Subject 27

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Titles: None
Domain: Puerto Rico

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Character Information
Auspice: Wolf-Blooded
Tribe: None
City: Puerto Rico
Pack: None
Player: Josie R
Storyteller: [Colin Douglas; Virtual Forsaken VST]

Interview: 01

  • Subject 27: Female
  • Age: 13
  • Interview 01

Subject arrived showing signs of paranoia and acute anger. Sedation was needed to calm subject to a point where interview could be conducted. Enclosed is the transcript of our first meeting. Progress was slow but by the end of the first hour I believe I was gaining the Subjects trust. Much work will be needed with this one for full recovery to be possible.

“Are you willing to talk now? We are here to help you. Do you know where you are?”

“What do you want with me? Why won’t you leave me alone?”

“We want to help you. Don’t you want to be helped?”

“I don’t need your help, only to be left alone.”

“You are at a hospital. Do you remember cutting your hand when you broke the window?”

[Subject nods]

“Why did you do it? Can you tell me? Did you mean to cut yourself?“

[Subject remains silent]

“If you don’t talk, we can’t help you. You can trust us. We don’t want to hurt you. We… I want to be your friend. Will you let me be your friend?”

[Subject nods]

“My name Is Dr Andrews. Can you tell me your name?”


“Thank you ‘Redacted’. Would you like something to eat? A drink perhaps? I can have the nurse bring you something.”

“A drink, a closed can of orange please.”

Interview 06

  • Subject 27: Female
  • Age: 13
  • Interview: 06

Subject is being more responsive and has shown less anger to the staff. Because of this I will instruct her medication to be reduced. Observation and monitoring will continue, especially in group seasons. It is time to try relaxation methods and engaging therapy. Subject seems naturally intelligent but easily distracted. This may prove a good way to channel her energy. Transcript included.

“Good afternoon ‘Redacted’. How are you feeling today?”

“I am feeling better Dr.”

“Do you think you can talk about why you wanted to cut yourself on the window?”

“I didn’t. I mean I didn’t want to cut myself. I wasn’t going to jump or something either.”

“Have you wanted to jump out of things before then?”

“No….I… I didn’t like the window. It was dark and creepy, and cold. I couldn’t close it and it broke when I slammed it shut.“

“How did that make you feel? Were you glad it was broken?”

“Yes. It watched me. And I am glad I killed it”.

“You believe it was alive and killed it? Perhaps what you saw was the reflection of a class friend?”

“Yes….No… I broke it and then shut it and I was happy.”

“You broke it before you closed it… Or it broke as you closed it? You can’t have it both ways.”

“I … don’t remember. I CLOSED it and I BROKE it. What does it matter why or what first?”

“You are right. Don’t get angry. Everything is fine. Remember, take a breath… and release. There, feeling calm again?”

[Subject nods]

“Good. I want to let you try something for me. Do you think you can do that?”

“Yes Dr”.

“That’s a good girl. I would like you to try painting. It will help you keep calm and you can make something pretty. You will be able to meet with some of the other guests and paint together. Would you like that?”

“Yes Dr”.

Interview 09

Subject 27: Female

Age: 13

Interview: 09

Subject has connected with another guest during Group Art sessions. I intend to encourage this relationship and follow its impact on both. Painting has also given Subject an alternative outlet for her anger. This will have to be explored as the Art can be seen as dark and destructive in places. I have arranged a meeting with Subjects Parents to discover how that relationship affects ‘Redacted’ and to see if rehabilitation back into the family unit will help or hinder her progress. Transcript enclosed.

Interview 27

Subject 27: Female

Age: 14

Interview: 12

Subject has responded well to relaxation methods and has caused or been involved with only two incidents during group sessions. One of which I suspect was elevated by staff involvement and became out of control, proving unavoidable. Subject has shown no further self destructive actions or feelings and has injured no other during her stay. Friendship with Subject 18 has been beneficial to both. This has shown Subject 27 can employ verbal skills to express her anger and displeasure and not immediately resort to violence as was noted when first arrived. I am inclined to release ‘Redacted’ back into the care of her parents with the recommendation of scheduled monthly reviews for the next 6 months. Transcript enclosed.

