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Sire: Carmina Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni

Notable Traits: Usually seen with a silver topped cane and top hat, Solomon dresses formally most nights. He normally carries some kind of esoteric item with him.

Titles: Magister of the Illuminated Order of the Key
Consiglieri of San Francisco and the greater Bay Area

Status: Recognized by the following:

--- Only characters with the Politics (Giovanni) Ability know of the following: ---

Giovanni Heritage: Proxy Kissed St. John

OOC Mechanics:

Location: Vallejo/Benicia California

  • not contested by Prince Loring
  • not contested by Prince Occam

History and Timeline

Historical Accounts

Solomon was born to English Immigrants to Boston, his father, Aleister St. John, a ghoul and his mother a Milliner Ghoul were sent to America to assist the Giovanni family. Solomon was educated and brought up to be well versed in the occult, and joined many different Secret Societies, including the Freemasons, and the Ancient Order of Odd Fellows.

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He attended college at Yale, and joined the Skull and Bones fraternity, specializing in the degree of Mathematics and Philosophy, and a minor in Library Science. He graduated with high honors.

When he turned 32, he was brought into the Giovanni family by Angelo Giovanni, he joined the secret order of the actual St. John family, and was tasked to look after one of the occult libraries.

After a few years, he would join the Illuminated Order of the Key, and begin his initiated path as a ghoul, which was rare, but he excelled and had guidance from others of his Family.

He was almost poached by the Tremere that time.

Clan Giovanni started to notice some of the problems stemming from such inbreeding over the years, there was a dearth in suitable candidates for ghouling, or embrace, those who weren't acceptable were sloppy, and prone to violence, especially in Chicago, or other places where gangster violence would become a rising problem. To solve this problem, the matchmakers of the family started looking to other family's within the Clan, and from this Solomon St. John became a favorite, he showed remarkable aptitude in his education, and was a natural adept at occult arts, even as a young boy. When he was sent to Yale University the Family began negotiations for him, Elders of the St. John family wanted to be sure that he spent at least the minimum 2 years with them before being incorporated into the family proper, after that, Solomon St. John became a very viable candidate to perform the family duty, to continue the line.

Solomon and Annamarie's Wedding.jpg

Annamarie Giovanni was a young and beautiful addition to the family, she was considered to be a rising star and an eventual candidate for embrace, she had fire in her, and a take no shit attitude. But she must be given the opportunity to do her duty for the Clan before that happens, lest she be considered sterile.

The family matchmaker selected Annamarie Giovanni and Solomon St. John to unite after a month of deliberation between the families, the arrangement would include Annamarie keeping her Giovanni last name, with Solomon keeping all of his assets upon ghouling, or embrace. This was agreeable at last, and they were wed in an respectable ceremony privately held in Venice. The newlyweds had never met until the night of the wedding, both were very nervous they would be stuck with someone who looked like a troll, or other undesirable traits. They were both pleasantly surprised.

They didn't get along at first, their temperaments seemed incompatible, but after the children started to become born, they became fond of each other, and even fell in love, with the mutual respect that each of them have a particular calling and method.

When Solomon was selected for embrace, he was removed from his wife Annamarie, and children Aleister and Antonia. Annamarie was financially taken care of with a huge nest egg, and the two of them remained in contact as often as they could, but they did live separate lives with the occasional visit.

The night before his embrace, they celebrated in another honeymoon type getaway, it would be the last time they would see each other for years.

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He continued on his studies, and was tasked to help hunt infernalists, after all, the family doesn't like competing for souls with Demons.

His Sire, Carmina Giovanni, was rewarded with the Proxy Kiss for Solomon, and she took him under her wing, he served as her Librarian until his release.

On his own, he researched the underworld, and the infernal, metaphysics and magic. Eventually he would be required to practice what he learned to defend himself.


