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Awakening PC

Player: Bobby G.
Path: Obrimos
Order: Free Council
Legacy: Transhuman Engineers
Position: Obrimos Councilor
Consilium: The Queen's Consilium
City: Charlotte, NC
Cabal: The Zodiacs of the Soul
VST: Kevin]

Silas Baines Nimbus
Obrimos Symbol
Free Council Symbol
Transhuman Engineers Symbol

Birth Name: Adam Prokopy (Not Common Knowledge)

Shadow Name: Silas Baines

Sleeper Alias: Silas Baines


Character Livejournal:


The end is nigh? No the end is just a button waiting to be pressed... It's only a matter of time until someone pushes the button.

The worst thing in the world is having the knowledge you could destroy it and that someone wants to make you do it. The good thing is, I know who it is that wants to make it happen and that I'm their worst nightmare just as much as they are mine.


1974 – Born August 6th.

1985 - Moved to the Ukraine, Chernobyl.

1991 – Goes on vacation with his mother and little brother. On an island in the Pacific, cancer takes her while they are on vacation. He and his brother end up kidnapped by a lunatic running a group of pirates and forces him to attempt to build a nuclear weapon, murders his brother and attempts to kill him but he manages to escape into the wilderness and finds a tribe of natives who wish the pirates and their leader dead. They believe he will be able to do it if he would only embrace their teachings. Over the course of several weeks he does that and goes through a trial in which he’s given a poison that causes him to hallucinate and at the same time wake up seeing a horrible vision that makes him believe nuclear war will devastate every nation on the planet and wipe humanity out unless he does something to stop it. Then he kills the pirates using a bow, an assortment of stolen guns, and a machete. He makes it back to Chernobyl, and informs his father of what happened. He doesn’t make it back with his brother’s body but he does get his mother’s body to be buried in the Ukraine.

1992 – The Chernobyl Incident happens, his father is killed while working at the plant. He is exposed to radiation to nearly lethal amounts by dwelling in somewhat close proximity. But due to his forces abilities he was able to reduce the amount of radiation he was actually exposed to and he fled before anyone could find him and disbelieve his survival.

1996 – Returns to the US and gets picked up by the Seers of the Throne and begins to understand these people are bat-shit crazy and they know his vision and wish to bring it to fruition. With a few pentacle mages help he escapes their compound.

1998 – Went into Hiding Temporarily to lose the Seers.

2000 – Met a few of the Freecouncil who were looking for Volunteers for an experiment using Techne to navigate a huge maze. Silas volunteered and joined the Freecouncil after managing the extended puzzle.

2003 – Moved the Charlotte Area working at the McGuire Nuclear Station as a Janitor.

2005 – Began preparing for the End of the world as his awaking had for-told.

2006 – Belgium, Fleurus, Severe health effects for a worker at a Commercial irradiation facility as a result of high doses of radiation. Silas believes the cult is behind this.

2011 – Fukushima and Onagawa reactors shut down due to earthquake and tsunami occurrence in Japan. Traveled to Japan and volunteered to help for several months to aid the people who were nearby he was there prior to the reactor incidents but feared they may go up so he helped evacuate people and bring food and fresh water via truck or boat.

2012 – Terrified the Apocalyptic dream of his awaking would come true he prepared for the worse.

2013 – Current Year. Forms Cabal with Shy-Ram and Sathelinis called, The Zodiacs of the Soul.

Character Description

Normally dressed in a business casual manner, he is physically fit, and has a resolute look in his eye. He has a good education which is continually expands both, regardless if it is in a magical way or mundane way such as college or private studies on his free time.


4nuclear symbol iStockphoto.jpg
Silas' nimbus is that he literally becomes what most people would fear about radiation other than being ripped apart at the atom by an explosion.




"The path of souls to ascension lies through the twelve signs of the Zodiac... the descending path is the same."
- Clement of Alexandria

Cabal Name: The Zodiacs of the Soul


The Soul is an ever changing part of our very being, from our birth to our death. It filters through life, as we grow, change, sleep, awaken, and more. To know the Cycle of the Soul is to follow the signs of the Zodiac, the very seasons of life.
The Zodiac represents the Cycle of the Soul

Legacy Students

  • Add Yourself

Looking For

Ties in the free council, or allies of any sort.


  • He still glows in the dark from his exposure.
  • He is or was a Seer of the Throne.
  • Once Served the Praetorian, Exarch of Forces.
  • Hates the Seers with an unbridled passion but can't bring himself to murder.
  • Successfully organized a city council, almost.
  • May not actually be an Obrimos.


Since the creation of the Atom Bomb we have all become Children of the Atom. - Silas

In the Amazon, ants have been known to eat men in their sleep. Angel you should remember that when you refer to us 'monkeys' as ants. - Silas to the Angel, before blasting her with radiation.

"He is a smart man, I hold him in high regards to do the right thing, good or bad." - Shy-Ram

"Make one sleep-walker a provost and the awakened will lose there minds." - Silas

Thoughts and Questions

Why in hell do I fear what I can control? Is it because of disbelief or because of the Abyss tainting magic with Paradox? Is it because I feel that I am a danger to others and even myself?
Why do I not care about other Awakened the way they think I should? Why do many of them think they are Gods? They sure as hell are not gods, not even close. They are children playing with their toys. I know what it is to not control powerful magic, deadly magic that could in theory kill man entirely. We are so vulnerable to radiation it's pathetic. I've killed with this power, I saw flesh burn, melt, sizzle, cook,turn to char and dust due to this power, and yet I wish to become stronger; why would I wish that upon myself?
To teach and be an example of how a mage should act, do, and perhaps even think. I want to save people not harm them and yet I feel as though I'm the biggest danger here in Charlotte. I guess that is why I've made soulstones and commited what many may call a taboo, by willingly allowing myself to be enthralled. It will keep me no them safe from me and my conscience now is spared from actions I may never do. I have strayed from the path of wisdom but not far, not like others have. Others toy with their magic and slowly descend and others jump right off without looking in the water and the rocks in it beforehand.
I don't know if what I fear will ever come to pass, but knowing I've taken steps to mitigate the damage should the Abyss take hold of me or should the Seers finally warp my mind to their enslaving practices. I will know that there is someone in the city just as adept, standing Vigil for me as I stand for the innocent,just in case.


If you want to be a Transhuman Engineer send me an email at Silas now has Gnosis 5 and can teach it.

All your character has to do is Impress Silas. To say the least that really won't be that hard to do if you plan ahead. It doesn't have to be magically, but it should involve technology.


User:Bobby G. US2009114971


Blight from Batman Beyond for his nimbus.

The Doomsayers from Deadlands Hell on Earth.

Machio Kaku the theoretical physic's professor. Lots of Inspiration for Silas' education.

Far Cry 3 for Silas's skill set of athletics, weaponry, survival et cetra.

"Radioactive by the Imagine Dragons"
"Nuclear by Atomic"
"Bomb Squad by RazR"