Sunshine Wolf

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Character Information
Auspice: Wolf-Blooded
Tribe: Wolf-Blooded
City: Puerto Rico
Player: Alia P.
Storyteller: Colin Douglas

Basic Information

Real Name: Sunshine Wolf

Nicknames: Sunny

Deed Name: n/a

Pack: n/a

Position: n/a

Age: 26

Notable Traits

  • Wolf-Blooded
  • Height: 5'2
  • Hair: Long, Black.
  • Eyes: Green/Grey
  • Scent: Often smells of sandalwood, patchouli, roses, or incense
  • Weight: A small frame, which makes her look more delicate than she is
  • Dress Code: Comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement

  • Striking looks 4
  • Hypnotic Voice

  • Personality Sunny tends to be an odd mix of bubbly, warm and outgoing, as well as reserved and calm. She is very friendly to everyone she meets, preferring to see all new acquaintances as potential friends. She has an adventurous, some might even say reckless streak, and seeks out new experiences and challenges. Despite all of that she can be very reserved when it comes to knowledge about herself, offering little insight.

History and Timeline

1989 - Born to Reid Wolf and Maria Wolf.

1993 - Parents purchase a coastal resort in Puerto Rico

2007 - Moves to California to attend the California College of Ayurveda. Mother is not overly thrilled with this decision but eventually caves on the matter. Sunny does visit home on holidays.

2009 - Moves to India to continue her education. This moves causes additional strain on her relationship with her mother. as it will postpone her coming to work at the resort. Visits are much less frequent, much to her mother's dismay.

  • 2009, July - Severe flooding throughout India due to heavy rainfall.
  • 2010, May - Suffered from heat exhaustion to to record heatwave throughout India
  • 2012, July - For two days is without power due to nation wide power outages

2013 - Returns home briefly. Her mother expects this return to be permanent and is overjoyed at the thought of Sunny finally taking on her family responsibilities. It is expected Sunny will learn the resort business and settle down with another of the blood, or a Uratha. Her mother is greatly dismayed when Sunny announces that she will not be staying, but will be traveling. After a very heated argument, they finally compromise and Sunny agrees to travel for two years, then return to her family.


Rolf Adler - Related through marriage to Mother's sister

Allies and Friends





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