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Changeling PC

Player: Gordon Edward
Character: Shotgun Awe
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Nightsinger
Court: Spring
Freehold: Terminal City Redoubt
VST: Nova Albion

Shotgun Awe Yeah.jpg

Character Information

Name: Shotgun Awe

Seeming: Darkling

Kith: Nightsinger

Title: King

Court: Spring

Notable Traits: Striking fucking looks. Being fucking metal. Siren fucking song. High fucking presence.

Age: 21 years in the human world


  • Mask
He's wearing leather pants, with black boots. He has a mesh shirt over a tank top. Has some goth arm guards.
  • Mien
Has longer black and blond hair that does down to his chin-line, which has a slight curl to it. His eyes are blue, though there is a trim of black around them. He has high cheekbones, and a slim look to his face.

Known History

He's said that he's been in Vancouver for a few months now, and it's his time to shine. He sells samples of his music at the gigs he attends, and is working towards getting a proper CD published.

2013, Shotgun Awe was able to put out his first CD.

Shotgun Shells - Shotgun Awe


Song list includes...

  • In The Rose Bush
  • Burning Ring
  • Metal, Metal, So Fucking Metal
  • Spider Babies
  • Me and the Green Fairy
  • Where are my Sunglasses?
  • Splitting Hairs, Splitting Scares
  • In It to Win It
  • Gravedigirl
  • Pirate Parrot

New single called "Intoxicating".

Created a new song for the Freehold called "Fall of a Man". There is also an edited version, for humans. It is played on Radio Free Fae.

Another new single called "Ann". It's on his EP with Got Hell To Raise.

When a group of the freehold was trying to go to the new goblin market, a human asked if she could join. After Copper, and then Darius Trask failed to convince her otherwise, Shotgun Awe sacrificed his adventure to seduce her into submission in a bush. Some say his song, "Into the Rose Bush" is about those events.

Assisted Adriana Valdis and Intoxibella in retrieving Pierce from the hedge.

He visited the new Goblin Market with Bao, and Chumley, and was in attendance as the New Proprietor was killed, which then allowed the freehold access to the old Goblin Market. The alternative, which Shotgun Awe was in support of, was having Walker apologize, but the Summer Court decided on murder instead.

Attempted to save Intoxibella's life, after she committed suicide.

After a zombie attack, brought a taxi to transport several members of the court, and even saved Raymond Carter's life.

Was temporarily blind, but that has since healed.

He participated in a contest to perform as the true main event for the Flight of the Mastigeese. Did not win the contest.

Threw his own concert, which was massively successful.

After A.J. died at the opening of a meeting, on November 16th, he almost brought her back to life. After he was unsuccessful, he cheered everyone up with a song, and then providing them with Absinth.

He made Autumn King Byron cry with a song written about him.

He was in jail until he could prove his identity. The cops seem to be ever watching him though.

His life is like Tetris. The successes quickly fade, and the errors pile up, with no way to resolve them. And yet somehow he continues on. His brief moments of success are quickly dispatched by the world around him.

A second CD is being made. A single is called Grave Yard Girl.

Second CD is as follows...

Side By Side - Shotgun Awe


Song list includes...

He's made a new single called "The Struggle". A second one called "Good Old Jimmy". They are included on his new album.

Third CD is as follows...

Over / Under - Shotgun Awe


Song list includes...

  • Serial Murder Repair
  • The Struggle
  • Good Old Jimmy
  • Chasing the Dragons
  • Gently Make Love to the Police
  • Lavigne Chad for Better Things
  • Ghosts in the Basement
  • London Bridge Fell
  • Riding the Typhoon
  • The Frauds on the Throne
  • Bulletproof Flask
  • Protest the Money

Shotgun Awe has become the Spring King, and has immediately used the position to help secure the freehold by either hunting down previous problems, removing the Loyalist Day from existence, fetch serial killers being turned into dust, or having specific hedge drug deals removed from life.

Forth CD is as follows...

