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as a member of the Camarilla.

as an Elder of the Camarilla.

Servire to Archon Vangelista




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Grand Childer

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Great Grand Childer

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In the late 14th century, Tremere were reporting a lot more chantry attacks. It seemed as they moved around, they opened their chantry to more attacks. In the early 15th Century, a Chantry disappeared overnight, and the next day all that was found was rubble and ash.

In the year 1500, a creature called Stoneking joined the Camarilla Tower, but nothing is recorded of him much after that date.

18th century, Stoneking emerges again in New France. He takes up a courier service for the domains in the area.


The creature looms, not to initimidate, but more out of lack of awareness. It was made of stone, though it moves metallic wings around with ease. The creature had a word carved across it's chest, "Stoneking". It was easily over 6 feet tall, almost 7 if it would stand up straight perhaps. There are numerous scratches, scars, and pieces missing from it's body. Parts of it that were lost to a battle long forgotten it seems.


1285: Mortal birth to Farming family in the European countries.

1300-1305: Appears in a minor crusade to reclaim a lost keep for a Nobleman, attacked at night by forces and though tried to exercise strategy to overcome the enemy, was overwhelmed by air assaults. Breaks both hands to defend a few of the peasants from the keep. Sire has him Embraced for his heart and courage.

1370: Stoneking leaves the company of his broodmate, Darjius and his sire, Abraxas and takes up actively seeking others of their clan to rescue or put down if too far gone. Ends the life of a few clan mates along the way, but sends those that he can save back to the safety of their clan’s lands.

1372-1430: Stoneking meets up with Thanatos, a bound Gargoyle and wages a bloody war against him. For years they chase each other around, Stoneking trying to find his master’s chantry as well as bring in his lost Brother. Stoneking brings in Darjius and Foras, the three of them take down Thanatos one night, and take him back to their camp. There they work to break his bond, and learn the name of his Master, Stoneking leaves to execute this Tremere and levels the chantry in the process.

1435: Stoneking finds an isolated cave in a mountain range, after observing for several nights, he claims it as a place to rests and slumbers away the years.

1490: Stoneking awakens.

1495: Reconnects with the clan, finds his Broodmate (Darjius) and learns about the Tower. Is unimpressed at first, but agrees to work with the Tower for a price.

1500: Stoneking is brought into the Tower, Darjius is present for this.

1523: Takes up with Citadel.

1560: Meets James Thorne in France, stumbles upon him while removing a Sabbat threat and manages to insure his survival while eradicating the threat.

1669: Meets up with Tom O’Bedlam in Scotland, Brujah Elder. Watches him become embraced by a Brujah and follows him for a few nights before hunting after some Sabbat.

1705-1780: Takes up residence in New France, begins moving letters from domain to domain along with Foras.

1789: Hears about Citadel in this, “New World”, climbs onto a boat and slumbers for a few months. Awakens during a pirate raid off the coast of land, grabs a handful of the metal balls, and throws them at the other ship till it sinks. Sneaks back under the main deck and waits until they are pulled into Dock. Leaves quickly out a hole in the side of the ship and sinks to the bottom of the water. Walks for miles away from the mortals before emerging and taking flight.

1835-1980: Darjius slumbers and Stoneking takes his broodmate and isolates himself away from the world. His time away he contemplates much, but refuses to return despite the attempts to summon him by others. He remains with his Broodmate and waits.

1980: Meets with Sire. Finds out where to push the clan for the next century. Relays any relevant information as well as find out if there is any leads on new places to check into.

1982: Sent by Lady Aigner to watch over Charles Brim, Neonate Tremere that is seeking some lore.

1993: At the request of Lady Aigner, he takes to the streets of Baton Rouge and proves to be a stalwart aegis for herself and others. Holding back Anarchs, and others that would assault her location.

2014: Meets Hector Beaumont in Texas.

2015: Stoneking appears in Texas, shortly after Darjius appears.

