Sphinx's Chosen

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Character Information

Name: Brigid

Deed Name: Sphinx's Chosen

Race: Bastet

Pryio: Twilight

Rank: Tilau

Notable Traits:

  • Short, red hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Nondescript hoodie, jeans, and sneakers
  • Has two spirit marks
    • Bastet Glyph from Hong Kong on the back of her neck
    • Bite of I'wai on her left shoulder
  • No scent
  • Graceful


Words Overheard

  • "Blades - the new percussion instrument."
  • "Both of our reputations would be hopelessly sullied. If anyone asks, I tried to eat him." - when discussing the 'importance' of hiding her friendship with a certain Corax
  • "When last I checked, the name given to me for my actions was 'Sphinx's Chosen,' not 'Pied Piper of Hamelin.' I have no mystic ability to manipulate Rats. Life would be vastly more entertaining if I did."
Character Image

- Image to be posted eventually -


  • "She is a woman bound by her word and knows great honor." - Ray "Serpentsbane" Fullbringer
  • "An enigma... I think... Not a sister yet, but family none the less." - Lilly "Bloodstone" McGrory
  • "Chosen and Bless by a Spirit is great Honor. Not many get to understand such a joy and responsibility." - Trail Blazer
  • "Marry me." - Jacob Redding
  • "This is the one cat I can actually trust. If you know us ravens, you should understand how big that statement is." - Specter's Flight
  • "Specter likes her. Thats good enough for me." - Dr. Emma Bailey
  • "Only new beginnings. Its always a new beginning." - Hawt Garbage
  • "This warrior operates under a burden like few others I've encountered. She is as capable a healer as a warrior, and as stalwart a friend. I'll miss her when one of us is gone..." - Nicolae Dacla
  • Feel free to add one!


  • Looks an awful lot like Sarah. Maybe a younger sister?
  • She may look 17, but she's definitely older than she looks.
  • Wait... is this a Cat that Rat actually likes?
  • A certain Sphinx might've called her 'little cousin.'
  • Feel free to add one!

OOC Information
Player Name: Rowan Artemis - E-mail
MES Number: US2012040072
Domain: Atlanta, GA - City Wiki
VST: Charlie R. - ST E-mail
RC: Chris Roberts - RC E-mail