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Notable Traits


Name: Simon
Aliases: P51M0N1C, P51, OVERRIDE, [REDACTED]
Class: Humanish?
Age: 21
Compact: Null Mysteriis Cell: Rattle Watch
Titles: Second in Command of ACE: Torch, Quartermaster of the NYC Cell, Leader of the Rattle Watch Dusk Squad
Notable Traits: Six titanium rings in each ear, two titanium rings in lips, tongue piercing, wedding ring, Striking Looks 2, Pleasing Aura, Residual Spirit Energy, Status 1: Hackers [Under the name OVERRIDE], Status 5: NYC Hunters


Twenty-one years old, Simon stands out a bit in a crowd. The cartilage and lobes of his ears are filled with small titanium rings and two more pierce his lower lip in a snakebite. A titanium barbell pierces his tongue. His brown hair is short and he wears stylish wire-framed glasses and he has a carefully trimmed beard. He has bright green eyes and his body is that of an athlete. Close examination of the area around his eyes shows a number of tiny pinprick scars. He also has a large scar across his throat.

Familiar: Endless Vigil of the Eternal Flame

Endless Vigil of the Eternal Flame is a conceptual spirit of the Chorus of the Vigil that has chosen to bond to Simon. A spirit of protection and the hunt, it appears as a living flame in the Twilight and Shadow. When around hunters who keep the Vigil, it will often envelop them protectively in its flames. When materialized, it appears as a large Norwegian Elkhound.

Hunter the vigil.png

link= Mysteriis



Rattle Watch Cell


Accord PC

Operative Record



Accord Rank: 4
ACE Rank: 4
Null Mysteriis: 1
Primary duties:

  • A.C.E. Division, Torch Faction, Rank 4: Lieutenant
    • Second in Command
    • Intel gathering and surveillance work
    • Provide Mad Hacks
    • Accompany Hammer teams for any necessary technical or combat support in the field
  • The Rattle Watch Cell, NYC, Quartermaster, Rank 4: Lieutenant
    • Dusk Leader
    • Coordinate Cell surveillance/research/intelligence gathering
    • Sanity monitor for Cell Leadership
  • Null Mysteriis: Cataclysmicist Faction
    • Papers Written:
      • The Interactions of Conceptual Entities With Mundane Environments: An Analysis of Spirits and Their Effects on our World


Skill set:

  • Hacking (Specialties: Trojans, viruses, override of systems)
  • Brain hacking (telepathy, thought projection, dream riding, mind reading)
  • No, really, BRAIN HACKING (Mind Control, Psychic Illusions)
  • Surveillance (Astral Projection/Clairvoyance)
  • Field communications
  • Ranged wet work


  • coffee
  • booze
  • more coffee
  • maybe a cupcake



Current Activity

Read about Simon's adventures on his G+ page.

Record of Service

Operation: Rising Phoenix Operation: Smoke and Mirrors Operation: Caldero del Sol Operation: The Tower
Operation: Heart of Darkness OperationLightbulb.png ParagonNigeria.png Operation: Special Delivery
Operation: Radar Operation: Old Peculiar OperationSkeletonKey.png Operation:Suicide King Operation:Dammed Throne

Timeline [Only Known If You Have IC Reason To Know]