  • "Ο ευγενικός γίγαντας μπορεί να πάρει το χρόνο του." - Edith Boese
  • "My illustrious clanmate has nobility and honor that you could never understand or dream of. I suggest you not insult his ways in front of me." - Gemma Alston
  • "My brothers loyalty to his people is without question. His Ferocity against our enemies is without equal. You could have no stouter an ally or more vicious an enemy. In battle I never care for my back, for I know he has it." - Citadel
  • "My brother is prone to wander. Yet, I have learned to rely on him to be at my side when I need him most." - Anakletos
  • "Once we discarded the notion that we had to try and kill each other, we got on quite well." - Maria Aigner
  • "I don't have a clue half the time as to what he is saying, but I agree with all of it!" - Dagmuar
  • "It's him! My beautiful, wonderful protector. Perhaps, I should award him with a favor that nice lady talked about." Mabel Ruby
  • "Elder Stoneking? He's amazing! A child of the moon will stand by the child of stone." - Nova
  • "He cares for his family. I respect that. " Angelo
  • "That brooding thing in the corner? Or standing by the Prince's side? I thought it was a statue, until it moved. Quiet type, I like that. If he's anything like another gargoyle I've had the pleasure of seeing in battle, he'll do nicely. " Jupiter Lotis
  • "I wonder if his stone flesh could benefit from my art and be given a shine worthy of a king." - Dr. Alex Pond
  • "He's got skin made of stone, wings made of metal, and those cold, calculating eyes...I've heard stories about his kind from my sire and grand sire, but nothing prepared me for meeting him. It was an honor" - Dust
  • "A. Fucking. Gargoyle. Are you fucking kidding me. I heard other people talk about them, but I guess... I don't know. I guess I just wasn't prepared. He commands respect, and I mean, how can you not? I wanted to take a selfie with him, but I thought better of it." - Nora Precott
  • "I'm slowly starting to understand a few of the things he says, and his English is getting better, When it comes to him being able to take a punch, he sure knows his stuff. I need to learn a little of that." - Dagmuar
  • "To you he is Stoneking, to me he is Stoney D." - Tony D
  • "I have no need to test that which I know is unbreakable Elder." - Dexter Mara
  • "I have seen him play chess, so at the least I can say that there are more than rocks in his head." - Serafin
  • "He has earned permanent Hospitality within my Castle and has always been a perfect guest. That should tell you all you need to know." - Vigo Malastova
  • "History! Living History, right here-- untainted by Tremere Propaganda... It's fascinating. Kinda makes it hard to remember that, at his heart, he's just another Cammie Elder." - Flynn
  • "Mista Stoneking is one you will never see coming for you, probably because not many look up when in danger." - Lizy
  • "Elder Gargoyle Stoneking is a living lesson in service. He knows his place. Those of other lesser lines ought to look to him as an example of self-elevation through obedience and protocol." - Benjamin Sharp
  • "Stoneking, never actually met the man, but I have to give him credit on his style! Loud, to the point, my kinda people. I really need to meet him at some point." - Jezebele OShaunessey
  • "Honestly? I find Elder Stoneking to be quite respectable, but also slightly withdrawn - sure, he might step back and let people talk, but if the wrong thing is said, he's there. Literally, right. there. To make them eat and choken on their own words." - Swagger
  • "I first got to meet one like'im in Houston. There's a strange, otherworldly beauty 'bout his kind. He definitely looks to be able to handle himself in a scrap! I got questions plenty, but they probably ain't appropriate. Curiousity kills cats, this Gangrel won't press'er luck." - Christina Ross
  • "He's got my respect. He's got this funny way of showing up out of nowhere whenever you need him most. He's like a stony superhero." - Isabelle Marie
  • "“Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. StoneKing is the first Gargoyle I have ever met within my time in this country, and displayed more manners then most elder men I know. " - Seer Ambrosia Paine
  • "“Aye, the large man who appeared from the sky whilst I walked through the streets of Sioux Falls. I will say, he makes quite the introduction. I wish to speak with him at length." - Cordelia Adair
  • "“I don't understand Elder Stoneking. He's fearsome, without a doubt, but... he didn't kill my Clanmate for something that was said when, in all fairness, I doubt that anyone would've blamed him. All the same... I think I'll avoid his attention as much as possible." - Isabella Marie
  • "Elder Stoneking is a great fighter and protector of the Tower. One that I would wish and ally, not an enemy." - Skyler
  • "My Scourge remains in Sioux Falls remains as part of an Oath he swore. When such an Oath is fulfilled, where will his loyalties lie? Nevertheless, he is a force of which I am immensely pleased, as he produces results, not excuses." - Heinrich
  • "Ah, yes, the King of Stone. An Elder of the Tower, and one whose word I suspect few would dare to cross." - Dr. Gabriel Tennyson
