Silas Moureaux

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"Lets Have Fun."

In the Eyes of a God

  • Other Names: Silas The Serpent
  • Nick Names: The Hateful God, The Devouring Serpent, The Man in White.
  • Clan: Follower of Set
  • Bloodline: Serpents of the Light
  • Faction: Loyalist
  • Position: None

One should never underestimate the value of a kind smile and a simple willingness to kill someone that gets in your way.

Notable Features: Appearance Focus, Gold Eyes, Always in white, reds, gold or black, usually has thin, black gloves on.

The Sinister Blood

Savagery with a smile.

Silas Moureaux

Whispers on the Wind

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Truth & Lies

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OoC Inspiration

Player: Jeff Holland US2003021993
Character: Silas Moureaux
Clan: Serpents of the Light
Sect: Sabbat
Status: TBD

OoC Inspiration