Sid the Gangrel

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IC Information

Sid the Gangrel

Sid is a huge rugged man who often smells of the wilderness. He is usually a quiet individual who doesn't like to speak but when he feels the need to communicate he expects those around him to listen.

Notable Traits: Generally Sid has some sort of bird compatriot that accompanies him wherever he is at.

Titles: Seneschal of Dallas

Nicknames Sabbat Hunter, Migisi'

Coteries/Societies: None

Noble granted by Prince Marcellius Adams for being Seneschal of Dallas
Favored by Elder Victor Suarez of Clan Malkavian
Loyal by Primogen Talion Messina of Dallas


Sire: Torquil


Common Knowledge

Sid prefers to be in the wilderness running free as some sort of animal rather than cramped up in cities dealing with their tedious politics.


  • You want to fight me I will tell you what. You go ahead and take your best shot. If I flinch, you should then start worrying.
  • These problems YOU are having seem very serious. When did these problems become MY problems?

OOC Information

  • 1710 - Elijah Thomas Baker was born outside of Boston. Grows up learning how to hunt and trap. Family trades with numerous cities along the eastern coastline.
  • 1726 - Elijah’s parents contracted Small Pox and die, leaving Elijah alone. Elijah tries to live in Boston but isn’t able to adapt to city life and returns to the wilderness to live, hunting and trapping to survive as his parents taught him.
  • 1736 - Elijah is robbed and almost killed while trading with some English merchants. Elijah decides to not deal with the English and turns to the Algonquians to trade with. They accept him into their tribe after seeing how skilled and traveled he is. They start calling him Migisi’ which means “eagle” in the Algonquian language.
  • 1740 - Migisi’ marries an Algonquian woman and has a son. He becomes one of the hunting party leaders and teaches several Algonquians how to speak English so they can trade with the white man for needed supplies.
  • 1745 - Migisi’ is out hunting with his hunting party when the Iroquois attack his people and they kill his wife and child in the attack. He decides to leave the Algonquians and goes back to living off the land again by himself.
  • 1750 - Migisi’ notices someone is following him at night and sets up a trap to catch his follower off guard. The follower is a Sabbat vampire who is trying to feed. Migisi’ pretends to go to sleep in his camp and waits unknowing it is a vampire about to attack him. The vampire sneaks into his camp and Migisi’ jumps to his feet firing an arrow at him, striking him straight in the heart and torporing the vampire caught off guard. Realizing this creature is not normal he walks over and cuts the vampire’s head off with his tomahawk. Torquil watches the event take place and is impressed this mortal was able to dispatch this vampire he himself had been tracking. Worried about a possible masquerade breach Torquil decides to follow Sid and watch him to see how he survives. After a few nights Migisi’ feels something unnatural and seems to stare out where Torquil is observing him from afar. Torquil enters into Migisi’s camp the proud warrior he is and approaches Migisi’. Migisi’ realizes Torquil is supernatural like the vampire from before but does not try and run or try and fight. The look in his eyes is one of confidence as he stares this superior predator in the eyes but inside he knows he has no chance if he is attacked. Torquil explains how he watched the battle against the Sabbat vampire and how he has been watching him afterwards and he was impressed. It was not often a mortal is able to best a vampire. Migisi’ stands there expecting to be attacked as he listens. Torquil asks him what his name is and Migisi’ decides to lie and say Sid. Torquil stares right through him and he knows he knows he is lying but the vampire doesn’t react. Now scared he is about to die Sid grabs an arrow and fires it right at Torquil who doesn’t move and the arrow shatters on the predator. Before he can even blink Torquil seemed to just appear with his lightning speed in front of Sid with a look of rage in his eyes. Sid stands there expecting to die and drops his bow in defeat. Torquil then surprisingly asks Sid if he wants to die. Sid replies, “I am at your mercy. I will live or die by your decision. My will is no longer my own. If you let me continue to exist I will do so to become more like you, to do your bidding in this world and defeat your enemies as they become my enemies. I will exist to make you stronger.” Torquil who was going to end this mortal’s life for the attack is again impressed by his choice of words and honor and embraces Sid. He spends the next week teaching Sid the “basics” before leaving to see if his child can survive on his own as a vampire.
