Spirals of White

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Sophie Deal

Deed Names:
Spirals of White (Cliath)
Builds Harmony (Fostern)
Blessing of the Otter (Spirit Quest)

Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Child of Gaia
Pack: Pathwalkers
Notable Traits: Natural Channel, Burned Out, Mark of the Predator, Strict Carnivore, Nightmares, White Ram's Horns

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Glory: 3
Honor: 4
Wisdom: 8



Sophie Deal

Player: Daphne J.
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Child of Gaia
Rank: Fostern
Sept: Looking Glass Sept
VST: David B.

The Metis

"I have not yet met with a sorrow that could not be born, nor with one whose passing did not leave me stronger."
— Kathryn L. Nelson

The Horns: Regardless of the from she takes, Sophie always has large ivory hued ram's horns that curl around at each side of her head. These horns are lovingly decorated with many strands of beads that vary in color and shape, that are said to be reminders of all the important things in her life. Small items of chiminage are often hung from these horns as well, including little vials of water, bark, bags of ash and other natural items all bound together with twine.

In Lupus: She is a long and lanky pure white wolf with plush fur, and light amber hued eyes. The overall look is very similar to the Arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos) with the slender build of her frame that is smaller than other wolf breeds and the narrow shape of her skull. The main distinct differences are that her lower jaw is wider, the rear canines are larger, and her legs are longer than those of the Arctic wolf breeds. Sophie clearly does not possess any of the pure-bred traits associated with the Children of Gaia, nor does she truly physically match any of the other tribes of the nation. Yet, her form lacks the wolf-dog hybridization features and molted coloration that is common in mixed breeding.

In Homid:

In Crinos:

Marks and Battle-Scars:


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Family, History, Life

"Depression is a battle against the heart dying."
— Unknown

Dances with Hope - Child of Gaia - Lupus
Cecil Deal - Child of Gaia - Lupus - Ahroun

Born from unknown origins.

The Many Voices

"Not all who wander are lost." — J.R.R. Tolkien

Pfddot.png"Some might consider the choice of a Metis an odd one for a pack who picks and chooses their members with care. But the Metis have a special understanding of Gaia, and as a Child of Unicorn, she is twice enlightened. Not to mention, you must admit, her horns are spectacular."Returns the Faith
Pfddot.png"From the moment I first watched her interact with the more...vocally opinionated members of the Nation I knew she was someone I wanted to get to know better. I could not be more proud of the Garou my packmate is becoming."Thunder's Reason
Pfddot.png"Spirals is a garou wise beyond her years. I look forward to seeing her rise in renown among the Nation."Jingles all the Way
Pfddot.png"Sophie has consistently reminded me that I am out of balance, and far from the wisest individual at any gathering. I don't know if she knows how much I value both of those lessons, but I hope to hold her good regard, even if I am occasionally infuriating to her. There is much I can yet learn from her wisdom."Wisdom of Babel
Pfddot.png"I've always had this idea that I'd die for my people and do so with a smile on my face. But my sister's the first to make me want to live for my people instead. Sophie doesn't smile much, but when I get her to I remember what living for is all about." - Cecil Deal
Pfddot.png"She is wise and caring and many other things to be admired. I will always regret causing her pain. And many other things."Damian Voice of Themis
Pfddot.png"I don't know her well; in fact, we've never been formally introduced. But she fought at my side when the Black Spirals of Puerto Rico tried to form their Hive, and that deserves respect and gratitude in equal measure. There's more than that, though. I'm watchful of her. I know that she is packmate to Pari Returns the Faith-Rhya and Dylan Thunder's Reason-Rhya, and the company she keeps speaks some interesting things. But there are... whispers. Whispers and inklings. I wonder what has passed between she and Damian Voice of Themis-Rhya? I wonder what still might pass between them."Tiercel Twice-Sworn
Pfddot.png"Sophie is a beautiful soul. She's creative, kind, and just...amazing. I have never met a Metis that I have so thoroughly approved of as I do her. I would be lost in the Elysian Fields without her help." - Tia Finn
Pfddot.png"I really like this wolf. She is kind, despite the fact that our lives tend to put a grim view of the world upon us. And she is patient enough to put up with me, that would almost make her a Saint. And besides... how many Garou can claim they were an OTTER!" - Specter's Flight
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Sophie Speaks

Pfddot.png Returns the Faith - "For as much as we are alike at times, Pari and I should be related. Blood or not, she is my alpha and my packmate, and that makes her family. I'll try not to disappoint her."
Pfddot.png Thunder's Reason - "Dylan has a darkness that he carries. I do not know if it goes as deep as mine can at times, but I find a sense of brotherhood in the fact that he understands."
Pfddot.png Wisdom of Babel - "I didn't know what to think of Noah when I first met him, just another garou in the sea of the nation. Then he spoke and he taught me what courage is. I don't have it, but I hope that at least one day in my miserable life I can have the courage this garou possesses."
Pfddot.png Voice of Themis - "I do not know if it was his voice or his antlers that caught my attention first, but it is his confidence and grace that has stayed with me. I sense a kinship between us, but only time will tell."

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Tales of Renown