Born: 1869 Feb 14
Graduated: 1899
Ghouled: 1902
Married: 1947
Embraced: 1957 April 4
Released: 1965


  • Great x7 Grandsire: Cappadocious †
  • Great x6 Grandsire: Japheth Cappadocious †
  • Great x5 Grandsire: Constancia †
  • Great x4 Grandsire: Ambrogino Giovanni
  • Great x3 Grandsire: Lucretia Giovanni
  • Great x2 Grandsire: Agostino Giovanni
  • Great Grandsire: Cesare Giovanni
  • Grandsire: Lodovico Giovanni
  • Sire: Carmina Giovanni
  • Sibling: Salvatore Giovanni
  • Sibling: Albert Milliner
  • Sibling: Giuseppe Giovanni
  • Sibling: Vitalia Giovanni


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((Allies May Add Themselves Here))

Words are Mere Shadows Cast by Ideas; but the Ideas They Represent are Real

Sigil of the Gateway.png
  • "Curses and Hexes, yeah, I know a thing or two about them." - Solomon St. John
  • "I admire the Camarilla, they have the strength of their convictions behind them, however, I do keep my promises." - Solomon St. John
  • "Clan Tremere? They once desired to take me for one of theirs, since then, we've had a great relationship." - Solomon St. John
  • "The Whispers in the darkness twist and whirl about this man's name. He is the secret keeper and the subtle death." - Angelo
  • "The man has more secrets than I think even he knows about. He's a fellow expert in the occult, and certainly has his uses...but hes always struck me as far too stiff. But...maybe that's just me." - Vitalia Giovanni
  • "So there we are, and all around us everyone's tooling up for a fight. Donna Sybil comes over to ask what we've got up our sleeves, and Solomon just looks at me, looks at her, and asks if we can get our hands on a cement mixer. Two hours and a couple of Louisville Sluggers later and we all had ourselves one hell of a night!" - Frankie Giovanni
  • "Solomon is quiet, like I am. He has the wisdom to know when to speak and when not to. This is rare and it is unfortunate that others do not follow his example." - Brenna Dunsirn
  • "Solomon is an interesting fellow. Almost taken by the Tremere, I've heard. Normally we wait much longer before Embracing so that we can ensure loyalty and quality. But in this case, I think we came out ahead with Solomon." - Gregori Giovanni
  • "I love my husband. Don't you ever fuckin' question that. Yeah, we had a time apart, but if you think that changed anything, you don't know us. That man is my everything and I swear to burn the first bitch that tries coming between us. Well... I'm trying to at least." - Annamarie Giovanni
  • "My goodness what a strange fellow, in a good way of course. Sir Elliot is correcting me, he said that my comment was rude. Oh yes Solomon, I met him through Sybil one night before painting San Francisco. Unfortunately we did not get to do much painting, it was mostly walking, drinking, walking, drinking, laughing, and really just staying up too late. I don't believe Solomon remembered most of the evening, but that's okay." - Charlotte Mikaelson
  • "Solomon gives good counsel and puts his best effort into everything he does. His pride won't let him do any less, and I admire that." - Salvatore Giovanni

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Whispers in the Dark

Occult Sigil.png
  • While he was still a ghoul, the Tremere clan attempted to poach him, causing the Giovanni to embrace him before they planned.
  • Founded a society to research the occult that transcends Clan and Sect lines
  • His first night under Donna Sybil Giovanni she tested his effectiveness, 20 Sabbat Vampires were rendered incapable and torpored two hours later. He passed.

((More Rumors Welcome))

OOC: Inspirations

  • Arthur Edward Waite - Occultist, Author
  • William Walker Atkinson - Occultist, Author
  • Paul Foster Case - Occultist, Author
  • James Jesus Angleton - Director of the CIA
  • Richard M. Bissell - Director of the CIA
  • Edward Wilson as depicted by Matt Damon in The Good Shepherd

OOC: Soundtrack


OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independents
City: San Francisco, Ca
Player: Woody Purdy
Storyteller: [mailto:]

Player Name: Woody P.
MES Number: US2002034807
Location: Sonoma County, CA

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