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Shisou Kenshin, who goes simply by Kenshin, is somewhat of a mystery. An Asian-born werewolf with striking Shadow Lord Pure Breed defies the standard convention of the Slavic Shadow Lord lineage. While short in stature he still projects the looming power of the Chosen of Grandfather Thunder. Covered from head to toe in extravagant and ornate irezumi, most guess correctly at a life of crime serving in the Yakuza or various bosozoku gangs in his home of Japan. His nationality and visage of honorable Japanese lessons and edicts has lead to many whispers of the word, "Hakken", though he has never acknowledged these statements. Any who have met Kenshin, though, will speak of a quiet, brooding, demeanor - and though he listens far more often than he speaks, his words and baring carry the magnetism of a born Alpha. Some have noted Kenshin's introspective nature, and tendency to meditate on troubling issues. While he is sometimes frustratingly analytical and calculating before acting, when he does take action it is cold, concise, and final. He has mentored several Shadow Lords, and a select few he has even inducted into the Lords of the Summit.

Kenshin arrived mysteriously on the docks of San Francisco accompanied by a Athro Stargazer named Falling Leaf. He has spoken little to nothing of his time in Japan and made a name among the Tribe there first, before eventually accepting the advances of he local Glass Walkers to swear to Clashing Boom Boom with them. Since that time, Kenshin has been fiercely loyal to Clashing Boom Boom as his Totem and defends his pack with equal fervor. Eventually his orders from Boom Boom brought him to Lone Jack, Missouri and the Sept of the Tor where he has earned a name for himself as a tactician and pack leader of great promise and consistency. The Shadow Lord Steward of the Region accepted his station as Hand to the Stewardship, which many see as his step toward greater political power in the Tribe. Kenshin has lead not only his pack members, but those of other packs on missions and strikes through out the surrounding states of Kansas and Colorado. Some of the Septs he has aided have taken note of his defending actions that focus on the ends justifying particularly brutal means.

For now, Kenshin remains the Alpha of a largely growing War Pack dedicated to Clashing Boom Boom, and while he has yet to gain any formal rivalries - he has already ruffled some feathers, and he is just beginning. What fate awaits him in the grand Apocalypse remains to be seen.

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DD bullet.jpgWisdom: 1
DD bullet.jpgGlory: 7
DD bullet.jpgHonor 3

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DD bullet.jpg "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum."Your PC
DD bullet.jpg "This Shadow Lord plays his hand close to the vest. He gives away very little, but the opponent that underestimates this ahroun, will not have a chance to make the mistake twice."Sebastian Hunt
DD bullet.jpg "You could say that he made me the man I am, today. That doesn't frighten you? It should."Dylan 'Omengazer' Spade
DD bullet.jpg "He's like me. War's in his blood. He was meant to be an alpha, and he was meant to lead an elite pack. I am honored he chose me to be among those numbers."Cole Braddock
DD bullet.jpg "I too have read the purloined letter. He is effective and deadly. What he shows you isn't always what he is, yet at times he's exactly as he appears."Jericho Windstorm
DD bullet.jpg "When choosing a Garou to challenge for the rank of Adren, there was no other choice than Kenshin-yuf. He is the anvil to my hammer. He knows how the game is supposed to truly be played to win."Valyria Hunt-Morningkill

Shisou Kenshin

Player: David Doherty
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Shadow Lord
Pure Breed: 4
Clout: 3
Rank: Adren
Domain: Kansas City

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