Pump Action - Shotgun Awe

  • Three Black Books
  • Kingdom Come
  • The Wish
  • Serial Killed
  • Where's the Rum Gone?
  • Cabin in the Woods
  • Aunt of Mirrors
  • Spirit Journey
  • On the Sabbath
  • Wolf Pack Tactics
  • Cover of Freebird

Shotgun Awe Discography

Friends, Allies, Enemies, and Rivals


  • I heard he was a guitar on the other side, that only played kick-ass solos~
  • When he speaks, it feels like little needles are being stuck under my fingernails. If he could just be quiet for a while, I'd be very much more happy.
  • I hear the Summer King wanted to cut this man's tongue out, since he didn't ever stop waggling it.
    • But the Summer King is dead now. How do you like dem apples?
  • I heard his Fetch is a better singer than he is.
    • It's really up to your taste really. I mean, a fetch that plays Country music? /Off to Alberta with you/
  • Can't get enough of the purple gremlin booty
  • Did he seriously go stage a public attack on someone right after getting out of jail? No wonder the cops are watching him...
  • Feeding the Winter Queen the food she desires, trying to make the Autumn King you think he's trying to join the courts?
  • Deep Down, Shotgun Awe just wants to be loved, why else would he be so defensive and abrasive? He's been hurt before!

Quotes by Shotgun Awe

  • "My butt is called 'Cause'. Everyone is looking to get behind a good cause."
  • "That is so fucking metal."
  • "She's frozen up? Why don't we take a fucking blow torch to her. If not throw her on a dolly and push her around the market."
  • "Instead of going to the market, want to go fuck in a bush?"
  • "Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows...."
  • "If I were an animal I'd probably be a fucking flaming ptero fucking dactyl."
  • "A small venue is like a small condom. It can't hold my massiveness."
  • "I'm not a doctor, but I'll have a look" ~ Said while blind.
  • "When a cat shows you their asshole, you destroy their flower."
  • Brittany: Your music sucks.
  • Shotgun Awe: No it doesn't.
  • Brittany: Yes it does.
  • Shotgun Awe: I want to speak to the manager.
  • Brittany: I am the manager.
  • Shotgun Awe: First off, you're fat. You're ugly. You're a useless fucking cunt. Your soul is dog sick. You work in a Wendy's in Langley of all fucking places. That's the lowest of the low. You've got nothing going for you in your life. Your husbands left you for good reason. Your children hate you. Your kids won't bother putting you in a home, they'll just leave you to toil out the rest of your life. When you die no one is going to give a shit. They'll just find your body in a ditch. They won't even put an obituary for you because it's a waste of money. So go fuck yourself you daft twat.
  • Officer Bullocks: If you had identity, why didn't you just show us, instead of staying in jail?
  • Shotgun Awe: While I'm here I get free food, free medicine, free room and board. You fucks have to pay for all of that. Plus I get street cred. Why the fuck wouldn't I stay around?
  • Officer Bullocks: Get out!
  • Adriana: "Do you have any slutty dresses laying around from any of the chicks you sleep with?
  • Shotgun Awe: "I think they'd remember them trying to leave, only to find themselves in their knickers."
  • "She's got the tramp stamp of approval."
  • "I may not be your best friend, but right now I am your drunkest friend, and if that means anything, let's have another shot."
  • "I believe whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you more horny."
  • "I'm going to give this place a terrible Yelp review."
  • "My room seems to be leaking blood, so I'm going to stay in your room. Dibs on the bed. No? Fine, stay on the other side of this sword."
  • "It's not the devil, it's only Lucifer."

Quotes about Shotgun Awe

  • "Shotgun is....unconventional...but then again who in our society is? While I disapprove of his dirty mouth, his singing is superb and...I admit, he has become a bit of inspiration for my passion. I wonder if he would consider being a Duet with me in a band. We should call it "Sirens Song" considering our....unique voices...." - Anonymous
  • "He's so cool!! Have you been to one of his shows?? He has pinatas filled with candy and condoms. It's awesome!!" - Allison "Aries" Hart
  • "Man, that guy is gonna end up dead in his apartment." - Skirmish
  • "He... sure as a lot of energy! And... he's very good at being loud! And... and... uh... he's very confident in himself! I think that if he stopped bringing around alcohol, he'd probably show that he's an even better at a lot of things!" - Copper
  • "He has a good act, on and off stage. He acts all "I don't give a fuck" when I am quite sure he gives several fucks. Probably more than most people think." - Memersworth

OOC Information

Player: Gordon Edward

MES Number: CA2013070101

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada. Through the Mirror Darkly

Other Characters: Requiem: Andrew Malice, Awakening: Igor, Masquerade: Scorpio De Morte