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"A lot of punk rock is not going to be in the mainstream. It's below the radar.

The beauty of it is that you're not supposed to always know. It's subterranean."

~Billie Joe Armstrong


Seneschal of Sioux Falls, South Dakota


  • Acknowledged, Confirmed(Ancilla), Noble
  • Acclaimed, Honorable, Loyal, Victorious

Known Past

  • OOC NOTE: Swagger is no longer in play, as of August 17th, 2015 - it was fun playing Nos :) If you are interested informing ties with my new PC - please look at Juan_Carlos_DelGado


To describe Swagger as a silent wall-flower would be a mistake. Swagger tends to navigate around social circles, talking many at social gatherings. Whereas some of his clan would dress in drab muted colors, Swagger tends to be noted by red hooded jacket, a large Union Jack t-shirt, and a pair of horribly awesome gold/purple zebra printed pants. - although an eyesore, he tends to blend in as well as any other.


  • "Mr. Swagger is a scholar and a gentleman, he told me so himself." - Peter Legba
  • "If I am asked, by the nature of my clan, if I know the name of a quality broker of information, the answer most readily given is the name and public contact of Mr. Swagger; there are few other individuals with as great a mastery of this vital Kindred currency" - Benjamin Sharp
  • "While I certainly appreciate his enthusiasm for Queen and Country, his manner of style is most unusual for an English gentleman. Still, his youthful charm reminds me of a Great Britain I never had the opportunity to know." -Edward James Crowe, MD
  • "I consider Swagger to be one of my oldest friends. He got me through some very dark times, in the past." --Candice_Caine
  • "Mr. Swagger and I come from different worlds. I can't say that I approve of his taste or methods - the verdict is out as to whether we will ever hold common thread to the tapestry of our fair city. But I will say, at least he is not dull, and that is better then many." --Chloe Pavlis
  • "Family is family. If you seek to sully the name of the Pillar that is Clan Nosferatu, let his example show you the error of your ways." -Miss Maggie
  • "Your accent is so lovely. Please don't make me stake you again. I'm fresh out of pencils." - Nenette
  • "A lowly Fool such as I of course has no right to speak ill of anyone, but if you wish me to repeat statements I've heard from the mouths of more respected persons on the subject of Mr. Swaggers... actions... I could hardly refuse you." -Cornelius Stuyvesant, PHD
  • "The Nosferatu known as Swagger? Of course I know of him. He is a testament to commendable humanity and generosity of the Praxis." - Kendrick Seamus O'Shea
  • "Having had time to consider Swagger more carefully, I have revised my opinion of him. What I suspected before was a casual curiosity of the variety that killed the cat, has shown itself to be a calculated evaluation of the world around him; measuring each individual for their response to various stimuli (and adjusting his manner tangibly if slightly)." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "Easy to enjoy the company of anyone who likes tormenting Forbsy almost as much as I do." - Serratus
  • "I must say, there was some amusement gained in my dealing with him." - James Harlan
  • "Swagger dresses like a court jester, walks like a court jester, and talks like a court jester. But is he a court jester, or is he just playing us all for fools?" - Marus
  • "When I hear the name Swagger, I'm reminded of course, of the definition: a confident way a person carries themselves, or a quirky way they dress. While Swagger certainly dresses different, he also has confidence, an air about him that's different than most of his clan who usually don't try to stand out. Most importantly, he was in Chicago with a number of us from our city, and that takes some balls...so, Swagger, right?" - Zack Snyder
  • "Why do people keep asking if I know Swagger?! It's just the red, isn't it? Well, he's got good taste, then. That's all I know." - Vervain
  • "Mr. Swagger's scouting and reconnaissance was crucial in the victory we enjoyed in Chicago. It is my estimation that his information ensured the continued existence of an enumerable number of the Camarilla, including my own. He and I have much to discuss, when next we meet." -Solomon
  • "Swagger.... he takes some time to get used too. He plays a fool almost too well, that you ACTUALLY think him a fool. Thank god I learned better." - Jared Goodman
  • "I have it on good authority that he's earned the name Swagger for a heavily related reason. When one's testicles are so massive, there is truly only one way to walk." - Scarlett Thorne, in response to Austin Rivers asking Swagger how large they really are
  • "Seneschal Swagger is nothing short of entertaining. Such wonderful adventures I am sure we will have together..." - Isabelle Marie
  • "He is such a good kid. I just want to crawl into his brain and hide sometimes." - Giles D'Armantiz
  • "Seneschal of City, Not believe have reason to make introduction to, yet." - Stoneking
  • Swagger's alright! He's one'a the easiest to get on with in Sioux Falls. Smart and brave. I like'im fine. - Christina Ross
  • There is a reason he was chosen to be the seneschal and second in command. - Skyler
  • He is a Nosferatu, therefore he knows things. This one knows many things... - Andrasi de Covasna
  • Some secrets are meant to remain hidden, even from ourselves. He knows the trick of how to achieve this. ... No, you have to find that out for yourself - Dreadful

Background ties - Looking For

  • US/UK based Nosferatu ties - Swagger has traveled around a bit to assist with Warren building in different cities.
  • Fellow Nos who need assistance in building Warrens
  • Amateur Radio operators
  • PCs involved in information trade


  • Swagger is, in fact, an ancient Nosferatu posing as his own childer.
  • Swagger is, in fact, an ancilla pretending he is older than he truly is.
  • Swagger is, in fact, a clueless neonate who is being built up as a boogeyman by his clan.
  • Swagger had his ass handed to him by a ghoul.
  • Many others are *still* getting their asses handed to them by that very same ghoul.
  • Because he wanted to see what would happen.
  • Others claim he *is* the ghoul.
  • Swagger isn't Nos at all He is a very old Malkvian Elder who infiltrated the Nos.
  • Rumor

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Charles R.
Storyteller: Austin C/A VST



  • Supercommuter - Unusual Habits
  • Supercommuter - 10th Generation
  • Flobots - There's a War Going on for Your Mind
  • Schaffer the Darklord - Thunderthief
  • Jay-Z - Roc Boys (aka And the Winner is... Swagger)
  • Godrun Gut - Firething (Swaggerthing)