  • 1752 - Sid has survived and finally reunites with his sire. He tells his sire what he has done over the last two years and how he has survived on his own. He also reveals how he tracked several Sabbat vampires and destroyed them, saving their fangs as his trophies. Torquil is satisfied he made the correct decision turning Sid into a vampire and allows him to now hunt with him, pursuing more powerful Sabbat than what he has seen in the past. They travel for a short time together, Sid learning more about how to be a stronger predator and Torquil learns more about who Sid was and where he came from. Torquil is the only person Sid has trusted with his past since all of it happened and though Torquil doesn’t really care about his past he does care that he knows Sid trusts him above all others and has kept his oath he gave. When they part Sid promises to uphold the oath he made and Torquil knows they will meet again in the future because Sid is now a true predator that will be hard to beat.
  • 1775 - Sid gets involved in the Revolutionary War getting revenge on the English from behind the scenes. Sid was very effective and turned the ties in several key battles. Sid also destroyed many Sabbat that came over on English ships during the war.
  • 1783 - The Revolutionary War ends so Sid returns to the wild to make allies and kill Sabbat.
  • 1812 - Sid gets involved in the War of 1812 and helps the Americans in their endeavors. He also kills many Iroquois Indians who are helping both sides in the war in remembrance of his family.
  • 1816 - With the War of 1812 over Sid returns to hunting Sabbat and making new allies he encounters in the wild.
  • 1816 - Met Joanna de Castile while tracking a pack of Sabbat and her knowledge helped him find and kill the Sabbat pack he was in pursuit of. Sid and Joanna maintained relations throughout the decades where she would provide useful information on Sabbat and he would use it to track Sabbat. Joanna would also use her interrogating abilities to help Sid determine more useful information from captured Sabbat before he killed them.
  • 1846 - Sid learns that the Sabbat are assisting the Mexican army in the Mexican/American War so he joins the war helping the Americans by slaughtering Sabbat he locates.
  • 1848 - Sid returns to the wild hunting Sabbat and making allies.
  • 1850 – 1860 Bjorn Lokken a fellow Gangrel roams with Sid.
  • 1861 - Sid gets involved in the American Civil War assisting the North in their victories behind the scenes. During this war Sid makes several vampire allies to include Talion who becomes like a brother to Sid.
  • 1862 - Sid meets Talion in New York
  • 1870 - Sid travels down to Texas that has just joined the Union to hunt Sabbat that have fled to Texas to try and regroup. Sid gets involved in Camarilla politics for the first time helping establish a more powerful tower presence in Texas.
  • 1880 - Sid travels to the new city of Dallas and starts to build stronger roots here in the city. He tends to still hang in the outskirts in the country but he can tolerate the city. Sid pledges his allegiance to the Prince of Dallas and helps the city strengthen in its early years. He is Scourge off and on in his pursuit of the Sabbat and he makes more allies here than he has in other areas across the US.
  • 1914 - Sid feels he is losing his ties to the wild and leaves Dallas to roam around again. He pledges to travel for 100 years never staying in one area and not getting involved in different cities politics while pursuing his own agenda. Sid continues to hunt his enemy the Sabbat and make new allies he meets while he travels.
  • 1942 – 1944 Met Lady D. Traveled with her carnival as a bodyguard type while still keeping an eye out for Sabbat while they traveled.
  • 1998 Met Valerie while traveling in New York in the Gangrel territory and assisted her in destroying several Sabbat packs in that area to include one pack of Coyotes.
  • 2014 - Sid returns to Dallas to see what the city has become in his absence hearing they have had problems with Sabbat.

Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Dallas, TX
Player: Chris Kans
Storyteller: Chris Finseth