  • "He turns heads, likely in more ways than one. A stone wall, a guardian if I ever saw one. " - Wohl
  • He does what needs to be done. Even when it is difficult." - Argyris
  • The gentleman and I have yet to meet officially. However, that does not mean I do not know who he is. His reputation proceeds him.." - Lady Costanza Rodriguez
  • "A soldier. A golem with free will. I am sure that his dedication to the Ivory Tower is admirable and loyal. If only the rest of the Independents followed his example." - Ivan Rook
  • "Not even going to lie, when I first saw him I didn't know what to think. You don't see too many of his kind, though to be honest he looks like the kind you've heard of in legends and stories, but without the carving of his name on his chest... I'm very glad he's on our side." - Zack Snyder
  • "I find him so utterly delightful. Brutal. Direct. Formidable, yes- but an absolute delight. I can think of no other companion I'd rather have by my side." - Nenette
  • "No matter how high I rise, I am sure he will always call me 'Little One." - Angelique Graves-
  • "I respect him enough to kill him if the time comes. I made a promise, I will keep it." - Riley Grimm-
  • '"I see him introduce himself proper to Elders , then I see him 'introduce' himself to our enemies...and I thought my level of violence was bad..."Maddox Levine
  • "I am afraid to look into his eyes. I fear he will remind me of my own past, and of so many like him who were taken. Do not mistake my hesitancy of introduction for a lack of manners. When you've lived as long as I have and seen the things I have seen, you never know who the person you are looking at used to be."- Franc
  • "Utterly horrifying if he gets mad. Nice guy I hear, but damn, don't get on his bad side, or anything that's not his good side. Also, watch your phrasing, he's a little sensitive about some things. ...But if he asks, I didn't say none of that, just an upstanding member of the Camarilla and all that good stuff."- Samuel Gable
  • "Said to Neonate Tremere: "Yes by all means, lets ask Stoneking if you can ride him into battle like a mount. Pretty sure your answer will be torpor."- Iggy Crane
  • " seemed like a good idea at the time"- Clem--aforementioned neonate Tremere.
  • "People recoil in horror, voices fall silent, and eyes avert when he come around. Not surprising ... people have a hard time facing both the truth and the virtuous. I turn and see him at my back ... don't need much else. My eyes never turn, we stand in pride, and I call him Brother. Step to -that-."- Torquil Moireasdan
  • "Maybe now that I've fought alongside him, he will understand my true regret for what our clan did all those years ago."- Sorin Stepanov
  • "Big and ugly, but he did his job. I would fight along side him again."- Calvin Hastings
  • "While I was not at his side during the battle, I did all I could to ensure his safety. Elder Stoneking is a sterling example for others to emulate. Dependable, determined, and resolute in his efforts to protect the Tower against Her enemies."- Midas Madison
  • "One day, I just want to sit and listen to what he has to say."- Michael Williams
  • "You'd think after being in an English speaking area for more than 10 years you'd learn to fucking speak with a hint of intelligence, or that's as smart as he gets. On a side note I'd love to cuddle up to him, he's so darn cute."- Shavo
  • "His entire life is dedicated to the Tower. It's an example we should all follow, and his is a shadow I hope someday to be worth of standing in."- Ethan Sullivan
  • "He is very passionate about his duty. It is sad that the weight of his passion may crush him. I feel he should know this about himself."- Edward Vincent Icabod Livingston IV
  • "More balls than any other Kindred I've ever met - and I've met some big, bad Kindred. Saw him dive into a crowd of Tzimisce through an army of wraiths to save someone trying to save Archon Nenette. But more importantly: He refused to let what everyone else was thinking go unsaid. Never seen a Warning that was so worth weathering, or someone who weathered it better."- Hermes Reginald Waldenbrook
  • "He is by far one the kindest Elders I've ever met. I hope he continues to tolerate me though. I'm pretty sure he could scare the blood right out of my veins if he so much as raised his voice in my direction."- Aoife Nicomedo
  • "I am equally wary of his ferocity as I am amazed and comforted by the weight of his serene presence. He is one I would follow into battle."- Lexi von Jaeger
  • "I learned over the years, just because someone speaks poorly doesn't mean they are not clever. My money is on Stoneking being dangerous in more than just brute force." - Don Valerius
  • "I expected... more." - Christian Michaels
  • "I felt his sacrifice. First hand. I have seen the very depths of what he will willingly cast off in the name of the Ivory Tower. He has an ally un me until the sun consumes us all." - William Calloway
  • (In French)"The servire of the late Archon...I'm certain he and I will have long discussions regarding the terrible loss of a great Kindred." - Guillaume
  • "A Servire in mourning is a terrible thing to witness." - Jeannie
