Spencer The Younger

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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Vancouver, BC -
Player: Ray C
Storyteller: Darryll de Villiers

This page is is a freaking work in progress. So, if you don't like it, I'm certain the comments and suggestion box are open. Just flush the toilet.

About Spencer the Younger

Name: Lawrence of Arabia. Learn to read. Seriously.

Clan: Look at me. Oh, wait you can't. Let me do some shadow puppets for you. See... doggy. Look at the doggy. Grr. Grr.

Sect: Camarilla

Born: None of your business. Now push off already.

Embraced: If you show me yours... thanks for the freebee. Mine costs more then you got to see.

Generation: Ha.

Abiding: Acknowledged
Fleeting: Loyal

Notable Traits:
-When you talk with me. You. Not me. You hear the voices of the dead whispering to you. It's that itch you can not scratch, that almost sneeze. Barely audible, taunting. You know they have something important to say. Why? Because you are crazy.
- I smell like birds. All the time.
- I wear a cloak fashioned form strips of animal skins. Well, they could be animal skins. It's all covered in grime, mud and yuck. You're pretty certain it's made of animal skins.
- I look like that man you saw on the street. He had dark hair. Dark complexion. Spoke with a Canadian, English, Samoan accent, and had a toy poodle... this month.

Title or Position: Nothing you care about.

Insert the name of someone you like here: Lineage

  • Lineage: This will cost you a Major Boon.
  • Sire:
  • Sibling:
  • Sibling:
  • Childe:
  • Childe:
  • Grandchilde:
  • Children:

Whispered in the Very Dark: The Word on Spencer the Younger

The word on me? What is this some section where I talk about how awesome I am? My troubled childhood? My lost drunken auntie who sent me strange postcards from her Amazonian escapades with aboriginal South Americans during the Second World war? Or perhaps I divulge how my kitten Muffin Cookie Tummies loved to lick my toes when I was five, but I stuck a pencil in her butt to see if she was a pencil sharpener and then she had to go to the vet, but never came back. Give me a break.

Those Who Know, Know: Allies, Associates and Enemies

Coterie Members


As you can see right now I have no friends.
Most people don't have the stomach to be friends with a Nos.
Most people can't stay in a room with a Nos for more then the time it takes to leave the room.
Just saying.


You see that shadow over there? No, the one to the left. Damn it. It's right there. Fine. That shadow is my Associate. She doesn't like it when you are mean to me, lie to me, or make fun of my clothes. So, you watch it. Just keep looking at it. Cause when you stop. My associate will have a few choice words with you. I'm leaving now. You annoy me.


I am really tired of people putting the Effing Sabbat as their enemy. That's like graffitiing on the washroom stall door that you hate your science teacher.

Screw that.
Ockham is my enemy! There you go. How's that for putting it out there. OCKHAM!!!! Envision an epic Wrath of Khan moment there Internet Deewbs.
Yaroslav... if you read this or something. Try not to freak out. OCKHAM!!! Envision that same moment but from the Trek remake.

Those Who Don't, Don't: Rumours

  • Really? Are you kidding me. Sure go ahead. Whatever.

What the People Say: Quotes about Spencer the Younger

If you put something here, it had better be awesome, otherwise I'm going to editorial it.


The dripping sound of your filth being washed down into the abyss of sewers and darkness. You really think I have time to listen to the monkey sounds that mortals call music?
Okay, I do. But that knowledge will cost you a Major Boon.


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