Sophia Blackwood

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Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Conspiracy: The Social Contract
City: Colorado Springs, CO ••
Player: Sarah McGovern
Storyteller: Open

Sire: Richard Hamilton
Childe: Simply a rumour...

Probable Facts

~Was mistaken for a member of each Covenant during her long time Unaligned.
~Formerly a wanderer, she is now a resident of Colorado Springs.
~Has been granted domain by Prince Stanley, reinforced by Prince Dragos.
~Very private individual regarding her past.
~Known to collect and offer boons.

Rumours and Innuendo

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~"Mercy" isn't just the middle name she's using... it's what people beg for when she goes after them.
~She attempted to seduce Damien Mastersen into giving her his scarf.
~She has been carrying on a torrid affair with Oral Wright for over a century.
~She refuses to join a Covenant because she's making up for her Sire changing his.
~She refuses to join a Covenant because none have asked her; they expect her to ask them.
~She has a Childe who is masquerading as being much older than they are.
~She collects boons to pay off gambling debts.
~She dodged Czesare Dragos when he was Seneschal, because he wouldn't stop trying to get her to join the Invictus. One he was Prince, she had no choice.


~"I'll bet you..." to so many people.
~"I have never been overly fond of any Kindred whom claims to be Unaligned. For the most part, it speaks to a certain lack of commitment and conviction that is a desirable and necessary trait in our society. In the case of Ms. Blackwood, however, I have determined that it is not a *lack* of commitment or conviction that has driven her to resist all attempts at recruitment into one of the great covenants, but rather a very distinct set of standards and criteria that must be met before she will consider joining. She is of a most discerning taste, and I look forward to the day that she rises above the label given her as Unaligned and takes her proper place among our kind. Richard Hamilton chose his childe well." - Czesare Dragos

OOC Stuff

Musical inspiration -
~Lorde "Royals"
~Pistol Annies "Hell on Heels"