Southern Comfort

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Southern Comfort: Modern Outlaws, Following Wild Turkey

War is the ultimate game because war is at last a forcing of the unity of existence. War is god." — Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian

An odd bunch, to be sure, the Garou of Southern Comfort came from all different walks of life: A solid corps of Appalachian rednecks, a couple of Lupus, an Irish brewer, a retired New York city cop, and a strange and mysterious teen-aged girl. They traveled far and wide, bringing the war to the Wyrm around the Globe. Terrifying and fearless, brave and more than a little bit stupid, Southern Comfort was a tornado of destruction bearing down on the trailer park of the Wyrm.

The pack was wiped out in the battle to destroy the Unmaker in the frozen wastes of Alaska. Without enough survivors to constitute a formal pack, the story of Southern Comfort passed into legend even as the two survivors fell into the depths of Harano.


Where They've Been

Pfddot.pngPuerto Rico


  • The whole pack has a "Shoot now, questions later" mentality. It's gotten them into scrapes more times than they can collectively count.
  • Dreams with Spirits left the pack on good terms to pursue his own agenda within the Uktena.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Pfddot.pngNial Erikson, Strikes the Strings
Pfddot.pngMeagan Greene, Beyond All Doubt
Pfddot.pngLorne Macpherson, Unsubtle Victory
Pfddot.pngCharlotte Logan, Guardian's Pride
Pfddot.pngMichael Sullivan, Streams of Whiskey
Pfddot.pngMorganna MacManus, Little Red