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Name: Spencer
Aliases: Spencer Stanwood, if one is truly insistent on a last name.
Clan: Toreador

Abiding Status

  • Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
  • Noble as Primogen of Cleveland

Fleeting Status

  • Honorable by Toreador Jayne Joyce, Harpy of Austin, TX
  • Favored by Elder Toreador Russel Capet, Harpy of Ellicott City, MD
  • Favored by Elder Malkavian Delilah Prince of Kalamazoo, MI
  • Favored by Elder Nosferatu Sphinx of Toledo, OH
  • Courteous by Elder Toreador Franziskus Winter Prince of Richmond, VA

Notable Traits:

  • Exceptional painter
  • Has a knack for receiving the benefit of the doubt
  • Dresses for the occasion and looks quite good
  • Generally neutral in political endeavors

Title or Position:


Spencer was a Baby Boomer and entered the Kindred scene in 1969 in Chicago where he spent most of his time before its fall.

In the 70s he spent most his time in Chicago establishing his artistic abilities catching the eye of more than a few kindred patrons.

The 80s saw Spencer traveling more frequently, including several visits to Indianapolis (while the Elders of Chicago were duking it out in the Council Wars) that abruptly stopped shortly after Roy Vanhook crashed onto the scene.

1993 was not a good year for Spencer as Chicago fell. After that he moved to Mt. Pleasant to focus on his art for the remainder of the decade.

The new millennium brought a lot of new and varied connections for the neonate. His talent as a painter had caught many Kindred's attention who commissioned him to create pieces for them. He did a tour through Europe. He established himself as the Toreador Primogen of the Michigan Imperium and as a painter of masterpieces.

His artistic talent and Toreador gifts have gained him recognition in several cities across the country. Spencer settled in the Sixth City in the Spring of 2014. His profile has continued to grow leading to him being named Toreador Steward in the Spring of 2015.

Hosted the largest event in recent history in Cleveland in July of 2016. Only to be "roasted" a few months later by a harpy.


Rise and Fall
A 24 ft. by 8 ft. panoramic of the Chicago skyline, starting on the left with buildings that are charred and broken from the Great Chicago fire, and painted in sepia tones. As the viewer moves right, the buildings slowly begin to modernize from the 19th Century buildings to the 20th Century skyscrapers, becoming more majestic and brilliantly colored until about 20 feet of the way across when the buildings begin to crack and degrade, becoming more and more decrepit, the painting at the end of the piece is in eerie greens and darker tones.

Those with advanced Auspex or greater can see Toreador figures painted into the scene, adding beauty to their surroundings. The viewer may find Maria reclining across some of the more opulent buildings or a graceful looking Anabelle with her arms stretched over the most majestic part of the skyline, or Portia with a powerful presence, simply walking behind the skyline where things have begun to degrade. The Toreador figures end with Portia, and in the most decrepit parts of the city at the end of the painting, have been replaced with lupines running about in the street, with horrible looking wolfish faces and with hands bathed in green flames snarling above the once magnificent city.
Crafts/Painting x5

The Queen's Gambit
A simple gold ring boasting two canary diamonds of considerable size, inscribed on the inside of the ring is the word "Milady."
Crafts/Jewelry x5

A winter scene that first glance looks like a young man is being forcibly blown by the wind. While this is entirely possible, it might also be possible that he's choosing to be ​swept up, to see where the gale will take him in the confusion.
Crafts/Painting x7

Die Einsame Tänzerin (The Lonely Dancer)
This life-sized, fully articulated mechanical ballerina is truly a marvel of engineering. She is so balanced and graceful, her movements so fine and fluid, that she could match the best dancer among mortals. She is adorned in a delicate, pure white classical tutu with blue beading arranged in sworls that are reminiscent of unfurling rose blossoms. These patterns continue up the right side of her bodice for an organic, asymmetrical effect. The dancer’s painted “skin” is just imperfect enough, with almost imperceptible variations in color and texture, to make her appear very nearly alive. Only her static, frozen facial expression betrays her true nature; for no heart beats in her chest, no dreams dwell behind her eyes, no feeling or passion animates her movements. She is at once a beautiful and painful reminder of the lovely lie all kindred live. (A collaboration with Franziskus Winter and Mariah Buchanan exhibited at the 2015 Toreador Ball) Crafts/Clockwork x7, Crafts/Painting x7, Crafts/Costuming x8


