the scars of his passing leaving his mother barren and a bitter enemy. He never knew his mother's milk and was raised by his father outside the Bloomington caern, until the Ratkin Wars devastated this home, killed his father, and drove this newly changed cub away.

Taken in by Hillfolk kin, Shine's time in the Ozarks was comparatively joyous. He learned much about both the Garou and the Ape's world, both from a very tradition minded Hillfolk perspective. But such dreams of youth are short lived and a Garou's world is one of pain, horror and obligation.

Shine's Rite of Passage was especially harrowing as it brought a pack of cubs through the terrors of the events of Dandelion Hill, as seen in the Atrocity Realm. However, Shine's optimism and spirit carried him through. Now a full member of the nation, his Mother would no longer allow him to shirk. Without acknowledging the shameful connection, she applied political pressure to bring Bone Gnawers who had fled back to duty in Indiana.

Now Shine tries to get by and even prove himself despite his handicaps and roguish nature. He packed up in Indiana, even found an ape job, and has duty in the Sept of Turtle Creek as a Adren.

He dreams though of the free life and moonshine so sweet it would make Gaia herself weep.

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  • "Yanno...I really thought that the explosions were a little flashy and ill-timed, but when you get right down to it, Shine and the others setting up those charges probably just about saved our asses when we were in the messy thick of things. Couldn't have done it without him...and I never so much as heard his name until I went looking for who I was trying to thank. If you see him, tell him Stevie Swanson wants to buy some 'shine off of him. He'll probably like his own hooch better'n anything I could buy..." - Etienne "Stevie" Swanson
  • "Every Garou claims to know 'the struggle.' The struggle against the wyrm, the weaver, breeding, politics, whatever the fuck... but I don't meet many who actually understand what to do with all that. Shine embraces the struggle, owns it, and treats it like a slight inconvenience. And that's how it should be, never weighted down by how hard it is, but constantly moving like it ain't no thing." - Lil KaBoom
  • "The Bone Gnawers are often overlooked or set aside for their breeding or any number of reasons. For this Surtr has taken a special affinity to the Tribe. They spread fire like the God himself. Few do this better than Shine. His talents make him as affective as anyone in this war. There will never be an assault that I plan that will not have him in it. He will burn the Wyrm where it stands with a smile on his face, and I am proud to fight alongside him." - Thorfinn
  • "So there is this Gnawer, that I gotta admit is freaking AWESOME! I mean come on, a few shinies and he trades tips on how to make the big booms. Sides that, he has some liquid that is awesome. Right shinies and he'll teach you the right stuff. So he is okay, for a Wuffie." - Marbolo Red
  • "What is Life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night; it's the breath of a buffalo in the winter time; its the shadow which runs across and losses itself in the sunset." - Wovica

OOC Information

Player: Robert Duff

MES Number: US2011087924

Location: Bloomington, IN