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Standing at around 6 foot and normally sporting a scruffy five o'clock shadow, Fletcher tends to look like a scruffy young kid in an old hoddie. A lot of people tend to forget him, or that he was in the area, and thats how he likes it.

His parents never hid the fact that he was adopted, and he had an happy childhood. He dosnt often talk about his family or his first change, and even less of his first pack. Only that his first Pack rescued him from the Ratkin, and didnt make it through the Rat War themselves.

When questioned about his first Deen Name, "Shitstorm" he normally responds with "Im normally either in the middle of it, or causing one.It dosent matter what kind."

After the war he spent a few years wandering the south eastern United States, ending up in Kentucky for a little more than a year and met Copper Pennies and cleared out at around the same time as his elder. They met again when Storm came to the Sept of Bore’s Children, and living up to his deed name, he spent his first day on the Sept in the middle of things.

After joining the Sept, he joined the pack called Shifting Fates and was surprised to find a place he fit in. He and his pack were instrumental in the First Battle of Auburn, opening ways and gaining allies in the spirit world.

The death of his Alpha and mentor, Nakia shook him harder than most would expected. Few have noticed the change in his behavior and attitude, as he tries to learn from her lessons and example.

He seems to see his Pack as his direct family now, with Dakota as an older brother, Sky as the sister he didnt think he would get along with (and is surprised by the fact that they do now) and Letter as the brother he learns from and helps through the problems he himself dosnt understand. A few members outside of his pack seem to have filled other rolls in his life: Copper Pennies as the father figure he looks up to and worries for, with Bougie as the grandfather who teaches lessons from his own mistakes.

Immediately following the death of both father figures, Boars Children went on the attack again. After the Sept freed the Wyldfather, Auburn, the battle against Relshab, the Faceless Eater began. As the battle against Relshab raged in the umbra, Storm fought along side Wayward as they cleared the Banes and kept them from rallying to their masters aid.

His place within the Sept is nebulous, filling the roll of occasional spy, clean-up man and voice of reason. Aside from keeping an eye on the local Kinfolk and travailing the region on a constant basis, little attention is paid to his dealings.

(Quotes from Fletcher)
NR-Bullet-Small.png "Fuck that Galliard." -Regularly.
NR-Bullet-Small.png "The hell? Why am I the voice of reason here? What is wrong with you people?"


(Gossip & Rumors)
NR-Bullet-Small.png Hes cursed.
NR-Bullet-Small.png Isnt he stupidly lucky?
NR-Bullet-Small.png He was a Shadow Lord right?
NR-Bullet-Small.png Hes never been seen to drink alcohol of any kind.
NR-Bullet-Small.png Hes an alcoholic, and very fond of 'Resist Toxin'.
NR-Bullet-Small.png Isnt he some kind of crazy arsonist?
NR-Bullet-Small.png Wait, he turns into wind?
NR-Bullet-Small.png And fights banes, apparently.
NR-Bullet-Small.png MissingNo is a Myth.(Add your own.)


(Quotes from Others)
NR-Bullet-Small.pngMissingNo quote here.(Add your own.)

NR-Bullet-Small.pngWhat It's Like - Everlast [1] NR-Bullet-Small.pngYou're Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring [2]
NR-Bullet-Small.pngYou're Going Down - Sick Puppies [3] NR-Bullet-Small.pngEverybody Hurts - REM [4]
NR-Bullet-Small.pngIn The End - Linkin Park [5] NR-Bullet-Small.pngThe Impression I Get - The Mighty Bosstones [6]
NR-Bullet-Small.pngPrayer Of The Refugee - Rise Against[7] NR-Bullet-Small.pngSavior - Rise Against[8]

Apocalypse PC

Player: Nick R.
Character: Fletcher "Shitstorm" Carl
Auspice: Ragabash
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Bone Gnawers
Rank: Cliath

9 Wisdom 14 Honor 2 Glory

Domain: AL-001-D
VST: Seth Steele

OOC Information
Player: Nick
MES Number: US2012080124
Location: Alabama
Character Ties:
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