  • 5/20/1995 - Born
  • 9/2/2009 - Almost Taken by the Fae.
  • 9/5/2009 - Awkward break up with Pash Halaby.
  • 10/14/2010 - Joined Accord and ACE after hacking F1R3W@LL's computer and finding things he shouldn't have.
  • 2011 - Over the course of two weeks, helps F13 recruit Macintosh into the Accord. Things go as poorly as can be expected.
  • 06/29/2013 - Advance Team - Operation Rising Phoenix - Massive Accord Operation: Party at Dracula's Castle, b.y.o.bombs
  • 07/29/2013 - Head of Electronic Warfare (Field Promotion) - Operation Smoke and Mirrors - Massive Accord Operation: Big Trouble in Fucking Enormous China
  • 08/24/2013 - Operation Special Delivery: Now You're Working With Portals! - Manchester, MA ((NERE 2013))
  • 09/09/2031 - Head of Surveillance - Operation Caldero del Sol, Massive Accord Operation: Oh My Fuck Volcanoes
  • 11/19/2013 - Coming Out of the Psychic Closet - "NYC Lost Courts and The Elephant in the Room"
  • 12/11/2013 - Fuck Pining Away in Secret, Let's Make Out.
  • 12/25/2013 - Moved into the Home Office - "Cause there's nothing weird about becoming roommates with your current and ex-girlfriends."
  • 1/2014 - What do you do when your therapist gets fangs?
  • 5/14/2014 - Endless dies. While attending his wake, rings appear on Simon and F13's fingers.
  • 3/20/2014 - Team Computer Mayhem - Operation Radar, Massive Accord Operation in Iowa: What the Hell Are We Doing Here?
  • 5/29/14 - Head of Surveillance - Operation: Old Peculiar: Crystal-Baby-Pocolypse (Alternately: Holy Shit Where Did My Girlfriend Go?) ((NERE 2014))
  • 5/30/14 - Becomes a mass murderer of innocents.
  • 5/31/2014 - Telepathic Rapport broken with F13.
  • 6/1/2014 - Telepathic Rapport reasserted with F13. John Harkin and Pope Felton Weathers die.
  • 6/7/2014 - Telepathic Rapport developed with Marianne Bennett.
  • 8/7/14 - Part of the Advance Team for Operation: The Tower, Massive Accord Operation: Magic Fucking Ribbon.
  • 8/9/14 - Designated Second in Command of Research Team in Operation: The Tower.
  • 8/11/14 - Field Promoted to Leader of Research Team in Operation: The Tower.
  • 8/30/14 - Marries a robot with a werewolf as his Best Lady. Nothing supernatural occurs at the wedding. Many of the guests breathe a collective sigh of relief.
  • 11/20-25/2014 - Is a member of the Advance Intel Team for Operation Skeleton Key, Massive Accord Operation: Find and Seek!.
  • 3/20-27/2015 - Is part of a covert ops hunter mission in Toronto (The Devil's Bayonet: Sticking It To Canada)
  • 4/9/2015 - The Lucifuge attempts to recruit Simon. It doesn't go well. (Bloodlines: When Hell Freezes Over)
  • 5/11-19/2015 - Simon is visited by two terrifyingly powerful entities and refuses to ally with either. (Bloodlines: The Lady & The Prince)
  • 6/10-19/2015 - Is part of a covert ops hunter mission in St. Petersburg (The Devil's Bayonet: In Soviet Russia, Lucifuge Stabs You!)
  • 8/11/2015 - Goes to the D.R. Congo for Operation: Heart of Darkness - Massive Accord Operation: 4 Shades of Grey
  • 9/1/2015 - Goes to Pakistan for Operation Lightbulb - Massive Accord Operation: Turning Into A Snake Never Helps
  • 9/26/2015 - Goes to Las Vegas for Operation Suicide King - Massive Accord Operation: What Happens In Vegas Never Stays In Vegas ((LVBN Convention))
  • 10/21/2015 - Her name is Simone? - Bats in the Belfry
  • 11/18/2015 - Has a chance meeting with a distant relative (Bloodlines: The Devil You Know)
  • 12/29/2015 - Leads a covert ops hunter mission in Bangkok. (The Devil's Bayonet: One Night In Bangkok)
  • 2/27/2016 - Nixon and Hank are thought to be killed. F13 has a BSoD moment.
  • 3/14-29/2016 - Leads an Accord infiltration mission on a RAAT facility in Maine. (RAAT Poison)
  • 3/19/2016 - Nixon and Hank are rescued, but at a price. Hank becomes a Believer.
  • 5/13/2016 - Where were you on F-13? Where were you when everything changed? - Accord Division Fair: F-13 ((National Convention 2016))
  • 9/3/2016 - Goes to New Orleans for Operation Stairway to Heaven - Accord Operation: See All That You Desire And Despair ((New Orleans Proxy))
  • 11/8-18/2016 - Co-Marshal for Operation Paragon in Lagos, Nigeria - Massive Accord Operation: Diadem Another Day
  • 3/3/2017 - Goes to North Carolina for Operation Gemini in Raleigh, NC - Accord Operation: The Redemption of Langely (AKA: Brainwashing Equals Friendship!)
  • 7/2 - 7/14/2017 - Goes to New Lebanon and is part of Assault Unit Aries in Operation Dammed Throne - Operation Dammed Throne, Massive Accord Operation: The End is Nigh

