Sybille d'Abancourt

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Sire: Andreas, 7th Gen NPC

Titles: Elder; Primogen of the New River Valley, VA

Status: Acknowledged (in a gathering near Reims, 1483), Established (Elder), Venerated (Elder), Revered (as Primogen), Devilish per Alonso Gutierrez, Loyal per Prince William Cartwright

Coteries/Societies: Founder and Grand Hostess of The Fellowship of the Timeless Hand

Her Reputation Precedes Her

Abbreviated Timeline (More on request)

  • Born 1431
  • Embraced 1454 and released 1483, Reims
  • Arrival in Williamsburg, Virginia 1713
  • Arrived NRV, Virginia 1943
  • Prince of Pulaski, 1973-2005
  • Primogen of the NRV, 2005-present


An Uncommon Thread

Arikel, 3rd gen NPC
Helena, 4th gen NPC
François Villon, 5th gen NPC
Brisazardo, 6th gen NPC
Andreas, 7th gen NPC

Childer: Benton Malory

Gossip & Half-truths

  • She can stitch by hand with greater speed and precision than any sewing machine (or maybe that's just her excuse for never learning how to use one).
  • She has a dozen or so mortal women slaving away in a sweatshop somewhere, and feeds them only cat food and Red Bull.
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Snippets & Strands

  • "The woman's tongue is sharper than any set of shears, and her barbs can pierce deeper than any needle. But how could I despise her, my blood-sister, when she is the one piece of Andreas the world has yet to take from me?" -- Franziskus Winter, Elder Toreador Seneschal of Richmond, VA
  • "Fashion is a new way of speaking for the body and freeing it from silence." -- J. Finkelstein, from Fashion: An Introduction
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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: New River Valley, VA
Player: April Asbury
Storyteller: VST Pat Shelor

OOC Information

Player: April Asbury US2002021964

Location: VA-019-D New River Valley, VA