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Constantly seeking out new ways to improve the relations between her Sept and the local spirits and wolves, Sky has little time or interest in anything else. She spends most of her time acting as an emissary between those three parties and patrolling the areas in and around the Bawn. When dealing with the other Garou, she tends to be a little more outspoken than her brother but is still on the quiet side unless asked for advice.

As a wolf born Theurge, Sky has spent the entirety of her life serving her Tribe and The Nation. At a young age, she began training in the ways of the spirits, tracking and healing and was quickly sent off to help the Sept in Auburn against the Ratkin. She lost more than a few friends during that war, and like her brother, is still obviously looking to payback those that betrayed the Sept during that time. Her thirst for justice is only overshadowed by her love for her brother, Tribe and the Nation.

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  • Sky shares her brother Dakota's desire to reconstitute the wolf population of Turtle Island.
  • She often urges Homid Garou to spearhead wolf reintroduction projects around the country.
  • She advocates peace between the Tribes and often tries to help others heal their old wounds and overcome their prejudices.
  • Although she is still learning Sky takes her role as Shaman very seriously and spends a great deal of her time in the Umbra with her brother.

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  • The left eyes of Sky and Dakota are dead due to some ancient curse placed on their line by a corrupted spirit.
  • Sky was the Runt of the litter.

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  • "Sky is one of those rare wolves who listens closely to Gaia's words, speaks with wisdom, acts quickly when moved. I am proud to have her as a member of my pack, and to call her a friend." ~ Nakia Menefer, Traveler of the Star's Path

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  • "When You Were Born, You Cried And The World Rejoiced. Live Your Life So That When You Die, The World Cries And You Rejoice." ~ White Elk

  • "Go Forward With Courage. When You Are In Doubt, Be Still And Wait. When Doubt No Longer Exists For You, Then Go Forward With Courage. So Long As The Mists Envelope You, Be Still. Be Still Until The Sunlight Pours Through And Dispels The Mist, As It Surly Will. Then Act With Courage." ~ Chief White Eagle

  • "We Do Not Walk Alone. Great Being Walks Beside Us. Know This And Be Grateful." ~ Polingaysi Qoyawayma

  • Listen Or Your Tongue Will keep You Deaf. ~ Native American Proverb

  • "Our Job Is To Be An Awake People, Utterly Conscious, To Attend To Our World." ~ Louis Owens

  • There Is A Battle Of Two Wolves Inside Us All. One Is Evil. It Is Anger, Jealousy, Greed, Resentment, Lies, Inferiority And Ego. The Other Is Good. It Is Joy, Peace, Love, Hope, Humility, Kindness, Empathy And Truth. The Wolf That Wins Is The One You Feed. ~ Native American Proverb

  • "Wisdom And Peace Come When You Start Living The Life The Creator Intended For You." ~ Geronimo

  • "May The Great Spirit Look Down Upon Us, Guide Us, Inspire Us, And Give Us Courage And Wisdom. Above All, May She Look Down Upon Us And Be Pleased." ~Chief Seattle

  • "Live Your Life So That The Fear Of Death Can Never Enter Your Heart. Love Your Life, Perfect Your Life And Prepare a Noble Death Song For The Day When You Go Over The Great Divide. When You Rise In The Morning Give Thanks For The Morning Light, For Your Life And Strength And For The Joy Of Living. If You See No Reason For Giving Thanks, The Fault Lies Only In Yourself. When It Comes Time To Die, Be Not Like Those Who's Hearts Are Filled With The Fear Of Death, So When Their Time Comes They Weep And Pray For A Little More Time To Live Their Lives Over Again In A Different Way. Sing Your Death Song, And Die Like A Hero Going Home." ~ Tecumseh

Apocalypse PC

Player: Sarah Long
Character: Sky, Subtle Vengeance
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Uktena
Renown: 5 Glory 11 Wisdom 10 Honor
Domain: AL-001-D
VST: Seth Steele


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Name: Sky, Subtle Vengeance
Purebreed: 3
Prior Deed Names: Seeks The Truth,
Gaia's Healing Embrace

Rank: Athro
Sept: Boar's Chosen
Sept Position: Eldest Uktena and Caern Warder
Pack: Shifting Fates
Camp: None
Territory: Tuskegee National Forest

Allies and Associates
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Letter of the Law
Declan Brennan, Son-of-Liberty
Dreams-With-Spirits, Gaia's Promise
Jessica Brennan, Thrill-Seeker
Charlotte Logan, Guardian's Pride
Lorne Macpherson, Unsubtle Victory
Michael Sullivan, The Yankee
Morgana MacManus, Little Red
Pari Forakis, Keeper of Scion
Dylan Spade, Omengazer
Ivan Soladado, Truthseeker
Hank Anderson, Ghost in the Machine
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Anders Erikson, Carries the Heavens
William Brandtson, Broken Blade
Astrid Anderson, Death Seer
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