The Truth is Out There

Known Associates

The Littlest Accordae: F13 P51 and Pash

feel free to add yourself

Close to the Heart

  • F1R3W@LL - Partner in crime/life, Cell Leader, Spare Laptop
  • Pash - Terrifying rage monster in an itty-bitty-package
  • Sethos - "I have never been so happy to see someone enter the Accord."
  • Irene Norton - It's Complicated, Companion

Local Allies

  • Michael Kennedy - Cell Mate, in more ways than one.
  • Leo Pasha - Fistbump of solidarity?
  • Ingrid Madrazo - "Hey, I've managed to not die in the past several years in the Accord, you don't have to treat me like glass. Really."
  • Black - "Immortality seems like it leaves you pretty damn lonely in the end."
  • Steven Bradley - "I think we've gone through a lot of similar things...and dealt with them in very different ways."
  • Axel "AC" Holmes - "Oh come on, I'm not THAT young."
  • Dylis - "You've come a long way. I respect that."
  • Chainbreaker - "I trust you."
  • Ivory - "BEST GUARDIAN. Hands down. We needed you."
  • Penny - "Penny is--you have to learn her language. Once you do, it all makes sense."
  • The Surgeon
  • Absolom Mateyka - "Vampires for Jesus represent, I guess."
  • Thea - "I know she's not the same. I know that logically. But I can't help but feel like I'm seeing a ghost."
  • Sanna - "My favorite mage."
  • Marianne Bennett - "Her methods are unorthodox, but seeing the utter lack of control every other psychic has? I'm glad I went to her."

Distant Allies

  • Red - She kind of barged into my life and was like, "I have made a nest here. We are family now." I don't regret it.
  • Cora Kirkwood - Someday we'll have a conversation where we don't fuck each other over.
  • Danica Barrows - What we need now is for F13 to give me an apology gift and then the circle is complete.
  • Sean Thomas Booker - It's cool dude, we'll figure out how to deal with this.
  • Dani - Genuinely good person, A++, would hang out with again.
  • Blue - I trust her to put others before herself, and I respect that about her.

Complex Feelings

  • Howls-with-Mirth - Howls-with-Bad-Judgement
  • Eric Barrett - You mean well, but we fundamentally disagree on how the world should be.
  • Harvey Rendell - Equal parts trustworthy and horrifying.
  • L'amant de Roux - "Demon. I know, Steven, I know, but DEMON."
  • Watts - "Half the time I'm like, yeah! The other half is the issue."
  • Selma - "I respect Selma, I just don't trust Selma."
  • Duchess - I don't know what to feel.
  • Set - I appreciate his diverse skill set. I don't appreciate the company he keeps.
  • Agent Jonathan Black - "I'm gonna let him process. But there's only so much time I can give him for that."
  • Samuel Marlow - "I don't exactly know where he's coming from? Like--yeah--just yeah."
  • The Eternal Universal Scale - "I--it's complicated, okay? I see where they're coming from. I see why they are how they are. They're broken, and this is the only way they can still function. This could have been me."


  • Feris Septimi - "Fuck this guy."
  • Mr. Plopp - "Fuck this guy too."
  • Gabriel - "Oh my GOD dude, what is even up your ASS?"
  • Winter Reilly - "If someone gives you a shit suggestion that will fuck over your allies? MAYBE DON'T FOLLOW IT."
  • Gaff Hook - I do not need to be condescended to, thanks.
  • Raphael Szemere - "Your signal to noise ratio needs to be toned the FUCK DOWN."
  • Shitty Icarus - "Why the fuck do you even open your mouth?"
  • Riley Stiggson - "Unstable and needlessly aggressive. Put your dick back in your pants."
  • Setah-sefer - Okay ignore what I've said before, he needs to put his fucking murderdick away.

