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You win battles by knowing the enemy's timing, and using a timing which the enemy does not expect. - Miyamoto Musashi

Personal Information

Daci showed me how to take a 'selfie'

Name: Swift Talon, Gaia's Avenger

Alias: Gabriel Dragos

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Shadow Lord


Position: Guardian

Pack: Miles to Go

Sept: Sept of The Valley of The Moon

Notable Traits: Shadow Lord Pure Breed x4. Swift Talon has a massive scar that crosses his abdomen and travels up his chest nearly to his collar bone. Half of his right ear seems to have been burned away, and along the left side of his face a branch shaped scar rests from brow to jaw.

Homid: Standing purely average in height, his dark features speak clearly to the heritage of his Tribe, with distinct Romanian traits and dark hair that he usually keeps cut close to his scalp. He is still very young, barely above what would be considered teen years for many, but his build is athletic and broad shouldered, an echo of his lupus form. Normally he is dressed quite casually, sporting loose shirts and jeans or shorts, forgoing shoes whenever he can.

Lupus: Swift Talon has grown into maturity, bears the hallmarks of his tribe's breeding clearly in lupus. Jet black fur marred only by the aforementioned scar across his body, he moves with a surprising amount of silence despite the clear strength he possesses. Now fully grown, he still bears the hallmark traits of the sleek and slim build of youth alongside broad shoulders and a clear strength and purpose in his movements.

Crinos: Over nine feet in height, Swift Talon's crinos exemplifies his tribe's ancestry and embodies the trademarks of his auspice. Broad shouldered and heavily muscled, he is still yet sleek and almost graceful in movement. His entire body is covered in jet black fur, with a pair of burning yellow eyes. The scars he bears seem almost exaggerated, with the swipe across his chest digging a track of bar skin, and the line down the left side of his face bleaching the fur almost white.

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