Travels the Righteous Path

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

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Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Silver Fangs
Breed: Homid
Pack: Molten
Sept: Sept of Roadrunner's Promise
Rank: Athro
Glory: ••••• •••••
Honor: ••••• •••
Wisdom: ••••
Player: Bryan Himebaugh
Storyteller: DMH Garou VST

Character Information

Name: Charles Roberts

Deed Name: Travels the Righteous Path, formerly Stands With Honor, formerly Grey Skies, formerly Gaia's Defiance

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Silver Fang

Pack: Molten

Notable Traits: Pure Breed x3, Missing Left Eye, White Woad lines on his right cheek.


"All-American" is what people said.

"He's an all-american boy, plays football, gets good grades."

"He's such a sweet kid" "Wouldn't hurt a fly."

But they don't know.

They don't know what it was like the first time the rage gripped me, and spun me into an uncontrollable fury. You see nothing but red. Smell nothing but copper and fear as claw rend and tear tender flesh.

Then it's over. It's over and you're standing in a circle of blood and gore of people you once called friends. The girl you love is a furious rage of claws and fur as well, and you're horrified. Terrified. You have no idea that you were supposed to shift...and then you do. You Firsted..and instead of the elation of the strength of your Gaian blood you're appalled...because you've half eaten the boys you played football with. The rest have fled in horror and you as she comes to her senses and shifts back down to Human shape.

Blue eyes meet brown and you both know your lives are forever changed.

My name is Charles Roberts. My family always called me dad is Charles too. No one wanted to the confusion on who was getting yelled at.

And this is my story.

I was raised in Ohio. A normal kid...mostly. I mean I was Silver Fang Kin, so my life was always a little strange, but mostly normal. My family is the typical nuclear family. Mom and Dad, Brother and Sister. We’ll leave out one of my parents regularly turned into a giant clawed death machine.

My best friend was Riannon. She was perfect, and I’d known her since I was practically in diapers. We spent endless summers together as kids. We were friends as teens, and high school was an obnoxious monstrosity we tackled together.

And I loved her. I always loved her. From the ash blond hair, and those big blue eyes, to the dimple that made her smile slightly crooked. She was accident prone and graceful all at once. Smart, though utterly absent minded. She my world, perfection.

Neither of us expected the change.

After we Firsted she was a Theurge, and I an Ahroun. We were cubs together. Our personal lives ended as the sept put us into training to learn to be Garou. Six months of learning, fighting, practicing, shifting….Garou Education….Riannon and I called it Garou Kindergarten. The other Cubs weren't as prepared as Silver Fang Kin are. We already knew a lot of it, so we mostly worked on learning how to shift, how to step sideways, and how to fight.

We went through our Rite of Passage on the same day. She came back exhausted, but she came back with a Name. My Ria became Voice of the Storm. I came back the same day as a Warrior of Gaia, and I was Named too, I was no longer the nameless Silver Fang Cub. I was Gaia’s Defiance, Cliath of the Silver Fangs, born on Two Legs under a Full Moon.

We formed a pack with a couple of the other new Cliaths that we were cubs with. I stood as Alpha, Voice of the Storm as my Beta.

In general our pack was efficient, young...but efficient. We knew our place as a war pack.

When it came time for my Fostern challenge, I went to the Sept alpha, and challenged. Riannon did too. My job was to plan and execute the assault on a BSD hive with my Pack as the lead war pack.

The assault was a success...but not without huge losses on our side.

My pack was slaughtered. They fought heroically, valiantly...but they weren’t a match for the BSD’s. Misinformation had not counted the sheer numbers of BSD’s..or the power of their totem.

After the battle was done, I searched for her.

I knew she had gone down, I didn’t know where.

When I found her...I felt my soul ripped from my body. I was already barely alive, but she was worse. I gathered her up in my arms, her broken and torn body. There was nothing I could do...I am not a healer...I’m a weapon.

The world dimmed around me, and narrowed to the dying star in my arms. I felt the rush of healing through me, as she brought my face to hers.

I remember the sound of my voice, the sight of my tears falling on her cheeks, and the feel of her fingers brushing them away.

I kissed her for the first time as she drew her last breath, taking my soul with her back into the cycle. Taking everything I lived and fought for.

In that moment I died with her, and my howl of mourning was heard throughout the city as rain began to fall.

I became Grey Skies.

Then went mad for a while.

I think I still am. I still hear her voice on the wind, and the rain is her tears. I catch the sweetness of her scent at times...and it hurts...more than I can express. More than I can deal with.

And so I left. I left behind the memory of the pack I grew from Cub to Fostern with. The woman I’d known since childhood. My family.

I roamed.

And now I am in Phoenix, where the fight for survival is minute to minute, and there is work to be done. Because when I die I go back into the cycle, and only then do I rejoin Riannon.

Because if I’m going to die, I’m taking them all with me.


  • "He does what is necessary, even when it isn't pretty. I can appreciate that. He's not bad for a Silver Fang." - Bad Moon Rising
    • "I have a respect for him that I have never had for a Silver Fang before. He is a good Alpha, and I would follow his lead into the depths of hell itself." - Bad Moon Rising
  • "There is greatness in him, but he must realize that all that has been lost wasn't taken to punish him. It was taken to teach him. Each step, each loss, and each victory is Gaia providing the path to where she feels he belongs. She will not remove his will, but she will wait for him to see what he must. Grey Skies has seen and felt much, Gaia has blessed him. The only question that remains is if he will see it or ignore it in favor of the darkness that hovers over his eyes." - Stands His Ground
  • "Sometimes it's easier to forget the love of Gaia, but I don't think he is ready to be lost to us yet." - Renews Hope
  • "I can appreciate the value of a warrior that does what he must to succeed. But these are not the sort remembered for being great kings. But great conquerors. He is what he must to endure his trials. I only pray he is wise enough to remember that what is necessary is not always what is right." - Steel Vice Bite


  • He's locked in a death struggle with Harano.
  • He's going to be requesting the rite to change Auspices, Philodox suits him best.
  • He won't fight a battle he won't win.
  • Found new hope in a lost Totem.
  • He is impartial to a fault, he failed a packmate on their challenge for rank.

Tales Told


OOC Information

Player: Bryan Himebaugh

MES Number: US2005043360

Location: Phoenix, AZ