The Lost and Fallen

  • Lupei - In the wasn't a surprise.
  • Dresden Nox
  • Hex
  • Mainardus - That's...that's not what I meant to happen at all...
  • Endless - Dude you are sorely lacking in the self-preservation department.
    • I hate being right. You fucker, why did you have to leave us?
  • John Harkin - "...I need to know why."
  • The 32 children of Operation: Old Peculiar
  • Taylor Satterfield
  • Dea Tacita - Why didn't he protect you?
  • Uncle Mike - Thank you for helping save me.
  • Oxford
  • Q - What the fuck Q. What the FUCK?
  • Lisette - Maybe if I hadn't drawn away, I could have convinced you to not do this. Fuck. [Not Dead??]
  • Sister Abigail - You taught me so much. I wish I had your Faith.
  • Aurora Coventry - You had become your own person just in time to die.
  • Rhys - "I know you had to leave--but I wish you hadn't." [Not Dead]
  • Striker - It feels a bit weird to be considered normal...but if that's what she wants to see me as, I don't mind. [Not Dead]
  • Collin Bonney - I would have died first too.
  • AKA Twice-Spun - I guess we both lost a part of ourselves at Litchfield.
  • Jack Stiggson - "Not gonna cry over the death of the genocidal asshole, sorry."
  • Kai - "I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you."
  • Harlan Spender - "Harlan can look at you and break you down into your component parts. Good for the Vigil, but must be hell on him." [Not Dead]
  • David Anderson - Leading a team of Accord Members is like herding cats. Anderson is an Olympic level cat herder. [Not Dead]
  • Lynnette Kennedy - Nah, she's not just a vampire, she's a socialite. That's where the real danger is. [Not Dead]
  • Icarus Sphere - "You didn't die as the same person I first met two years ago. Then again, I changed too."

The Bat
Simon seems to have gotten a replacement bat to follow him around. Unlike Oxford, this one is brown and female.


Simon: Lose Your Soul

I get up in the morning
To the beat of the drum
I get up to this feeling,
Keeps me on the run.
I get up in the morning,
Put my dreams away,
I get up, I get up, I get up again.

The Accord: Butterflies and Hurricanes

Change everything you are
And everything you were
Your number has been called
And pull us through
Fights and battles have begun
Revenge will surely come
Your hard times are ahead

F1R3W@LL: Yeah, I'm in Love With An Android

And, yeah, I'm in love with an android,
But so what?
Stranger things have happened,
Stranger things have been loved.

F1R3W@LL: Lovesong

Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am home again
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am whole again

Pash: Rebel Girl

That girl thinks she's the queen of the neighborhood
I got news for you she is
They say she's a dyke but I know
She is my best friend yeah

Sethos: Ever the Same

Now it's cold and we're scared
And we've both been shaken
Hey, look at us
Man, this doesn't need to be the end
Just let me hold you while you're falling apart

Irene: Little Death

Fall asleep with the windows open
Come to me with the worst you've said and done
You'll close your eyes and see me
A little death makes life more meaningful

Parents: Hast Thou Considered The Tetrapod

Held under these smothering waves
By your strong and thick-veined hand
But one of these days
I'm going to wriggle up on dry land

Virtue: This Year

I am going to make it through this year
If it kills me
I am going to make it though this year
If it kills me

Bloodline: Runs in the Family

Mary have mercy.
Now look what I've done
But don't blame me because
I can't help where I come from

Accord Year 1 Theme: It's The End Of The World As We Know It (Suicide Machines cover)
Simon Year 1 Theme: Run Rabbit Heart (Switch Remix)
Accord Year 2 Theme: How Far We've Come
Simon Year 2 Theme: For The Day
Accord Year 3 Theme: Apocalypse Please
Simon Year 3 Theme: Your Body Is A Machine

