Sybil Giovanni

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Sybil Giovanni

Information Known by Kindred Society

City:San Francisco
Player:Jessica Blomstrom
Storyteller:Martin Christensen

Name: Sybil Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni

Sect: Independent

Embraced: Prior to 1900 (rumored)

Current Location: San Francisco, CA

Position: Donna of Oakland and the greater Bay Area, Consulente to Lucretia Giovanni

Standing: *Recognized* by Prince Helena Martell

Notable traits: Almost obsequiously stereotypical Giovanni; loud-mouthed with a heavy accent and a wide smile

Publicly Known Information

Sybil Giovanni


Constancia †
Ambrogino Giovanni
Lucretia Giovanni
Agostino Giovanni
Ignatius Giovanni
Guiseppe Giovanni †

Childer - Francis "Frankie" Giovanni , Annamarie Giovanni , Auggie Giovanni and Angie Giovanni


  • Is known to be a longtime paramour of Prince Occam.
  • Public face of la Famiglia in San Francisco since the late 1950's.
  • Was unable to prevent Prince Occam from banishing all her clan (but her and her childe) from San Francisco in 2000.
  • Known to have a keen interest in architecture.
  • Fond of gaudy, mismatched jewelry.


  • She is actually a psychic vampire.
  • She is the true power behind the throne in San Francisco.
  • She wears white after labor day.
  • Is in a love triangle with Occam and Helena Martell.
  • She is faking the accent, she is really Russian.
  • She has the means to bypass the bone of lies.
  • Sybil and Viktor Cantemir have a private arrangement to manipulate the Prince.
  • She, honest to god, has a gruesome, unwashed and blood-covered inner-thigh adductor machine in her haven.
  • Made an arrangement with the Prince to have the rest of her family banished; eliminating the competition.
  • Loves to give out favors, you should ask her for one and record it with Arden.
  • Yes, you should absolutely do that! Arden will not slit your political throat or anything! Nope. Not at all.
  • Sybil kidnapped and ghouled Fran Drescher, and keeps her locked in her basement for fashion advice.
  • Sybil is actually an elder of her clan and is The Specter's sire.
  • Sybil has decided to pick a fight with Maximiliano Giovanni, at least from her cozy Californian office.
  • Sybil had a pair of mortal twins but one attempted to run off with a Temere. Hencefore, she has never been spoken of again.
  • Sybil's known love once and only once but the Specter isn't talking about it.
  • Add to me!


