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So They Say

Sofie Renner

Sofie is the consummate lady and to argue otherwise would be exceedingly crass... after all, a woman of gentility never discusses what happens behind closed doors. She is dainty in stature, but not diminutive, and moves with a sense of grace only a lifetime performer could master. Only a dullard would mistake her keen sense of wit for girlish frivolity, although she will break out a fan as the occasion requires in homage to one of her favorite relations. Sofie was born a pianoforte prodigy and rose quickly to notoriety within the finer ranks of Viennese society during her mortal years, but she does not see her instrument as the only dedication to her art... in fact, all of existence is art itself when applied to a finer mind and talent. In addition to music, at the most compassionate suggestion of her cousin she developed a great passion for gardening and various other botanical pursuits which she has cultivated for centuries to great success. It never would do for such refined gentility to be lacking in a well-rounded education after all.

...and yet, in spite of all this she inspires pride her Sire - thought, word, and deed.

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The apple never falls far from the tree.

Don't ask a lady her age. That's rude.

In The Family

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Haus Von Daun has for centuries been a haven for illustrious artists and patrons alike. Viveka Josephina Von Daun reigns as the Matriarch while her brothers’ acumen further the pursuits of the line. Many of the House begin as Artistes, but eventually mature into their station as Connoisseurs. Sofie appears to be well on her way down this path.

Lineage: Haus von Daun
Sire: Einhardt Wagner
Broodmate: Gemma Bianchedi
Broodmate: Torrance Fairfallen
Childe: Theodore Jager

Intimate Acquaintances

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Viveka Josephina Von Daun, Her Beloved Matriarch
Clé deMontes, Her Dearest Cousin
Torrance Fairfallen, Her Darling Sister
Alicia Vangelista, Her Precious Cousin
Roger Bennington, Her Favorite Pupil

Indecent Gossip

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  • "Sofie is a very perceptive individual, and is not shy about sharing what she sees. Quite refreshing, that." - Lochlann MacAllan
  • "She reminds me very much of Einhardt." *Pause* "I have no further comment." - Benjamin Baker Chapel
  • "I'll associate with most anyone one time. The passable I'll give a few tries to. I'll associate with Sofie far more frequently than that. Twice on Sundays, in fact." - Alicia Vangelista
  • "One could say we have an unspoken agreement. I forgive her eccentricities, and she forgives mine." - Clé deMontes
  • Consider the subtleness of the sea; how it’s most deadly creatures glide underwater, unapparent for the most part, and dangerously hidden beneath the loveliest tints of azure." Anna Russell
  • "Even the prettiest Viper still has venom." - Brigid
  • "Despite all manner of undead bluster, truth is, even the strongest among us can be knocked right on their behind by a small lapse in courtesy. It is thanks solely to Miss Renner's indulgence that I myself have yet to take such a tumble. Her impeccable manners, patience, and grace have yet to lead me astray. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I'd mind so much even if they did." - Roger Bennington
  • "No more let life divide what death can join together. This...this is the lesson my dearest Sofie teaches me. And woe to anyone who steps between that education." - Einhardt Wagner
  • "I have worked with Ms. Renner only tangentially either through other people or as part of a group. But I can and will note that she is thought highly of by those whose opinions matter to me, and she never uses her art or grace as an excuse or a cover for a lack of general diligence or specific subject matter expertise. She is equal parts a competent, reliable adult and a graceful, entrancing woman. She is both a credit to, and what I have come to expect from, Haus Von Daun." - Michael Cayhill
  • "Sofie's the kind of girl you catch smoking cigarettes behind Charm School... but don't tell her I said that." - Marus
  • "She handed me a glitter cannon and told me I could fire it. She's pretty great." - Isaac Forrester
  • "You want to know my opinion of her? Well then, how should I put this? As I am quite sure it will get back to her. Quick, Keen, Sharp. Now if you'll excuse me I have to not be here." - Spencer
  • "Lovely woman. She even humored me and laughed at my attempts at jokes. Glad to share the garden with Sofie, she brings class to the table in copious amounts." - Nick Bennett
  • "Wow. Without a doubt the most incredible performance I've ever seen." - Trevor Rodgers
  • "Ah, Sofie. I admit I doubted when my brother said he had sired. And then I met Sofie, and knew that, should she survive, my brother would have certainly shown me that he was paying more attention than he let on. I no longer doubt my brother." - Viveka Josephina Von Daun
  • "Well, honestly... every time I get to see or talk to Lady Renner at all, it's like getting to hang out with the most fun celebrity. Also, if you ever want to challenge yourself to really make a best-dressed list when picking out an outfit for Court, just think to yourself: WWSW. What Would Sofie Wear?" - Emma Klein
  • "Cousin Sophie is pretty as a picture and sharp as razorblades. Look all you want, but handle with care." - Orenna Komnenos, The Black

A Little Birdie Told Me
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  • Sofie claims to have been in remote seclusion for the last century, but if you look closely her extensive network of connections says otherwise.
  • Beneath Einhardt Wagner's estate is a room with tile floors and plastic walls. Women arrive there, but they do not leave. Except Sofie. Sort of.
  • During a recent excursion, Sofie had a rather interesting run-in with a wood-nymph or dryad in which she was invited to consider joining their ranks.
  • Sofie has an unhealthy obsession with clans that have a natural aptitude for supernatural strength.
  • No one knows how many childer Sofie has, not even her own Sire. Big Brother has nothing on her.
  • Everything you thought she was? Well, she's not. Now aren't you the idiot.

OOC Information


  • "To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name. In his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex. It was not that he felt any emotion akin to love for Irene Adler. All emotions, and that one particularly, were abhorrent to his cold, precise but admirably balanced mind. He was, I take it, the most perfect reasoning and observing machine that the world has seen.... And yet there was but one woman to him, and that woman was the late Irene Adler, of dubious and questionable memory." -Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Bohemia
  • “There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.” -Elizabeth Bennet
  • “I thank my God for graciously granting me the opportunity of learning that death is the key which unlocks the door to our true happiness.” -Mozart
  • "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way." -Mary Poppins
Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Phoenix, AZ
Player: Kathryn Z
Storyteller: DMH VTM VST


Player: Kathryn Z
MES Number: US2008072544

Location: Phoenix, AZ