Listen to more here here


  • "Look, if you can't get drunk before risking your life and shit when can you get drunk? Yeah? YEAH." - [Age 18]
    • "Wait, are you drinking? Right before a life and death mission? How fucking dumb are you?" - [Age 20]
  • "I get it war is hard and makes monsters of us all yada yada but let's not cheerfully embrace the crazy that it brings and act like it's okay?"
  • "I've found that not dying is a lifestyle choice I'd like to keep up with. I know some will fault me for it but I gotta be me, you know?"
  • "But it's okay grandpappy maybe I can get some geriatric lovin' with my nubile teenage body. It will be a May December romance that will end in tears and beautiful memories. We are a Lifetime Movie, Hank, my mother would watch the shit out of something like this though her taste is really not the best. But really, as much as I love people old enough to have been my parents hitting on me I feel that I need to stay near F13 to protect my virtue. Not that I really have much virtue left but I make sure I keep the virtue dirtying to within my age group."
  • "Come on, we've got vampires and Prometheans and changelings and whatever, who are we to judge some spirit couch loving?"
  • "If you ever kidnap me, after all of this is over. I will kill myself. I want you to know that. I won't ever be able to like you. I'll just be dead."
  • "Humans are exceptionally good at killing things. A lot of supernaturals talk a big game about being ultimate predators, but they rely on their powers a lot. Humans have been squishy little fuckers in the middle of things WAY more powerful than us for as long as we've existed. And we survive by finding every little advantage we can. We're always backed against the wall, that makes us extremely dangerous."
  • "The fact that a Lust demon happened to pop out my great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother does not mean I've got a destiny. I'm the side-kick, not the Chosen One. And I'm cool with that."
  • "Okay."
  • "I'm pretty sure that if they wanted to cull the human race they should have tried before we numbered in the billions."
  • "No. You're going to stop right the fuck there. You don't say someTHING. You say someONE. That was a person with a life and a family. If we forget that, why are we even doing this at all?"

