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Dirty little secrets
Dirty little lies
We got our dirty little fingers
In everybody's pie
We love to cut you down to size
We love dirty laundry
- Dirty Laundry Don Henley

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Boston, MA
Player: Kevin A. R. Schendell
Storyteller: Tim C.

General Information


Name: Steven Ritche


Status: Acknowledged, Loyal and Courteous

Sire: Constance Fournier, Prince of Boston, MA

Childer: Hayley Cabot, Tabitha Harrington

Notable Traits


His most common mask is Caucasian with Brown-blond hair grown long and slicked back, and with a vandyke style beard. Thick lensed glasses cover hazel eyes. Black business suit, with colorful shirts and an oaken cane.

His true form is horrendous. The left side of his cheek is ripped open, showing the teeth and jaws below. His right eye socket and eye droop downard and hanging out somewhat. Nose is broken and bent, twisted and angled left. His right cheek, droops down towards his chin, which is not much more than a mass of shredded flesh.
His neck is mass of wrinkled and twisted flesh leading to his chest. The chest is an open cavern, ridges and gore on display. His arms and legs are all twisted and warped, yet continue to function, knots of skin and flesh dangling in odd ways. In short, he looks like someone dumped a bucket of lie on him.


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Timeline and Known History

  • 1812 Born in Fort Ross, California as Alexsandar Zholdin
  • 1835 Graduated Harvard Law School
  • 1850 Ghouled by Prince Constance Fournier
  • 1854 Started law practice of Gleason, Smith and Zholdin
  • 1870 Embraced by Prince Constance Fournier
  • 1903 Begins using "Americanized" names for his Identity
  • 1922 Becomes Ventrue Primogen for the first time
  • 1946 Helped secure location and maintain masquerade security for the Conclave in Boston
  • 1985 Law Practice of "Grey, Richards, and Warden" becomes "Iron Warden Crisis Management"
  • 1999 Convinces the Ventrue Clan to back the Big Dig project heavily. Unfortunately, cost overruns, corruption, and bad PR turn it into a fiscal nightmare
  • 2004 Law firms attached to Iron Warden Crisis Management help lobby for same sex marriage in the state
  • 2014 After the Rise of House Constantinian to prominence within clan Ventrue and the forced ejection of his Sire, Warden leaves the clan
  • 2015 Joins the Nosferatu Clan and is renamed Steven Ritche

Allies and Coterie Mates

Enemies and Adversaries

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lies, damn lies, and statistics (Rumors)

  • Not everything has a price.
  • He never brings up his lineage unless it's asked of him.
  • He never speaks of his mortal family. ever.
  • Alexander Warden isn't actually Ventrue. He is really the childe of Equinox that was adopted by Constance Fournier.
  • It's whispered that in these modern nights, Alexander Warden is the power behind Prince Constance Fournier's throne. Be careful.. Mommy's little boy is all grown up."
  • Alexander Warden is dead. Steven Ritche is some other Nosferatu who's assumed his identity. Why? Why not?

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By Alexander

  • "I don't care for revenge. Unless there is a profit in it."
  • "The question isn't what do I want. It is what do you want?"
  • "I believe the lawyer boon is a sub-set of the Blood boon, and comes from the phrase "Send lawyers, guns, and money for the shit has hit the fan"

By Others

They say he is my new brother. We shall see how a few decades in the warrens finds him before I decide. - Serratus
"He faces adversity with great courage, and staggering politeness." - Ardante Saint-Martin
"I am unsure if he is a fool or a genius, a spy or a font of information, a friend or an ally, but he is, if nothing else, brave." - Jared Goodman
"Ritchie is my brethern. He took a beating like a man and came out family. If anyone wants to say otherwise, I hope they say it to my face so we can clear up that misunderstanding once and for all." - Kasserine Powell
"I REALLY want to like him but he has the worst timing, an inability to turn a phrase in a way that's useful, and he's so tunnel-focused that he can't see the whole picture. Which is a shame." - -Nenette
"Mr. Ritche is in a complicated place. He has been thrown into a volcano and will either come out baptized or incinerated." - Danielle Ropchan
"Mr. Ritchie has shown himself to be made of iron, and now if he able to withstand the tempering, he will become steel." - de heer Davydov

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OOC Information

Please see my User Page for player information.

Inspired by


  • Dirty Laundry Don Henley
  • The Man who Sold the World David Bowie
  • Darkangel VNV Nation

From works of fiction

  • Olivia Pope - Scandal
  • The Smoking Man - X Files
  • Doctor Gregory House - House