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The garou known as Meagan Greene was once a different person entirely. The young Garou, nearly a decade a cliath, was bathed in the water of the Half Moon, and was given her new deed name by the one who gave her original name. Meagan retains the optimism of her former self, but has a dedicated a serious edge that few can ignore. Her temper has yet to be truly tested, and her ability as a Philodox has not been called upon yet.

She's fallen in with Southern Comfort, a pack of Fianna who welcomed the Bone Gnawer in, where she serves unsurprisingly as Pack Omega. She left her old pack months after the an event at the Caern raising of Brevard County, and refuses to discuss the caern to anyone.

Physically, Skanks looks the same as before. She still is a scrawny mess of dreadlocks, dirt, and ratty clothes, thou since living with her Alpha Declan, she's "acquired" a few more shirts. Her tendency of bad luck still follows her... it seems that there are something that you can't leave behind, no matter how hard you try.

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Known Traits

  • Meagan underwent a Rite of Renunciation in September of 2013, changing auspice from Galliard to Philodox. She seems to have been born on the cusp of the two auspices, and the renunciation also helped her move past a painful event.
  • No one has seen Skanks' temper flair up.
  • Meagan is damn unlucky, and whoever encouraged her to learn how to make bombs from trash must have had a sick sense of humor.
  • Meagan isn't as outgoing as her previous self, but it's unknown if it's a temporary thing due to the change, or a permanent part of the new garou she's become.
  • It was recently revealed that Meagan's biological father is an important and vocal member of the Fianna.

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  • Meagan genuinely follows every part of the Litany, and hates that many Gnawers have wildly differing interpretations.
  • Meagan's Rite of Renunciation was part of Declan's plan to isolate her from the Metis she was growing too close to.
  • Meagan is deathly afraid of water and drowning.
  • Meagan has been attacked by a pack's totem once, after trying to Tagalong with them.
  • The bad luck of the bone Gnawer has affected others.
  • Meagan has mortal family that she can't let go of.
  • Skanks was almost named "Rides the Short Bus" due to the high number of failed rank challenges.
  • Meagan is more ashamed of her father than he is of her.
  • She has been approached by a ranking member of the Black Furies to renounce and join Peagasus's children.
  • Meagan once made a Get of Fenris cry because he misinterpereted her name and called her "Skanky Meg" while doing a silly dance.
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  • "I despise her deed name and the things people call her, but she has a lot of potential...if her blood doesn't too sharply define her. Also, she has something I want." - Returns the Faith
  • "I like this kid. She's a damn fine example of the Weaver side of things keeping pace with the Wyld. She walks quietly and does her role as a wallflower without any effort at all--it's the quiet ones you should be afraid of, I'll remind you" - Dylan 'Omengazer' Spade
  • "Meagan has a dearth of potential in her, but also is held back by things she cannot change. Maybe someday she can find the resolve and come to terms with all that she is." - Bitter Truth
  • "Coming Soon" - Blah
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  • The Street Kids of St. Petersburg, FL - Many of these young adults had nothing to their name. Dirty, smelly, and homeless, they were nonetheless extremely happy, at peace and optimistic about life.
  • Modern Day Train Hoppers - The young adults who embrace the old ideal of the freedom the rails offer is something I wanted to explore with this PC.
  • Abuse Survivors - The aftermath of survivors of any form of abuse is widly varied. The ones who can still find good and beauty in the world are some of the strongest folks out there.

Apocalypse PC

Player: Kimberly Cooper
Character: Meagan Greene, Skankin to the Law
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Bone Gnawer
Renown: 1 Glory 4 Honor 1 Wisdom
Domain: AL-001-D
VST: Robert Voitle

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