Sombra de Buho

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Esmeralda de Leon, Alpha

  • Auspice: Cahalith
  • Tribe: Bone Shadow
  • Aspect: War Howler

Rebekah 'Bex' Stone BETA

  • Auspice: Itheaur
  • Tribe: Hunters in Darkness

Pete Bogg

  • Auspice: Itheaur
  • Tribe: Bone Shadow

Ariella Lumen-Mendoza

  • Auspice: Irraka
  • Tribe: Iron Master

Sky Breyman

  • Auspice: Elodoth
  • Tribe: Storm Lord

Totem: Sombra de Buho

A shadow owl spirit of a once living native barn owl on the Island of Puerto Rico but was hunted till it was gone or the all the land was corrupted so that it could no longer support this species. This spirit is strong and kept alive by transforming into a spirit of loss & regret and shadows for the island native species of birds. This spirit knows much of the island past but it keeps those secrets well and only reveals when the time is right.



To the south and east of the island along the coast is a swamp area that bumps up against the mountains and this is the area controlled by the pack. There are a few native grave yards there and it is teeming with bird life in the part of the island and locals bring birds that they have found that are injured to have a safe place to heal. Minus the lands of the Zapatero family, which Yuisa took with her when she left the pack.


Sombra de Buho is our totem and our pack
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