Interview 23

Subject 27: Female

Age: 15

Interview: 23

Subject has suffered a relapse and has been admitted for resident status again. Subject shows signs of a fight, with scrapes and bruising on her hands and arms and refuses to answer how she got them. It is my opinion that she has tried to harm herself again due to a relationship failure with a boy from a nearby school at her Graduation Dance. Subject admits to having had her first Sexual encounter with the boy shortly before the brake-up. It is my conclusion ‘Redacted’ regrets the encounter and that alcohol was also involved. Transcript enclosed.

Interview 25

Subject 27: Female

Age: 15

Interview: 25

Subject has slept little since being admitted and has shown no signs of improvement over the last 72 hours. She shows signs of Psychological trauma and mania which leads to hyper vigilance preventing restful sleep. It is my theory that Electroconvulsive therapy may be of value to bring ‘Redacted’ back to a state of calm so rational response in interview can be achieved. Consent from subject’s parents is sought. Transcript enclosed.

Interview 26

Subject 27: Female

Age: 15

Interview: 26

Subject has become calm enough to for me to try hypnosis so as to gain an understanding of the events she struggles to explain. This should lead to the right treatment of Subject so Electroconvulsive therapy can be stopped. Transcript enclosed. Addition: 3 more Electroconvulsive sessions have been ordered as the first seems to have not been conclusive in results.

“And at the count of 3 you will be fully asleep but able to hear my voice and answer …1… 2… 3… Can you hear me ‘Redacted’? Answer yes if you can”.

“Yes Doctor”.

“Good. You are safe and no-one can hurt you. You can see everything and hear everything but they can’t see you. You are at your graduation dance with your friends. You have left the Dance hall, what do you see”?

“I am with [Redacted]. We wanted to be alone so left the hall. He's cute and doesn’t tease me. We were looking for somewhere to make out again without being seen. I can hear someone following us but can’t see them, what do they want… I don’t know... [redacted] says he can’t hear anything… he must be lying… He’s hiding something… I don’t know what. He wants to sit down. We start to kiss. Something is watching… red eyes like an animal… I’m scared”.

“Don’t be scared. No-one can see you. You are doing well. Tell me what happens next”.

“A boy. A different boy he runs at us… he’s fast. He pushes [Redacted] out of the way… off the seat to the floor. He looks really scary. His eyes are too shiny, glowing maybe even. I don’t know who he is. He’s grabbing my arms and pulling me away, he’s hurting me. His finger nails are cutting me. [Redacted] isn’t doing anything to help. The boy is saying I belong to him. He tells [Redacted] that he has done good to get me outside. His voice is growling like an animal. Why is he not helping me? I’m shouting at [Redacted] to help but he just cowers on the floor crying. I don't want to be there any more”.

“Everything is all right. No-one is hurting you. Breath slowly and be calm. You are safe. What do you do then”?

“I’m trying to get away from the boy. He seems bigger, like a man now. Taller, stronger and he smells like a sweaty horse after a run. I tell him to let me go but he just grabs me harder and lifts me up like a doll. I don’t want to go with him, he’s ugly. He’s saying something but I don’t understand. He seems angry at me now. Why is he angry at me… I didn’t ask him to touch me. I see lights in the garden, in the trees and shout to them. He puts his hand over my mouth and I bite him. The lights come closer. It’s not lights... It's not lights they are eyes… lots of eyes. There are animals, shaggy dogs, knocking us down. They are faster than the smelly boy and he drops me. I run then. Back to the school, back to the light. Nothing is chasing me but I can hear growls behind me. They are fighting but I am not stopping to see. My dress is torn and I have to change it before someone sees me. The other girls will laugh and I don’t like them to laugh. They make me angry”.

“That is good ‘Redacted’. Now I am going to wake you up and you will not be scared. When I count to 3 you will be awake and safe in my office. You can go to your room and sleep in your bed a normal sleep. And 1… 2… 3… you are awake”.