Performance Reviews

  • "quote" - yourname
  • "dude he is not my boyfriend i would be literally drawn and quartered by the masses of screaming fanpersons who have been lining up for years to caress his sweet ass. his sweet ass also prevents me from staying mad i mean for real he just turns around and twerks a bit and my robot heart melts all over again it is a terrible power for so young a boy to have." - F13 to Lynnette Kennedy
    • "kid is not my boyfriend he is my sidekick. dating him would be unprofessional and would also rob all of the young ladies of new york the opportunity to bear the illegitimate lovechild of a certified genius and gdi i just can't do that to the human race there is evolution to think of here." - F13 to Cora Kirkwood
    • "so my passport expired and they kicked me out of Egypt. no more de-Nile for me. FINE, FICTIONAL EMOTIONAL CUSTOMS AGENTS, I GUESS I'LL JUST MAKE OUT WITH MY HOT BOYFRIEND A LITTLE. revennnnge." - F1R3W@LL
  • "Yummy fairy boy candy that talks too much." - Mainardus
  • "He and F13 make my head hurt. But apparently I'm one of the few they'll happily come see." Lupei
  • "If I can keep a toe-tag off of him long enough that he can legally drink, that might be my single greatest accomplishment in the Accord." - John Harkin
  • "Kid says he's a baseline human. I'm pretty sure he's actually a were-ferret. Cyber-were-ferret. Cyber-were-ferret-techno-mage. On crack. Whatever he is, I'll take him with me onto any battlefield, anywhere." - David Anderson
  • "An Unexpected Visitor who is, from now on, ever so welcome." - Cassandra Jones, M.D.
  • "David Anderson speaks well of him. And he apparently is very fond of chocolate." Rosemary Weald
  • "Provide cupcakes and wonderful sugary messes are made...but do they love those cupcakes." - Aalina
  • "I'd deliver that man Caffeine and cupcakes any day." - Irene Norton
  • "I meet him during a very sherious operation in Beijing where he shnuggled my coffee cup. He's a brilliant kid, but hish personal bubble knows no bounds when it comes to coffee..." Icarus Sphere
  • "My favorite kind of human." - Duchess
  • "The camera fades in on a shadowed man standing between two trees. He steps into the light. ‘I’m your Huckleberry,’ Doc Holliday says like a badass as a cloud of badass smoke seeps from his badass lips. Even while dying from tuberculosis, that stone cold cowboy made Johnny Ringo shit himself. He was sayin’ , ‘I will get it done.’ Not even sickness or death was going to stop him from seeing the job through to the end. When I was in need, Simon was my Huckleberry." - Cora Kirkwood
  • "Adorable and bright young whipper snapper. We should really stop trying to corrupt him." - Eva Carlisle
  • "...or we should try harder" -James Saulnier
  • "I like the guy, and enjoy working with him. He seems like good people, and is one of the only other folks I've run into who seems appropriately distressed by what the heck is going on." -Eric Barrett
  • "Why do I get the impression that he wants David Anderson to be Obi-Wan Kenobi for him?" - Rosemary Weald
  • "Not sure what scares me more about him, his skills behind a computer or his aim with cold iron handcuffs" - AKA Twice-Spun
  • "Do not make me wax poetic on how adorable you are." - Danica Barrows
  • "The only person who has ever called me 'fucking polite and shit' and lived to tell the tale." -Lynnette Kennedy
  • "You fuck with my bestie, I will proceed to rip your fucking face off. Not that I could- y'know- do that. Um. Pizza?" - Pash Halaby
  • "Simon is cautious. It is sensible to be cautious. We will get to know one another in time." - Lilith
  • "He is smart, adventurous, and careful. I am sure he is better at things outside of the bedroom too. - Set
  • "I feel bad for the people that give you shit. You are snarky, and then F13 joins in and it's suddenly exponential." - Irene Norton
  • "Simon, you're way too smart. Just one piece of advice. Maybe you should stay outta my head, kid. For your own benefit." - Endless
  • "We're friends. Talk about normal shit. Pretty sure I'd actually skin someone if they hurt him. I don't like my normal taken away. I don't have much of it." - Striker
  • "I'd trust him with more than I trust most of us - that kid's got a heart of gold. And he's beautiful. Brilliantbeautiful. And jailbait. I consider working with him to have been one of my finest acts of Civil Disobedience." - Marianne Bennett
  • "I know I'm a bit harder on you than the rest of my students. You're not like them, Simon. From you I demand the best… because I know the best is what you can deliver" - Steven Bradley
  • "I don't have any kids, but if I did, I hope they'd be just like him. A constant pain in the ass that I'm always proud of. " -- Michael Kennedy
  • "When Simon, F13, and Pash show up, you know that something crazy is happening. I know that there are people who look down on them because they're "just kids" but really, they've got their shit together more than a lot of people in this war. If more people were like them? We'd be in much better shape right now." - Dea Tacita
  • "For a long time, I couldn't decide whether to ruffle his hair in a fatherly fashion or smack him upside the head. It's gonna have to be both. P51's a good kid, and he knows his job, but sometimes..." - Hank Sims
  • "The little brother I never fucking asked for." - Rhys
  • "Hello! Please refrain from harming my cell mate. Thank you!" - Harvey Rendell
  • "When I was his age my biggest worry was getting laid and gas money. He bears the weight of the Unreality War better than anyone should have to. - Kyle Everett
  • "I missed you." - Sethos
  • "Visions that aren't metaphors? Dude, sign me up." Naveed Weiss
  • "I made him laugh on an op. He's so focused when he's on these things, rightly so, that it felt like something to be proud of." - Dani
  • "Can I just say how happy I am that there are people in the Accord like Si and F13 who have thumbs? Sometimes I look at the "adults" and the people who are supposed to be in charge and I just fucking marvel at how they survived puberty...I mean, aren't we supposed to be the fucking idiots who run around without taking the greater picture into account?" - Red
  • "What ish there left to ssay about Ssimon? He ish a brilliant boy who ish turning into a man in front of ush. He will probably be on the High Council by the time he ish 25. And I loathe the fact that he hash been ssubjected to thish war at all. If I can asshist, even minutely, in ensshuring that he ssurvivess to the end I'll conshider my time in the Accord well shpent." - Icarus Sphere
  • "Simon's complicated. started off as I'm pretty sure him wanting to thrash me...and ended in him being someone I could talk to who gets shit. It's weird. I don't know what happened but I think we just sorta...force friended each other through rage..." - Ridley St. James
  • "Simon needs a mother now and then. When he wants to come to talk to me, it is usually for a reason." - Lilith
  • "Excellent communication skills, and above average organizational ability! I look forward to our next performance evaluation together!" - Ted Nakano
  • "Every time I'm around the man I wonder if he's reading my mind. Still cool bloke. He's earned the respect of many people. I'm jealous of how much fun you guys in ACE seems to have. The camaraderie is a sight to behold. " - Ellis Kingsly
  • "I miss him when I can't visit, he reminds me that Hunters are people too and not all of them hate my guts for no reason. One day I'm going to figure out how fix this brain bee problem so he and Macintosh can hang out like they should. Until then it's being a hug go-between, which is all right. I like Simon hugs." - Blue
  • "I knew the little bastard for five years before he told me what he was into. Tight lips, big heart, and a massive set of guns. They grow up quick, don't they?" - Shkira
    • "Simon, enigmatic? Naaaah. See, the thing I'm learning about Simon is, he makes like he's a cuddly open book, so you don't even realize how much shit you're not seeing. That's the opposite of enigmatic - someone who's actually a successful liar. But I respect him too much to go prying now, even though the urge is just..."
  • "You have five years of experience hunting. You run missions. I came to you for help. You're Mak - 'the High'." - David Shattuck
  • "You're my best fan in that way! Actually you're my only fan for that." - Shade
  • "He's too young to really understand the ramifications of having no choice, but he's done everything he can." - Houston
  • "Simon is a good dude, but he's a sleeper. Never not grok that broseph. Dude procs no choice in all that. He can't change it any more than I can change being a Wizard. This doesn't mean you should bag on em, or give shade at him. But it's the job of those awakened, to be responsible with the mysteries they wield." - Badger
  • "He's not so much older'n me. I dunno how he manages it, cause I see all tha shit in tha Accord, and all tha broken, and there he is, bein' stable and shit." - Dancer
  • "I didn't think it would be an accomplishment to not have anger issues, but apparently in the Accord it is! Congratulations and thank you!" - Volt
  • "Peen paaaaallls!" - Shade
  • "It has been incredibly satisfying to work with Simon. He brings a unique perspective to each encounter. He is kind and pragmatic, ferocious and wise. He is passionate, but not foolhardy. I hope that he carries through all of these qualities and more for the rest of his life, as they make him, and those near him, better for them. It was a pleasure." - Mahaf


