Steel Vice Bite

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Apocalypse PC

Player: Jeff Holland
Character: Steel Vice Bite
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Glass Walker
Rank: Adren
Domain: Unconquered Sun
VST: Woody Purdy

Character Information

Name: Steel Vice Bite

Auspice: Philodox

Tribe: Glass Walker

Position: TruthCatcher, Eldest Glasswalker

Rank: Adren

Domain: Unconquered Sun


Homid: Despite his Lupus heritage, Vice Bite is well kept and relatively well groomed in his homid form. He has dark hair and a fierce gaze. He usually dresses in simple clothing. His eyes are a deep brown just like his Lupus form. Quite often however his fingernails are thick and sharp, not quite as much as in his Chrinos forms but still distinct. His right arm is covered in a masterful Woad Tattoo depicting a wolf running through trees.

Crinos: When he swells to Chrinos, he is lined with a black and thick overcoat with the steel gray undercoat, typical of well bred Glasswalker kin. His right arm is covered in the purest white fur.

Lupus: He is definitely most comfortable in his Lupus form. He is thinner than most lupus but with a strong presence when he decides to have it felt. His coloration is gray with a black mantle for his shoulders, spine and tufts at his elbows. He has large brown eyes that are almost black when they look at you. Right foreleg is covered in pure white fur.


Like most Philodox, Vice Bite is quite severe. He is not humorless but he is a Lupus so most pop culture escapes him. Though he has a Red Talon pack that he enjoys a very happy interaction. But most Lupus humor loses something in translation to homid. He carries himself a bit apart from most Garou but is not an outcast. He can often be found leaning against his fellow garou. Or resting in large dog piles. He likes being overlooked. Not out of shyness but out of a curiosity to the behavior of others.

He has a relentless sincerity about him. Deception is not in his nature. He is capable of it, but it is clearly not in his instincts. He casts a cold eye to those that lie easily or often.


Equipment: As with most Lupus, Vice Bite is reluctant to use most tools. Unlike most Lupus, he is still a glass walker. So surprisingly he has a car and a home and a credit card. He hates them but is willing to use them to facilitate a simple existence. He always maintains homes close to nature where he can roam the woods freely. He keeps one fetish of his tribe, a Crescent Moon Water Skin which is named Rage's Oasis. He treats it with reverence as most fetishes but he remembers its previous bearer with distinction. His mentor and first friend as a garou.

In recent times, after many debates and talks with ahroun of his tribe, he has begun the use of weapons in his battle against the wyrm. Particularly swords and edged melee tools.

The Pack:

Pack Name: Red Trees

Pack Totem: Old Wolf of the Woods


Allies: He was a reasonably close friend with Michael Anders. A Glasswalker Ahroun whom he discusses the different tribal perspective given their different breeds. He mourns his loss.

He has immense respect for Laughs Last, a Shadowlord Galliard whom he has worked with on many occasions.

He also has an affable friendship with Tests the Waters, a Child of Gaia Ragabash. He is strangely comfortable in her presence. He feels no need to elaborate why.

Sabine Silverswift has agreed to teach Vicebite Klaviscar and he's been a diligent student.


Vice Bite had a strange injury that appears whenever he shifts form. Those close by when he shifted heard a crunching sound like cracking bone whenever he changes shape. But this wound seems to have healed.

Vicebite has been seeking a Klaive of his own to wield.

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  • "He's wise, adaptive, and fun to be around. He helps me deal with Lupus of any Tribe, and we're all better for it. He needs to have a couple of kids quick though." - Michael "Wars-on-All-Fronts" Anders
  • "Steel Vice Bite must be the loneliest of creatures. Neither his tribe nor his breed can truly understand him. I certainly don't, but I know these few things; he has suffered greatly, his courage is absolutely endless, and he would hurl himself into a balefire abyss if it meant victory. I can respect that." - Laughs Last
  • "Vicebite-rhya has suffered much at the hands of humans. He knows well their corruption. If he can teach his tribe, perhaps they will not be entirely lost." -Moon Watcher
  • "The first and only Lupus Glasswalker I've ever met, but he does both sides proud." - Tests-the-Waters
  • "I'd rather have him visiting my sept than any two other Lupus I've met, since he actually understands that the Wyrm is the enemy... and then deals with it accordingly." - Six-Gun Litigation
  • "He's a what? That's a thing?! Fascinating. Totally curious now." - Simon Kressin
  • "I have a peculiar time when dealing with Steel Vice Bite. I usually know how to speak with the Wolf born, and to understand the concepts they tell me. I have known many Glasswalkers and admit getting a little lost in their technobabble. But he is somewhere in-between. Sometimes I find myself struggling to find common ground with him, but there is an aloofness about him that I can identify with and it makes our conversations more fruitful." - Sabine Silver Swift
  • "I watched him mediate a minor dispute once between two Ahrouns on a visit to his sept. His look said everything. In Irish, it's the Feicfidh tú a bheith leithscéal or the 'You'll be sorry' look if he's being lied to look. It's that eerie look that only our Lupus brothers and sisters can utilize that seems to intimidate people, keeping people to stick to the facts. Works every time." - Strikes the Accord
  • "I am constantly amazed at what Steel Vice Bite has done for our tribe and Nation, and for our relations with other tribes. Our Lupus may be rare, but with wolves like him on our side, they'll never be gone completely. Maybe we can even turn around their decline..." — Reach For The Sky
  • "He pries. I don't know how I feel about that." - Sings the Forgotten
  • "An oddity, to be certain. A Glass Walker born on four legs. His observations are keen, his instinct good. I'm just uncertain as to how he handles the conflict of his birth nature and tribal affinities." - Stands With Honor

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OOC Information

Player: Jeff Holland

MES Number: US2003021993

Location: Sonoma, CA