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Character Information
Clan: Salubri
Sect: Sabbat
City: Sacramento, CA
Player: Jeff Chan
Storyteller: Chris Foster

<font-size: 15pt>This Is What I Am</font>

Title: Templar of Sacramento
Status: 1+?

  • Initiated (In Sacramento, CA)

<font-size: 15pt>What One Might Think</font>

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<font-size: 15pt>The Opinions of Others</font>

I once counted him as a loyal aid, but he has since sold his loyalty for a few meager trinkets. If this is how loyalty is repaid, then I have no use for him. I am not jealous of his new packmates. I pity them. -Hyacinth
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<font-size: 15pt>Past Deeds</font>

  • Would have diablerized the Elder Giovanni if it weren't for Valentina's interference during a War Party (2014)
  • Was victorious in a Game of Instinct (Rousing the Beast) against Valentina during a Palla Grande (2014)
  • Received the honor of providing the Priests with the most exquisite prey to consecrate the Blood Feast of the same Palla Grande, earning him status
  • Made a presentation at an Esbat (2014) regarding the Salubri clan's history, earning him status
  • Represented the Heralds of Woe as one of the chosen Templars for a Wild Hunt (2014) led by the newly risen Bishop Roland

<font-size: 15pt>Personal Thoughts</font>

Blood Eagles: Primal in nature, controlled only by their strong will to survive. It is interesting to watch them fall and rise.
Ancient Lawgivers: Curious individuals who collectively value power, but define what power is differently.

  • Roland Allain Cuthbert III: One who has proven to be able to command and keep power for his own. Acceptable as our Bishop, but one always wonders how long it is to last.

Magni Nominus Umbra: We may look upon each other with either pity or disgust, but we share an important trait to our existence: a desire to be more and the ability to evolve. For that, I respect them.

My Own Pack: The Heralds of Woe, scientific in nature and open to change. What more is there to say?

  • Dominiq de Morangias: She reveals much in regards to what she thinks of others, and yet hides just as much about what she really believes. It's hard to see where she might lead, but it always seems to be for the best. A fitting leader to a pack such as ours.
  • Tester: I respect and value his logical approach to everything, but I pity any whom he deems interesting enough to "test".