  • "You are valuable - not just for what you can do for the Camarilla as an artist or a political entity, but for your character. You demonstrate courage, compassion, and an enormous sense of duty in your choices. You contain enormous potential for life and for growth. I entreat you not to hide your light under a basket, ensuring your survival at the expense of your opportunity to live. Kindred are not immortal creatures, as much as we like to believe. We are - all of us - dying things. We must, therefore, live as though death could come to us at any time, in order to be free from fear and to love and find meaning in the life that we have left." - Adeline Bellamy
  • "He is an excellent conversationalist, has good timing, and undervalues his own contribution and worth." - Archon Alicia Vangelista
  • "Beyond just being a very talented painter, insightful creatures should pay attention to this young man. His attention to detail and ability to identify a scandal when he sees it make him quite an up and comer." - Alonso Gutierrez
  • "He has a business acumen that I admire. You will, however, lose all your money if you play against him at Poker." - Angelo
  • "Hands don't kill. Will kills." - Angus Hudson
  • "Spencer? He is rather amusing to be around. I know that if he is at a gather that I am attending, I will no doubt be privy to some of the most hilarious catty comments I have ever heard.." - Ashe
  • "He certainly figured out this Camarilla thing faster than I have. But, I bet he still can't enter the land of the dead"- Baron Cimetiere
  • "My sire sensed a great potential in Spencer, and it was not unfounded. He may be quiet, he may seem of little import. Keep this in mind: that which yields is not always weak." - Cate Pershing
  • "He is useful to have at your disposal." - Clarence Charles Merrick
  • "There is no quicker way to get on my bad side than doing anything to frustrate the most darling Steward of the Toreador. He is a light in the darkness. A precious flower among ferns. He is the logical part of my brain when my heart has run off with itself. Only the extremely stupid or extremely brave will so much as ruffle the hair on his head for he is as dear to me as my own children." - Clémence deMontes
  • "Spencer's indifference for you is what will save you from your own foolishness" - Edward O'Neill
  • "Any other man would have been disemboweled by now. But this one, this Mr. Spencer, has survived abduction, humiliation, and Family Game Night. He has a powerful God on his side, and I will not kill any man with friends of that sort." - Einhardt Wagner
  • "I'm going to need to ask him for tips on climbing the political ladder. He's has a knack for wracking up status without getting into a single fight."- Erica Kain
  • "I can't quite tell if he gets into as much trouble as he does because he thinks it's fun, he's made that many enemies, or he just enjoys giving the Clan Head a figurative heart attack. Maybe it's all three." - Ethan Sullivan
  • "Young Spencer has latent gifts to share with the world. I am indeed excited to watch him discover and enjoy them." - Franziskus Winter
  • "I cannot think of a Toreador less interested in talking fashion with me. Has he no interest in looking good?" - Gregory Knight
  • "Oh, HIS notebook... I'm pretty sure its a Death Note and whoever's name he writes in it gets torpored soon after.." - Hex
  • "The only thing more fun than enjoying Spencer's company is hearing what is said outside of it. I wonder what it would take to get #TheLegendofSpencer trending..." -Isabella Rossellini
  • " He chooses no sides, makes no waves. He stays under the radar yet rakes in the status. Something is up with this one." - Isobel O'Neill
  • "I enjoy seeing a man play the ingenue for me, with such perfection. He's as helpless as I am." - Jayne Joyce
  • "Have you seen his notebook?! He carries that thing everywhere! I heard that is the source of his power. It must be like that briefcase in Pulp Fiction... do you think it has souls in it?" - Jinx
  • "Shame he spends so much time on his art. As he ages I pray he realizes that only politics really matter." - Julian Maxwell
  • "A sun to my star. I appreciate all those that flock around his warmth as I shine distantly." - Lark McPhee
  • "He can get me a painting of extraordinary quality? What's he going to do, refer me to someone?" - Lydia Brooks
  • "We are told that the meek shall inherit the earth. I say, 'good for Spencer'...I will focus my attentions on the afterlife." - Martin Shallow
  • "In the precise and costly art of politics, young Spencer is master artiste; with each stroke of his verbal brush he creates a priceless work of truth. I look forward to when we will see each other again"- Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek
  • "All hail Spencer the Great!" - Nil
  • "Beside the many talents he possesses, Spencer himself is a dear gift." - Orenna
  • "I do not see it yet. Perhaps in time I will get the fascination my peers and betters have with this neonate." - Reading Gaol
  • "If on first glimpse, you see the sad, disgusting caricature of our clan, a clan thought to be shallow, even hollow, and gilded. A clan of wimps and posers. If you think Spencer is one of THESE, then congratulations on having working eyes." - Roy Vanhook
  • "Every crook likes to say that what they do is an art form but with Spencer it's the literal truth." - Salvatore Giovanni
  • "Spencer's friggin' adorable, by the way. Caught him gawking at the dress I picked out for the event, but that was kinda why I wore that dress in the first place. Still, after a while, you learn how to be, um, well, less obvious about it, I guess? Once the new kid smell wears off, he'll do just fine, I think." - Scarlett Thorne in conversation with Mal Walker while deeply into her cups
  • "Spencer is one of a kind. It's no surprise that the Elders tell so many tales of grandeur about him. I look forward to seeing what's in store as our paths continue to cross." - Sebastian Cross
  • "That's not a good use of resources." - Spencer
  • "Congratulations on your...promotion." -Temperence Valentine
  • "As near as I can tell, Spencer has done exactly two things of value in his pathetic existence. Still, I have no issues doing business with him." - The Right Reverend
  • "Dangerous, don't let that babyface fool ya." - Tito
  • "When we met we could have been the quickest rivals, but in truth we became the fastest friends. I hope for him, as I hope for myself, that our rising stars do not burn out before we've had our fill. What kinder wish could friend or foe have for one so clever as Spencer?" - Toby Dior
  • "The endless night is a constant battleground. Many fight it with claws and swords, bullets and bayonets. Few have the single greatest weapon of all... patience. He sees what is done, and endures it for the sake of what will be, not to avenge seeming slights or self-deifying nonsense. A pawn, indeed... but one with forbearance... which makes him as potentially deadly as a King." - Torquil
  • This young man of my clan has the rare and interesting distinction of surviving the fall of the Windy City. Then, he chose to come here, which is also very interesting, particularly since he vocally emphasizes his inability to engage in physical confrontation." - Veronica Devries
  • "Herr Stanwood has far exceed my expectations as Steward. I will not tell you what those expectations originally were." - Viveka von Daun
  • "It might be said that the measure of a Toreador is his dedication and resolve in the pursuit of his art. Spencer Stanwood is driven by his art as many of the Moon are driven to prophesy. I do not know whether he does painting en plein air, as that may be a limited approach in the night. But if he were to, I suspect the sun could not drive him from his purpose before he had completed a portrait of the sunrise." - Walter Jones, a.k.a. Walter the Grey
  • "Spencer was going to be my partner in crime..." - Zoe De Medici
  • "Your Quote Here" - you

