Sterling Thorne

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Masquerade PC

Player: Woody Purdy
Character: Sterling Thorne
Clan: Toreador
Status: 5
Embrace Date: June 3rd 1860
Generation: 9th
VST: Jim Weathers

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Sterling Thorne

This character is DEAD

Known History

Sterling adapted quickly to the embrace in 1860, his time in the Army desensitized him to brutality and killing, and his new-found abilities enabled him to perfect his craft with alarming detail. He found that he was more able, his side no longer hurt him, and he while under the auspices of Lilly Belle found that he adapted to Kindred life with great speed.

He left Monaco with Jack and returned in 1866 to America, and specifically Los Angeles where Sterling established his roots.

Sterling would eventually fall into torpor in 1960 and remain so until 1967 and then again from 1970 to 1985 when he was encouraged to go to Sonoma County by his Lilly Belle.

Notable Traits: A well dressed man with rugged features, his fine clothing seems to always be well worn, and the look of someone who doesn't stay still for too long.

A note about art It has been long questioned about Sterling's passion for art, is he really an artist? He can prove it with blueprints and designs of beautiful artistic buildings, and their strength and longevity. He's an architect.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Sterling is a drifter, a gambler and someone who relies a little too much on luck and skill, rather than good judgement. He seems to always want to try somethign out, or is looking for a good time, and seems to attract those who look for the same.


As a member of House Thorne Sterling can claim a notable lineage, even if he doesn't, unless it can get him out of trouble.

Known Camarilla Associates

Known Non-Camarilla Associates


  • Always seems to either owe someone, or is owed by someone wherever he goes.
  • Seems to gravitate to places where Setites are slithering

Evolving Timeline

  • 1860 - Embraced
  • 1866 - Returns to the United States - Los Angeles area.
  • 1870 - Falls in love with a young talented woman Cecilia Barker, makes her his ghoul, after a few years decides he can't continue doing that and loses the ghoul in a poker game.
  • 1875 - While laying low, he travels to France and assists in the siege of Avignon and is nearly killed twice.
  • 1959 - Watches Ben Hur with Andrew Marcos and they get into a disagreement about it, the rivalry exists to this day. It is said he gets so incensed about the issue Sterling decides to go into Torpor.
  • 1960 - Falls into torpor
  • 1967 - Comes out of torpor.
  • 1969 - Is involved with Eileen at the Altamonte Free Concert in California's Bay Area and has some very close calls with death by the Sabbat. His hatred for the Sabbat continues.
  • 1970 - Goes into torpor.
  • 1985 - Awakens from torpor.

Notable Boons Paid in Full

Political stances

The Traditions were put into place for a reason, the Camarilla was established and tempered in the fires of the Anarch Revolt because those Elders before the Camarilla was established were killed because of logic similar to yours. Those that survived the Revolt learned from those mistakes and established the Traditions of the Camarilla were heavily considered by some of the brightest and Eldest of our kind. Thine Domain is Thine Own Concern is very specific, it is not unclear, it is to mark territories and to keep Princes from going to war against each other, attempting to reach your influence into the Domain of another Prince, to attack their vassal, citizen, officer or their claim of Praxis destabilizes our Great Sect, and it is an affront to the sensibilities of any upstanding member of the Camarilla, or at least it should be.

Elders enjoy sway in our Great Sect, not just because they are Elders. That's just stupid to think that way. Elders gain respect, fear, influence, clout and standing because they have lasted the longest in our society, because they have made deals with other Kindred, they use cunning and resources to gain their sway. Stamping your foot and proclaiming "I'm an Elder and you have to do what I say" is no better than the Anarch movement saying "I'm an Anarch and you can't tell me what to do". Let's be reasonable. Elders earn their influence and use that influence to get what they want, the fact that they are Established means something, and they are given deference because of this, however, the issue at hand isn't about being an Elder, it's about a Prince demanding another kindred depart the Domain in which they reside, and present themselves to them, and then attempting to overreach publicly into another Domain. If the Prince of the Harpy in that Domain wishes to side with Prince Andreas, it's in their right to do so, and there's nothing anyone can do about it unless they choose to contest that Prince's Praxis.

Quotes by Sterling

  • "Your anarch is showing..."
  • "Never wrestle with pigs, the pigs love it, and you just get dirty."
  • "We all have that special Uncle...Uncle Jimmy is no different."
  • "I'm lucky to know Acosta, he's bailed my bacon out of the pan and straight into the fire a few times"
  • "Of course my last name isn't really Thorne, it's my family name, a way of life."
  • "I can rest comfortably knowing that I've provided a considerable contribution to today's fashion world...the Yoga Pant."
  • "I've got a hundred friends named Benjamin that will insure that we have a damned good time."

Quotes about Sterling

  • "Sterling is a nice guy, damn good card player too." - Rosko
  • "He reminds me in many ways of what I have given up." - Zahra Blanc
  • "Sterling is quite the duelist with his words. The problem most Kindred don't understand, is that once you are engaged in the duel - you've already lost." - Michael Cristos
  • "It is said that if you give the devil your little finger, you will be taken entirely. If you agree to let Sterling accompany you anywhere...have spare ammunition." - Eileen Vargas
  • "As a rose, I can say with confidence that amidst a deluge of pretentiously florid prose it is incredibly refreshing to see someone speaking plainly and straightforward." - Eddie Dean
  • "Ah Sterling, lives up to his name every chance I see him. Sometimes he's tarnished and sometimes he shines like a spotlight." - Gabriel Thorne
  • "I find myself both appalled and amused by his antics. I suppose which side will win depends on the night, but one thing can be said for certain - he is not boring." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "The most valuable thing Sterling ever taught me is to just let people talk. So many of us do like to hear ourselves talk, and with every word, we give others rope that they can use to hang us if we give them enough. During my Accounting, he actually measured out an inch of rope for every misspoken word when the evening was through. Tears earned me a foot. Frenzy got me a whole yard. Afterward, once it was measured, he... well, let's just say he was VERY good with rope and sometimes it didn't dissuade me from misbehaving in the least." - Scarlett Thorne


  • Acknowledged in Sonoma County under Prince Nicholas Loring
  • Acknowledged in San Francisco under Prince Occam
  • Established Ancilla
  • Trustworthy by James Thorne - Toreador Primogen of Los Angeles
  • Bold by Lilly Belle Thorne - Keeper of Elysium of Los Angeles
  • Thoughtless - Felix Hildegard - Ventrue Primogen and Elder of Sonoma County - House Constantinian.

The Scarlet Letter

A Harpy-like rag about what is happening in the various Domains where Sterling haunts.

The Sterling Silver Award

Awarded to Camarilla Officers that try to overreach their authority into another Domain. It is akin to rudeness of reaching across the table with your fork and eating off another person's plate without asking.

Sterling silver fork.jpg

Notable Recipients

  • Isabella Andreas Prince of Lakeland, FL - Attempting to give Negative Status to another outside of her Domain. 9/2/13


  • Han Solo
  • Iago from Othello
  • Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly
  • Ninja from Die Antwoord


Player Information

Woody Purdy

Cam Number: US200234807
Home Domain: Santa Rosa, CA
Email: woodypurdy AT gmail DOT com
Also player of:

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