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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sioux Falls, SD
Player: Stacie K
Storyteller: VST

Character Information


Name: Skyler

Status: Neonate



  • Courteous by Elder Prince Lucien of Puerto Rico

Used Fleeting:

  • Favored by Elder Prince Heinrich of Sioux Falls, SD

Notable Traits:

  • Is usually seen leaning up against a wall and quiet unless spoken to
  • Wears an eye patch over her right eye
  • Is very stoic


Skyler is seen wearing the following attire, unless she is conducting business in which she wears the following attire.


Information Known by Kindred Society

  • Believed to have been sired in 2012
  • Entered Mt. Pleasant on Oct. 11, 2014
  • Moved to Sioux Falls on July 19, 2015.


  • "Young, brash, direct. Yet refined with a sense of decorum. A bit too direct at times, but I appreciate her eagerness to keep course." - Swagger
  • "Mouth full of words, Heart full of Fire. Hope not die young, could lead clan to better place." - Stoneking
  • 'The young often place the words of the heart in front of their conversations. I have yet to truly engage Skyler in discussion, but I am certain she will not disappoint me when that time comes." - Heinrich
  • 'This one is full of surprises. I can not wait to see what happens next." - Amos Locke
  • "Skyler is eager, like a puppy. I don't mean it in a bad way-- earnestness is a rare commodity, among monsters. It will serve her both well and ill, in the nights to come." - Rand Ryan
  • "I have observed her in passing during various missions and when visiting San Juan. It was interesting to discover while doing some research that she was related to me. It is a journey just begun, with a destination yet unfolding." - Laszlo Bako
  • 'There are certain debts and failures that can never be repaired or repaid, I own one such debt to Skyler and will spend my nights trying to fix it. It is a testament to her personal strength that she has gone so far, since I can claim no responsibility for her upbringing." - Amos Locke
  • "Skyler is an unusual individual some nights. I only knew her for a brief time before she left Sioux Falls, but I think we understand each other. She is always a delight to hold up a wall with, and to mock Amo's with when he isn't looking." - Abigal Beauchemin
  • "Clever. Insightful. Dedicated. It's a relief any time I need to work with Skyler because I know things will actually get done." - Isabella Marie Johnson


  • She is actually older than she claims to be.

OOC Info:

Player: Stacie K

MES #: US2014030042