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"The greatest harm can result from the best intentions."


Personal Information

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Name: Simona Decebal

Known Deed Names: Speaks with Silver, Gaia's Shame, Dark Claw, First Strike, Nighthawk's Talon

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Shadow Lord

Renown: 8 Glory, 4 Honor, 2 Wisdom

Position: None

Sept: Sept of Boar's Chosen

Notable Traits: Pure Breed 4, Strange feral yellow eyes, though her right eye was gouged out by a Gurahl in Alaska. Lighting scars decorate her left shoulder and cross her back.

Homid: Second generation Romanian, her form holds not to the tall imposing forms of the Shadow Lords that dominate the Carpathian Range, but rather to the graceful, smaller builds of the valley people.Her hair is dark brown rather then black and her eyes were changed from green to a strange yellow from her First Change.

Lupus: As is with most human born, Simona isn't wholly comfortable in her more wolf-ish shape. She only takes the form when swiftness is needed and even then quickly changing back to her Crinos from when her prey is found. As with all good breeding she has remarkable black fur, with the tips of her ears and tail showing storm-cloud grey. Her eyes still retain their yellow color.

The Nations Knowledge


This fiery Full Moon is mother to a Metis Child, one fathered by the Shadow Lord Ulryk Kordus. For this sin, they were thrown out of their Sept (Sept of White Mountian, New Hampshire) and left New England in search of a new home. Still on the road and heavy with child, Simona almost falls prey to a pack of Dancers had it not been for the intervention of another rogue Shadow Lord, Peter Berkowski. The three of them decide to form a pack, Second Dawn, dedicated to Crow. Eventually the pup was born on October 1st, 2014 and Simona named him Viktor. By the end of October, they and their pup were welcomed (more due to the BG Sept Alpha Copper Pennies heavy-handed insistence) into the Sept of Boar’s Chosen in eastern Alabama. Simona's blood cousin Radu decides to join their pack in the summer of 2015 and with Berkowski becoming the Alpha they rename their pack Twilight's Revival.

Simona is not the typical Shadow Lord. Instead of "cloak and dagger" tactics she prefers a more "In Your Face" approach to things. Loud and brassy, she's not one to back away from a challenge, even if it ends with her getting her ass beat (and on occasion, it does). Her fiery attitude has become more tempered as of late, however. Some attribute this to her rising in rank and therefore maturing, in some degree. Others that know her better know because she still mourns the loss of her friends and kin that fell in Alaska.

Battles Won

Galliards Tales: To free the Wyldfather

Tribal Knowledge



The line of Shadow Lords from the Decebal Linage originally hails from the Transylvanian Alps that lines the modern day Romania. They were once a strong linage, but in the invaders came in the second century and wiped out most of their kin, leaving the rest to retreat from the mountains into the valleys. It is rumored that a Tzimisce led these invaders to defeat their founder Decebalus as well as the reason why the Garou cut his own throat. For these particular leeches have a perverse dark art; the ability to mold and sculpt living flesh into any shape they desire.Because of this Decebulas killed not only himself, but most of his kin, thinking to save them the horror of being a living, breathing monstrosity; incapable of escaping a prison made out of their own flesh. For this reason his surviving kin hunt the Tzimisce wherever they can find them. It is rumored that they will sometimes make deals with other leeches; but only to further their own goals and never, ever with the Fiends.

What is Spoken


Personal Quotes

  • "I carry my tribe-sisters name, my cousin's memory and blood, and the sight of one of our Elder Galliards. I take with me the tokens of the friends that I lost. When everything else goes black and feels hopeless their memory will push me forward, for by surviving and fighting another day I bring honor to their names. "

  • "Some days I look at you and wish this would all go away. That I could stop fighting; that I wouldn't worry this would be the last time I would see you, hold you. That you wouldn't have to grow up facing the world alone. But this is not our fate. I can only pray that you will be strong and know that I have always loved you, my little spirit-warrior." -Simona to her son Viktor

  • "Fuck. Can we get on with it yet?"
  • "Remember the Golden Rule. Don't get caught."
  • "Everything's dead? The F**K, Guys!."

What Others Say

  • "The strings of fate form interesting patterns around her. What can be a good or bad omen, we will have to see which in time." Kanaka Wild Wind-
  • "Her violent and rash temper will be the end of her if she does not control it ." Devours the Dark-
  • "Simona is a bit on the small size for a wolf. But don't let that fool you. I know from first hand experience that small packages can pack one hell of a punch." Specter's Flight
  • "Only the truly idiotic think she's some sort of violent psychopath. She is a Shadow Lord through and through, and understands that brute force can be just as cunning as other options." Berkowski
  • "She has the fire, and she has the rush, and they've taken her far. But what she needs now is colder, more deliberate purpose. I wish I had time to give it to her, because if she doesn't get it, she'll get more than just herself killed." Laughs Last
  • "I see, in her, the promise of a student who was torn from me. Simona is ruthless and uncompromising. There was a time when I thought her impatience would be her undoing. Now? Now I behold a woman who's Rage has been tempered by purpose. There is no more deadly Shadow Lord than she who has discovered her limits...and begun to move beyond them." Howl of Thunder
  • "She is prone to outbreaks of rageful words, but she is one of most dedicated and noble of any Garou I have met. Her words have purpose, and she speaks only when those words need to be heard. I am honored to call Simona a sister, and packmate." ~Aurelia Liska
  • "Whenever someone realizes when a greater predator is in the room and realizes to walk a line... that is an ahroun you want around. That is an ahroun you can trust." StealsMalfeas'sHeart
  • "She is very useful, but I sometimes wonder how she survived this long. No we are not siblings, but yes we can be competitive. So what's your point?" Justin Everett
  • "Angriest fucking Shadow Lord Ahroun that I've ever met in my life." Kat
  • "I have fought alongside her, and she is one of those who shows me what an honor it is to be a Child of Thunder. I would die for her, or beside her, without regret. And that day may come sooner than expected - but if my life has a Garou has taught me any lessons, it is that some things are worth dying for, and each of us must decide for themselves what those things are. " Nicolae Dacla
  • "Your secrets are safe with me." Dirk, Seelie Court Emissary

Fact or Fiction

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  • "I hear she can shift incredibly fast"
  • Her tempers got her in more trouble than any battle she's been in"
  • "Her lust for battle is insatiable."
  • "She once punched a legendary BSD in the face and it ran away to cry."
  • I've seen her shed tears over a little crow spirit.
  • "She's got another boss. No, it's not Peter Berkowski."
  • "I hear she's got one of those fucking Dancers that's her lover."


In this Moment "Comanche" -[]
Rasputina "Bad Moon Rising" -[]
Krypteria "Time To Bring The Pain" -[]
In this Moment "Big Bad Wolf" -[]

OOC Information

Player: Jaimie Spencer

MES Number: US2013010051

Location: Auburn, AL

  • All Photos are not the player, or property of the player.

Apocalypse PC

Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Breed: Homid
Pack: Twilight's Revival
Sept: Sept of Boars Chosen
Rank: Athro
Glory: ••••• •••
Honor: ••••
Wisdom: ••
Player: Jaimie Spencer
Storyteller: WtA VST