  • "This young lady of our clan certainly has strong opinions about our exalted Principe in Detroit considering she bends a knee to a Toreador and holds an LLC by a business bond filed with the Camarilla; a meager existence within the long shadow of the 'Ivory Tower.' But then again, as I understand it, the internet does give one some bravery. Perhaps she would like to repeat her words to the Winged Lion in person?" - Gavino Giovanni, Contabile of Detroit
  • "You see, young members of the Family like Donna Sybil Giovanni often lack perspective on history. Her recent statement mocking our principe for calling himself by that term rather than the more common term don is a prime example. But if one's Venetian is good, one knows that one means 'prince' while the other means 'lord', like a knight or baron would use. So it's a matter of scale. You see, Maximiliano Giovanni, the Winged Lion and Open Book of Detroit, is the sovereign ruler of his own entire metropolitan area; he has many dons and donnas under him, and as sovereign prince, he stands his own ground against the Camarilla and Sabbat like no one else in the Family outside of Venice. It's not that he calls himself principe, it's that we all call him that. Here in Detroit, we recognize power, not titles; titles just go to those with power." -Timothy Dunsirn, Doge of Detroit
  • "It's good to know we have someone like Sybil to stand as a bulwark against those damn slanty Cathayans on the West Coast." - Salvatore Giovanni
  • "Once there was a large and expansive city that stood as effigy to all the others. In this city lived a beautiful and clever little witch. The citizens of this city feared the witch because she was not like them, which made the little witch sad. This was her home as well; she loved it just as much as the others. One night the citizens had enough of this little witch and came with pitchforks and with fire to burn her out of their home. Their bodies fed the hungry dead and became playthings of the restless spirits of the city. The moral of this story? -DON’T FUCK WITH THOSE WHO COMMAND THE DEAD.“ - Helena Martell
  • "Sybil is good people, always there for her friends. You gotta respect that, no matter what fancy words you wanna hang on it." - Frankie Giovanni
  • "When I find myself at a loss, I often think to myself - what would Sybil do? The answer has rarely failed me." - Carmina Giovanni
  • "Donna? Really? Belladonna would be more apt. Even more apt would be Atropa Belladonna." - Arden
  • "Sybil is such a lovely girl. She is like a diamond, many facets, many different faces." - Angelo
  • "Ahh, Sybil. Dearest Sister, and such a wonderful specimen. How I would love to get my hands on her. Purely for research, of course." - Gregori Giovanni
  • “A word on Sybil? Troubling is the word that comes to mind.” - Don Innocenzo Di Santis
  • "What a nice lady, bit of a thick accent, but a lovely neighbor none the less." - Charlotte Mikaelson
  • "Right, I'd be happy to share more about her when she's paid me back all of my Quid." - Thomas Edwin Thayne
  • "What's that? Right, right. Go on, talk. Let's hear it, Buster, let's hear about how much you hate that broad, Sybil. Loud-mouth Necro bitch, was it? Go on, then. I want to hear about how much weight you pull around here, and how much you've done in my city but eat my food, take up space, and bitch about Giovanni like you've got anything to show for yourself. Tell you what. Become useful, talented, and interesting, like Sybil, then talk to me again." - Occam
  • "What can I say about Sybil? Well, for starters, she was better to me than my sire ever was. Some see her as strange, or dangerous. Not me. Sybs is a dear friend, or whatever passes for one among us. I do miss her. Perhaps a trip back to San Francisco is due, soon..." - Amalia Iliescu
  • "She walks a very fine line between acceptability and disrespect. While her manner appears purposeful, I can not yet tell to what end she wishes to achieve with it. As long as business commences within the bounds of the Law, I am content not to speculate." - Viktor Cantemir
  • "Sybil? Don't ask me about Sybil. Seriously, don't. You REALLY don't want to get in the middle of that." - Claire St. John
  • "Sybil is my best friend in the universe. Yes, THAT Sybil. Is there a problem? If there is, move along. You aren't that important, entertaining, nor interesting enough. Therefore a waste of my time." - Gabriel Thorne
  • "Can someone please hire that mess a stylist? If she wasn't so obnoxious, I'd consider doing it myself!" - DeAnna Eldritch
  • "An interesting disguise, but all predators such as us show their teeth. I expect she will try to kill me, someday, or at least have a hand in it. So be it." - Matoxtli Pisanob
  • "Sybil is the opposite side of the coin than I am socially. Each serve a purpose, but each a part of the same coin. I am interested in seeing what she does next." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "I rather like Sybil. Don't tell her I find her to be intelligent and capable, she might get annoyed" - Brenna Dunsirn
  • "I work for Donna Sybil, you'll have to work out the arrangements with her" - Solomon St. John
  • "While Donna Sybil and I have not had many chances to interact over the years,I will continue to look to her for wisdom and new words to use when someone angers me." - Amelia Dunsirn
  • "Sybil. Mia cugina. One of the most entertaining people I've ever met, I daresay - certainly a breath of fresh air compared to some of the stodgier members of la famiglia back home. She knows what she wants, takes what she wants, and says what she wants - and all of it serves a purpose that only she really understands. I like that." - Vitalia Giovanni
  • "You actually got Occam's pants? Sybil I fucking love you!" - Calico
  • "I would call her a force of nature, but I have experienced far more subtle earthquakes. I don't say that in insult, rather, movement and energy are much needed to keep this city and its residents intriguing. And few are as intriguing as her." - Danielle Ropchan
  • "Oh, hell no, don't you fuckin' start talking shit on my sire. There used to be a time when only I could do that. Where's the respect these days?" - Annamarie Giovanni
  • "Sybil will constantly complement you until you talk to her Consig..., Consiglare?, Constanitari?, the guy with the briefcase. I really don't know what it means but it's important to her." - David Heath
  • "My beloved mother is a dangerous woman. Woe betide the man that thinks she can be tamed. They used to tell stories of a she-demon that tempted men to their death for amusement." - Valerius Giovanni
  • "The consummate businesswoman: cunning, dangerous, entertaining, and smarter than you actually realize until the cards fall. She nurses grudges like they were her children, and she loves her family." - Rafael Hernandez
  • Upon being asked why he doesn't disparage Sybil wearing leopard print. "That is different, my mother can wear whatever she damn well pleases. You can't." - Valerius Giovanni
  • "You want a word on Sybil? You want me to tell you what I think of 'er? Why would you look for answers to questions you already have? Ma' isn't some one I talk about, and the fact that I call her Ma' ought'ta be reason enough for you to drop the fucking question." - Auggie
  • "You think I'm a boss bitch? You should meet my sire." - Angie Giovanni
  • "You know those mortals that like to do things like kiss cobras or climb Everest and really put their lives on the line, it's like that." - Duncan Dunsirn on meeting with Sybil Giovanni
  • "Ah, Consulente Sybil. The ultimate Giovanni Matriach; styliah, savage, alwaya dressed to kill. My poor birthing cow fades into insignificance in contrast - as do most women, when compared to Sybil. Those who forget that it is the mothers who keep our Family strong are fools; one look at Sybil, and one can tell who _really_ wears the proverbial pants...' - Marshall Cartwright Milliner III
  • "She is loud, crass, crude, and amazing. I hope I am that awesome someday." Eva CAROL Giovanni

Character Ties

La Famiglia



Out of Character Information

Character Information
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independents
City: San Francisco
Player: Jessica Blomstrom
Storyteller: Martin Christensen

Player: Jessica Blomstrom
Membership Number: US2011027385
Location: San Francisco, CA