Sir Veritas

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Changeling PC

Player: Dylan Coffey
Character: Sir Veritas
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Bright One
Court: Dawn
Freehold: Savannah, GA
VST: Anna Sharpton

Character Information

Name: Sir Veritas

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Bright One

Court: Dawn

Notable Traits: He is a handsome and inspiring man whose very presence seems to brighten the spirits of those near. He is a known ally to the Summer Court.

Title or Position: Knight of Savannah, Undefeated Champion of the Dawn Court





  • "It is my dream to bring forth an age where the Lost need not live in fear of each other - wherein our kind can find solace in each others' trust, and not wither under fear of betrayal."
  • "We are all broken, in some way or another; some wear our faults more obviously than others. That does not make Sir Veritas any less dependable. On the contrary - for that, I trust him more." - Cilia
  • "As a Lost I know one thing to be true, that nothing good lasts forever. I look forward to his fall from grace." - Luke Raleigh
  • "The epitome of the knight in shining armor, man. Sir Veritas is cool; straight out of a story book! Great guy, big help to me and many others." - DJ Radix

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  • Sir Veritas has a terrible temper.
  • He arranges for the silent and honorless death of those who insult him.
  • He once slew a shadow dragon in a single blow.

OOC Information

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Player: Dylan Coffey

MES Number: US2010106793

Location: Savannah, GA