Silent Fang

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Accord PC

Player: Ryan Crouch
Creature Type: Werewolf
Division: The Ministry
City: Lake Charles, LA
VST: Allen Aguillard

Character Information

Name: Silent Fang

Creature Type: Werewolf (Forsaken)- Irraka Iron Master

Notable Traits:

Personality: Generally laid back and quiet, content to let others talk, but always ready to make a joke with the dry sense of humor he has if he feels the situation calls for it (and sometimes when it doesn't). This has changed a little with his taking over of more responsibility in the Accord, as he seeks to be more vocal and assertive, to be the leader he feels others need.

What he brings to the Accord: Well skilled in infiltration, the one to call on when you need someone to get in and out of somewhere with out being caught, or even noticed. This extends to the cyber world as well, as he is an expert electronic investigator and hacker

Title or Position:


Director of Le Pac du Ombre (Lake Charles Accord Cell)

Member of the Wool Faction of the Ministry of Immaculate Equivocation

Also is allowed to hang out with Torch because F1R3W@LL is cool like that

Held in Past: Representative to the SC Regional Council for Lake Charles (back when regional Council was a thing)

Ambassador to the High Council for the South Central Region (ditto)


Known only to a few- His birth name is Justin Richards

The dates tattooed on his arms are all of the life-changing events that happened to him through the years.

once beat a vampire to death with a giant cross

has the entire city of Lake Charles connected by a video surveillance network

once spent a day tying bow-ties on a bunch of security gun turrets to "class the place up a bit"


  • Ethan Little: No one I'd rather have at my back when things go straight to hell
  • Theodore Byron: Head of the Ministry, might be the guy with the best plan to actually win this war
  • Jacque LeBeau: Simply put, one of the best Accord Agents I know.
  • Aiden Black: When I need someone to help me get something done quietly, he's the one I call.
  • Bhumi Malik: Who needs a tank, when you've got a rhino?
  • Jared Thibodeaux: A fount of knowledge, even if others don't realize it.

Operations Sphinx



OOC Information

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Player: Ryan Crouch

MES Number: US2012040107

Location: Lake Charles, LA