  • Spencer is terrified to go on dates, but looks exceptional naked.
  • While openly against fighting, when trapped in a corner in Chicago, recently, Spencer fought his way out with no mercy, how else would he gain the favor of the Under-Prince and a childe of Camilla Baines?
  • Is in a decades long feud with Roy Vanhook a Toreador in a neighboring domain about whether his art form is art or destruction of property.
  • In an effort to knock Roy Vanhook down a few notches, Spencer hired an Assamite to mar his face.
  • Spencer can paint memories of people, some say more vividly than they could remember themselves.
  • Has the real Mona Lisa in his collection.
  • He goes where the Lupine are and returns without a scratch.
  • He has no emotions.
  • Doesn't do the magic thing, not remotely interested even though he and Zoe De Medici are often seen together, something about it just doesn't stick with him.
  • Has taken a hiatus from painting?
  • The real reason that Roy Vanhook and Spencer disagree is a matter of more of an intimate kind.
  • Inadvertently helped Torquil win a Symbel duel by pursuing a mysterious woman at the ball in Nashville.
  • Spencer is an expert in matters of the heart.
  • Nagging suspicions linger as to his skills with Dementation. Whispers circulate he systematically destroys the psyches of non-pillar Kindred he finds distasteful.
  • When his hand is held out, you can't help but feel a part of your soul being sucked away. Has he been conspiring with the Giovanni?
  • Did he seriously pass out cookies at the Grand Conclave in Roanoke, simply because Clan Head deMontes handed out candy at the conclave in Atlanta?
    • Yes, and the cookies were amazing.
  • Someone has been working with him to help him rediscover the ability to feel passion.
    • Could that be why his hand found it's way into the back pocket of a strapping young Ventrue's pants with a "special reminder"?
  • Depending who you ask Spencer is quite capable with a paintbrush, staking numerous Sabbat and other enemies of the Tower.
  • Spencer's loyalty to the Tower is so great, that Princes will shed blood for him.
  • Spencer wore a most unexpected costume to the "Come as you Aren't" event held in San Juan, question is who did it come from?
  • Spencer is the Chuck Norris of Clan Toreador.
  • Spencer was stripped of all the fleeting status he had in one night, but like a Phoenix rising from the ashes earned most of it back the next night.
  • SpencerThePrincess.jpg



Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Cleveland, OH
Player: Michael P.
VST: Phil H.

Player: Michael P.
MES Number: US2012030059
Location: Mt. Pleasant, MI

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