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Clan: Pander
Faction: Orthodox
Offices/Station: Templar to the Archbishop of Austin
Abiding Status: Initiated, Enforcer
Fleeting Status: Honorable (From Cardinal Lennox) Favored (From Cardinal Lennox) Battle-Scarred (From Ductus Amitiel)

Appearance: Storm stands around 6'1" with short black hair and brown eyes. Built lean but solid, he wears a grey form-fitting v-neck shirt and jeans that have obviously seen better days covering black combat boots that are clearly well beyond "worn". Occasionally, most often around members of the Clergy or at Mass, one can see a black rosary hanging around his neck that ends into a small symbol of the Sword of Caine. Over it all he wears a sleeveless black zip-up hoodie and black and blue bandana around his neck.
Notable Traits: Lesser Status Ban (No Path), Mistrusted by the Inquisition, Arcane, Eerie Presence (Black Angel Wings)


All information is OOC unless noted otherwise

  • April 1995-Found by members of the Sabbat just outside the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, the creature is taken to Salvador for questioning. He has no memory of anything other than a few hours before he was found.
  • December 1995-Storm is released from questioning into the city of Salvador under observation.
  • July 1996-Salvador is bombarded by Hurricane Cesar-Douglas, but something darker assaults as well, Storm escapes as one of the few cainites to do so.
  • September 1996-Storm makes his way to Mexico City. He is immediately taken into custody and held by the Inquisition. Storm is not seen again for 7 years.
    • Known by members of the Inquisition: During his 7 years interrogation Storm is found to be touched by the taint of evil but is not found to be an Infernalist...many Inquisitors still find themselves extremely wary of him.
  • September 2003-Storm is released by the Inquisition and allowed to become initiated into the sword. He is handed off to "Sine Peccato" (spanish for "Without Sin") a nomadic pack specializing in the destruction of infernalists and enemies of the sect. Storm is found to have extensive knowledge of Demons and the Infernal and quickly moves his way into a vital part of the pack.
  • October 2007-On the way to Mexico City for the Palla Grande, Storm and his pack are forced to take shelter by a vicious downpour moving through the country, At the storms climax the pack is attacked by a demon, all other members of the pack, aside from his Ductus and Priest, are destroyed in the fight. "Sine Peccato" is disbanded shortly after, outcast by his Ductus and Priest, Storm becomes a lone Nomad. Classified as a living natural disaster by most who know him.
  • 2015-Storm has spent the last 8 years as a lone nomad, attempting to hunt down his past, packless, homeless, and alone. Most Diocese he enters into he simply asks to say the night and leaves the following night, as much a mystery as the weather that he takes his namesake from.
    • September: After helping destroy the infernalist Baali known as Scrivner Storm once again finds a pack. "The Host" takes the Pander in and gives him the position of Lt.
    • October: Storm is selected as a Templar to _____(Name Eaten) an impossibility, as Austin has had no Archbishop for 6 months.
    • December: Storm is reaffirmed as Templar to Archbishop Hawk of Austin in the wake of their defeat of the Eater of Names. He is also asked to step forward as priest of the Host as the pack has not had one for quite some time.


  • He's a Camarilla Spy.
  • He's not a true Pander, he simply doesn't believe in clans.
  • He's an infernalist
  • He is actually a Salubri.



  • "...lead us now and at the hour of our death. Amen." -An often heard ending to a prayer by Storm
  • "Here is an example of devotion and fervor I expect from all Cainites." - Octavius
  • "The Lord is slow to anger but great in power; the Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet." - Amitiel
  • "So this cat is some hardcore shit. I like him. He fucking rocks." - Jude
  • "Was any more clever, would be dead now. But is good. Yegor like Storm." - Yegor
  • "Storm is dedicated to the fight and will not falter when faced with long odds." - A Forgotten Name
  • "His devotion to The Sword and his pack is inspiring." - An Unknown Entity
  • "We bled together on the field of Brazil. You hunt well brother, never lose that hunter's soul that burns within your chest." - Alexander Hawk
  • "I can't explain why, based on our initial interactions, but it feels like he is my brother. Five minutes into his pack - my pack- and even though I don't know who I am, I know who my family is." - Raziel
  • "Driven, hard, merciless, torrential, he doesn't howl; he screams. He doesn't sway, he shutters. The thunder rolls; as does he, in the name of The Host." - Deuces
  • "I watched him fight , he has seen me tear whole cities asunder , together in the sword , our ferocity and his calm can rend asunder any Camarilla or enemy in Caines name" - Earl
  • "Storm is patient. I feel safer knowing he's on my side." - Mishka
  • "There is no place for the weak-willed or hesitant. Only by firm action and resolute faith will Cainites survive. No sacrifice is too great. No treachery too small. If he knows nothing else, Storm knows this. One of the few men I'd follow without hesitation." - Charles Lennox
  • "Has found pack? Good, they will treat him well, he is smart man and very cunning. I know he serves sword well." - Anya
  • "I respect this one's passionate defense of the Code. If only the entirety of the Diocese would defend it as staunchly." - Ekko
  • "In Russia you don't poke bear, bear poke you. He is bear" - Nikita
  • "The only member of The Host not named for a Saint or an Angel, I wonder how that factors into his affected angelic heritage?" - Tamiel
  • "A kind but troubled soul. I hope his namesake leaves him stronger for the Sword when it passes." - Ambriel
  • "This fucker is top on my list of people to run the ritual-combat shit with. Fuck him and the high horse he rode in on." - Jack the Wasp
  • "And the skies wept, heralding a raging storm..." - Ambriel






Clan: |Pander
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: TX-065
Player: Robert d.
VST: Kevin w.

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