Solomon Beckette

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Clan: Brujah

Alias: Sol

Offices/Station: None

Abiding Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed

Fleeting Status: Loyal from Primogen Lucas Blair

Appearance: Sol is tall and large with short dark hair and blue eyes, usually dressed in blue jeans, a classic rock band T-shirt, and a red flannel jacket. He is rarely seen without a cigar in his mouth.

Notable Traits: Burning Wrath (When Active)

Concept: Pack Alpha

Solomons Bike.jpg

Mortal Life

  • 1924 Born the son of a cattle rancher outside San Antonio, Texas
  • 1935 Moves to New York city with family during the Great Depression
  • 1941 Joins the Marine Corp after the "Hooverville" in Central Park is torn down by the government
  • 1944 Wounded in Normandy during D Day
  • 1945 Wounded during the hard fighting in Germany just before the German surrender in May
  • 1947 Returns to New York City after the war and attempts a career in boxing
  • 1949 After a failed boxing career, ends up as muscle working for mafia bookies
  • 1950 Meets Temperence Valentine who aids him in getting out of trouble with the mob, ghouled that year

Kindred Timeline

  • 1953 Embraced January 1st, 1953 in New York City
  • 1958 Acknowledged by Prince Malcom Walker in Odessa, Texas
  • 2002 Sets up shop in Los Angeles, California
  • 2013 Arrives in Portland, Oregon, and meets Elders Laszlo Bako and Eileen Vargas
  • 2015 Sets up shop in Tri-Cities, Washington

  • "My childe. So far he has not been a disappointment. Let's hope he maintains this trend or he may have ME to deal with." - Temperence Valentine
  • "This man is loud, opinionated and has ran away from every fight I've seen him start. Why anyone would wish to share time with such a creature is beyond me. He is why everyone should have a manservant, like Winston, to keep tabs on him. It frees me up to deal with important things." - Mr. Christopher
  • "Having Solomon Beckette as a sire is like having Sam Elliot, Dirty Harry, John Wayne and Rocky all wrapped into one. It makes for an interesting ride and I'm never bored." - Jeska Deltish
  • "He goes on about getting 'Malkavianized.' I wonder if that means he secretly likes it?" - |Aaron Mitchell
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  • Solomon lives by a strick set of rules.

1. Fuck Natzis, Commies, hippies, Ventrue, and Democrats.
2. If it talks shit to ya, punch it in the face. If it keeps talkin' shit to ya, punch it in the face again. When it gets the idea, take its stuff.
3. If ya can't drink from it or fuck it, find a way to make some money off of it. If ya can do all three, that's the Trifecta and ya might think about ghoulin' her.
4. Never let yerself get Malkavianized.
5. Don't let obfuscate fool ya. Ya can't trust anything that crawls out of the sewers and don't smell like shit.
6. Don't piss off Elder Bako.
7. Don't play poker against Elder Vargas.
8. Find out what the Prince looks like before ya say shit like "Whose Mr. Gimpy?"
9. Don't tell Solomon when he is breakin' his own rules.
10. Always have some silver bullets around for big, fuzzy, critters. In fact, have lots of silver bullets around for big, fuzzy, critters. Few grenades don't hurt neither.
11. Never tell Solomon the odds.


  • If Sam Elliot played Han Solo and rode a motorcycle



  • Elders Bako and Vargas are the smartest Brujah he ever met.
Solomon Beckette

Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Tri-Cities, Wa.
Player: Kermit James
VST: 'Bobda' Jacob Kestner