  • Simon is actually a changeling.
  • Simon has been in the Accord and ACE since he was 15.
  • Simon has a healthy fear of the Hedge and what lies beyond it.
    • Simon doesn't seem to have a healthy fear of much else.
  • Simon might be a Hunter?
    • Simon is definitely a Hunter
  • Simon and Pash used to date before either of them knew about the supernatural.
  • Has a bat with him or near him at all times.
    • No longer has a bat.
      • Has a bat again?
  • Simon's Astral form bleeds slightly at all times...that's odd.
    • No it doesn't. At least not anymore...
  • He and F13 aren't in Not Enough Booze For This because they didn't have enough booze for this before not having enough booze for this was cool, and they're just not into it now that it's gone mainstream.
  • Simon and Sethos have some clear history together.
    • A sexy history.
      • No, you ignoramus, he's secretly Simon's real dad. They look a lot alike in the right light, no?

OOC Information

Player: Ilan

MES Number: US2010096642

Location: NY-004-D, New York City, Children of the Lost Eden

Other Characters: Nikolas Asteria (Requiem), Ryan Olsen (Lost), Cat (Mage), Isaac Brasher (C/A)

Main Picture Drawn by Lindsey Douglas

Timeline Picture Drawn by Stan S.

Littlest Accordae Drawn by Abby
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