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"Oh, come on. If you can't laugh at the walking dead, who can you laugh at?"

SpecterHero.jpg Even for a Corax, Specter has always been a bit of an odd duck. He fell into the supernatural world really early, and fell hard. If you believe everything he says, he got plopped into the middle of the Ratkin War and ended up tagging along with a Garou War Pack. He survived the war, and can still manage top find humor, in everything. After several years of wandering (Flying?) around he came back home.

Specter, like many Corax, loves to talk. Not everything that comes out of his mouth makes sense at first, but those who are willing to look past his random jokes can find some intelligence underneath. He also loves tagging along with Garou, or "Big Furry Death Machines" as Specter is fond of calling Garou. Now if he does it for the fight, the thrill or just the story is anyone's guess.


  • Married to the Garou Dr. Emma Bailey
  • He tends to talk to himself a lot. He claims he speaks to ghosts.
  • Is a HUGE comic book & gaming geek, and is rarely seen without something from those worlds.
  • Is obsessed with dead things, even more than shiny things.
  • Is a sucker for a good story, especially when it comes from a unique perspective.
  • Has a tuff of white hair, the mark of Lion from the second assault in Alaska.
  • Bears the mark of I'wai
  • Survived 9 years of riding Anthelios, his body covered in scars as a result.



  • His ghost talking is pure BS. It is either him puffing himself up as something bigger or it is scars from the war.
  • He knows a lot more secrets than he tells...
  • He has some member of his family stuck in a state of endless death, he tries to understand ghosts to hopefully find a way to free them.
  • Have you seen 'The Crow'? You should, it'll help you understand Corax.
  • Sometimes explodes near leeches, or from inside Formori.
  • To Be Added.


  • "You can't get mad at the Corvids...they're too damn helpful. Like the rest of them, Specter's Flight tends to talk to much, but damn if he ain't helpful." - Returns the Faith
  • "I have saved the eyes of those beasts I have killed. Each in turn offered Prayer. Enjoy." - Atum's Pride
  • "Useful, and sweet actually. A lot of people find him irritating, but I have twin toddlers...a Corax isn't that different, just more useful." - Tia
  • "Yes Specter's Flight may come across as a bird stalker from time to time, but you would be a fool to underestimate him. He sees more than he lets on and is always watching." - Suicide Run
  • "I do not question his intellect, his dedication to what is right, or his passion for what he believes in. Those are, without question, exemplary. I do regularly question his taste in friends." - Brigid
  • "Specter never gives himself enough credit. He does great things for the nation,yet doesn't seem to recognize this in himself. I hope eventually I can make him see in himself, what I and many others see in him." - Dr. Emma Bailey
  • "He's proven himself, time and time again. Out of all the Fera, this one I would speak for. However, the eyeball thing still weirds me out." - Simona Decebal
  • "This bird is chill as fuck, while still being a spitfire when it comes to things he cares about. I dig it." - Kat
  • "Dude has been through some shit, props to the mutha clucka." - Alvarez
  • "The Corax and the Striders tend to share a lot of similar traits, so it's easy for us to speak highly of them in general, however, Specter is a different echelon of corvid. Competent, brave, smart; that bird's everything you'd want in an ally on a mission." Qena
  • "There is a saying among some of my kinfolk. "May the Raven pierce you." Know that this means that death will come to you: for the Raven consumes the flesh of the dead." "Among the Orphans I will call you Heart Piercer, and we will know what it means." Amun's Promise
  • "Man, you guys do some fucked up shit. Now don't get me wrong, it's some good shit, but it's some seriously fucked up shit. - Specter to Dylan and Berkowski, in reference to the Shadow Lords
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Apocalypse PC

Player: Gary Hicks
Character: Specter's Flight
Fera: Corax
Renown: 5 Glory 14 Wisdom 5 Honor
Domain: AL-001-D
VST: Seth Steele