  • "SK doesn't talk much. But when 'e does it's fuckin' important. Thems the best kinda teachers. Also 'e can knock your 'ead off. That also helps with the paying attention." - Clem
  • "Strong and capable. He is clearly devoted to his position. I don't question means, but rather his methods. Still, I await his answer." - Franc
  • "Words cannot express how grateful I am for what he did for Nova... but that doesn't mean I'll ever stop trying." - Harper Gray
  • "The stone protects the moon, the moon glows gratefully on it. He had my service with his status, he had my love with his actions." - Nova
  • "He can certainly make one hell of an entrance! I remember seeing him for the first time though. My Sire told me stories about them...but I never thought I'd get to fight beside one." - Dust
  • "So he's made out of stone, right? Like every part of him? Cause that's got to chafe during certain...activities, right? Maybe that's why he seems grumpy." - Giacomo Giovanni
  • (French)"Quick to act and dedicated to results, I need to figure out if that is good or bad still, but I like it so far." - Guillaume
  • "It is hardly possible to compare to the safety of standing next to one such as he, who has sustained a fervour for service and protection despite the hardship these centuries bring." - Claire
  • "I remember being educated about the Kindred of Austin by my sire. When the topic came to Elder Stoneking my sire explained that he was a mindless beast to be used by whoever held his leash. After meeting the man and looking into his eyes I knew my sire was wrong, Elder Stoneking deserves his status because he is playing everyone." - Lucas Ebonwood
  • "He can take a hard punch, but I hope he didn't hurt himself when he hit me."'Ótama Myrkrdotter
  • "I have met him a few times, but I think the first time I spoke with him was when he joined the Brujah festivities in Tulsa after their gathering. I would love the chance again." Amos Locke
  • ''His loyalty and honor are without question. That said, question his loyalty and honor, and watch the Tower come after you. Yelena Davydov
  • ''A more stalwart, loyal and honorable individual you are not likely to find. The Venetian
  • ''You might see the man and feel a bit of fear. You might hear his name and feel comfortable that you have an ally like him on your back in the battlefield. But take a minute. Talk to him. Open the book past the covers and I guarantee that you'll be surprised about the pages within. Leonardo "Leon" Finch
  • ''Stoneking strikes me as a solid guy - I don't get to say that I actually enjoy fighting Infernalists alongside anyone but my family often but, it was a treat. Ferrucio Giovanni
  • ""Stoneking is a great ally and solid force of recokening. I will gladly fight alongside him again any day"" - Vincent Giovanni
  • "Have you seen this guy? It's like he stepped out of a movie. I half expect him to say 'Hulk Smash' or 'It's clobberin time!'" - Jinx
  • "He is a series of carefully crafted illusions, perhaps it is for the best that so few look deeper to see the gears that never stop spinning."' - Astrid Malikov
  • (French) "I have decided I do not like it."' - Guillaume de'Marianne
  • I walked with him when others fled in fear. For that he has my respect. Yet he continues to antagonize a fellow seer. For that he has my enmity. I pray the scales remain in balance."' - Alta Devereux
  • "His English has gotten so much better. And his sense of humor has improved."' - Mabel Ruby
  • "There are few that can match his dedication to the defense of the Tower. But I think he must learn to truly enjoy his eternal life from the fruits of his labor." - Robyn Remington
  • "Have you heard about the butterfly effect? Well here in Austin, we have the Stoneking effect. Instead of subtle ripples, it's demons set loose, thousands dying, but at least you don't have a ghost haunting an old house in the middle of nowhere, anymore."' - Jayne Joyce
  • "Rocky. Pebbles. Stonehenge. Mount Rushmore. Should I go on? Heh." - Caspian Giovanni
  • "I have never met someone who makes me want to break out into a murder montage than Stoneking. Wherever he is, murder is happening. It just feels right." - Ivy Mason
  • "I have seen many things in my time. It is truly terrifying to see mountains move, for when they do, trouble is ahead." - Charles Franklin
  • "I'm certain that I seemed frightened when Stoneking walked into the Gathering of Sioux Falls. One person tried to reassure me that he was safe. It wasn't fear that froze me - it was shock and joy that someone that I knew to be so remarkable finally showed himself to the world." - Ann Hoke

  • I heard he's old. Older than you think. What if he's the first?
  • He is not old. He is a clone that has memories transported from past clones.
  • He's cursed into creating five problems for every one he fixes.
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Clan: Gargoyle
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: TX-059
Player: Adam Smith
VST: Nick Kice

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Player: Adam Smith
MES Number: US2003061679
Location: San Antonio, TX

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